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Jan. 10, 2018

CNN: How Basque Culture Stays Alive In Boise, ID

In Boise's 'Basque Block,' hundreds of children sing songs and practice regional dances diligently every week as part of their community's effort to keep the culture thriving.

Jan. 4, 2018

Conde Nast Traveler & Today Show Rank Boise Among Best Places to Go in 2018

The praise for Boise keeps coming in.

Travel expert Mark Ellwood of Conde Nast Traveler was a guest on NBC’s “Megyn Kelly TODAY” Wednesday morning with his list of “Best Places to Go in 2018.” In addition to Malta, he listed four United States cities: New Orleans, Nashville, Minneapolis and Boise.

Ellwood praised Boise’s hiking and cycling scene as one of the main reasons to travel to the Gem State’s capital. He also noted the Basque culture and the delicious food that it entails.

The fact that there are now flights to the Boise Airport from Chicago and San Diego make Boise a desirable destination, Ellwood said. 

“It is a small college town with an amazing outdoorsy vibe,” Ellwood said. “It’s this wonderful fusion of a college town, hiking and really unusual Spanish-inflected food.”

Jan. 4, 2018

Where is America Moving?

In 2017, 11 U.S. states registered a change in migration status over 2016 results. The study also found that 23 states registered as balanced—meaning that moves in and out of the states were roughly equal—17 as outbound, and 10 as inbound, including Washington, D.C. The data showed an overall decrease in moves in 2017. Atlas has conducted the Migration Patterns study since 1993 to track the nation’s interstate (between states) and cross-border (U.S. to Canada) moving patterns annually as reflected in moves handled by Atlas.

The 10 U.S. states with the highest percentage of inbound moves and outbound moves are included in order below, and Idaho is the study’s inbound leader for a second year in a row. While Illinois has classified as outbound since 2009, the state has the highest percentage of outbound moves in the country in 2017.

Dec. 28, 2017

Census Data Highlights Pacific Northwest Population Growth

Migration to the region—rather than births—made up the bulk of population growth.

Last year, Idaho was the smallest state in the region with just under 1.7 million people. So when approximately 36,917 babies and newcomers landed in the state, it gave Idaho’s population a big boost.

And, according to new Census numbers, all those new people made the state’s growth rate the fastest in the country since July 2016.

Clark Krause is with the Boise Valley Economic Partnership, which works to attract business and workers to the area. He said Idaho is home to some major employers.

“We have a nice tech cluster that is started here and of course that is anchored by Hewlett Packard and Micron who have huge units here,” he said.

Krause also said Boise’s access to the outdoors is a selling point.

Dec. 28, 2017

Why People Really Want to Move to Idaho but are Fleeing its Neighbor, Wyoming

... Boise is booming. Most newcomers have settled in the capital and the cities and suburbs surrounding it, compounding the state’s urbanization advantage. They appear to be drawn by the city’s combination of size and low cost of living.

Idaho has the fourth-cheapest cost of living in the country, according to a 2017 index from the Council for Community and Economic Research. Only Arkansas, Kentucky and Mississippi are cheaper. Wyoming is 29th.

It’s the tired old parable of two siblings, separated at birth. One began with natural gifts and found little incentive to grow beyond them, and another was forced to play a weaker hand but became stronger and more resilient in the process. There’s probably a moral in there somewhere, but I’m guessing it’s just “you should probably move to Idaho.”

Dec. 21, 2017

‘High Thrill and Low Skill’: Bogus Basin’s New Mountain Coaster Will Leave You Smiling

There’s a new way to speed down the mountain at Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area — and you don’t need a lesson, gear or athleticism.

The Glade Runner mountain coaster opens Friday. Its 4,330-foot track will pull you 800 vertical feet up the mountain from Simplot Lodge toward Pioneer Lodge, then send you on a joyride of twists, turns, dips and 360s on more than a half-mile of track.

Dec. 21, 2017

Boise Entrepreneur Creates Shipping Container Business Park on the Bench

The 29-year-old entrepreneur behind the Gluten Free Galaxy food truck is building a shipping container business park on the Bench.

Dubbed The Yard, the park will be an “incubation space” and a community hub for gathering, shopping, eating and working. Lee plans to rent 20- and 40-foot shipping containers kitted out with walls, floors, doors, windows, power, insulation and even equipment to small businesses, and she hopes to eventually have 40 renters thriving on the half-acre lot at the corner or Alpine and Garden streets. The Gluten Free Galaxy bakery, which will be housed in a 40-foot container, is set to open in February 2018 and will be the first. The rest of the park is scheduled to open in June.

Dec. 20, 2017

Idaho the Fastest Growing State By Population, US Census Bureau Estimates

Over the past year, Idaho became the fastest-growing state in the U.S., according to national and state population estimates that were released Wednesday by the U.S. Census Bureau.

The northwest state, with an estimated population of over 1.7 million people, had a 2.2 percent jump in population from July 1, 2016, to July 1, 2017.

Other states in the West -- Nevada, Utah and Washington -- saw similar percentage increases in their population.

“Domestic migration drove change in the two fastest-growing states, Idaho and Nevada, while an excess of births over deaths played a major part in the growth of the third fastest-growing state, Utah,” Luke Rogers, chief of the Population Estimates Branch, said in a press release.

Dec. 19, 2017

Washington Post Article: You’re Going Where? Boise.

Yes, potatoes lurk beneath the surface of everything, but Idaho’s capital city is so much more, blooming with artsy and independent delights. Plus, a river runs through it.

I landed in Boise seeking simplicity but left delighting in complexity. In Idaho’s City of Trees, I found 19th-century architecture rubbing muscular shoulders with new bank towers and a gleaming community play space bequeathed by a potato titan.

Dec. 8, 2017

Boise Among The 50 Best Places to Travel in 2018

With an exciting influx of new and revamped hotels, an up-and-coming restaurant scene, and a blossoming wine industry, Idaho’s capital city—traditionally known as a convention destination — has started to attract the attention of leisure travelers. Boise’s invigorated downtown is evidence of the trend, with the newly opened Inn at 500, a 110-room boutique property whose perks include balconies overlooking the capitol, and its on-site restaurant, Richard’s, owned by James Beard Award-nominated chef Richard Langston, leading the way. (Meanwhile, Hotel 43 and The Grove both recently unveiled swank renovations.) The city’s craft-beer scene continues to impress; one noteworthy newcomer is White Dog Brewing, whose rustic taproom features a 24-foot “frost rail” that keeps your beer, well, frosty. In other toast-worthy news, Boise has become a hub for Idaho’s growing wine industry. Oenophiles shouldn’t miss a stop at the new downtown tasting room of Coiled Wines. Owner Leslie Preston — a native Idahoan who sharpened her skills at Clos du Bois and Stags’ Leap in California — makes a spectacular dry Riesling. Getting there is easier than ever: to meet rising demand, American Airlines has launched new nonstop service from Chicago O’Hare, while Southwest now runs a nonstop from San Diego.

Dec. 7, 2017

What Could You Be Saving?

What Could You Be Saving?

In the Boise Metro, you can actually afford to live here. Put simply, the Boise Metro is a great place to live and work. It has everything you need to build a business, a career or a family—without the big commute, the huge house payment and punishing taxes.

Dec. 5, 2017

Intuit to Acquire TSheets: It’s About Time

by TSheets

Intuit Inc. (Nasdaq: INTU) is taking the next step in making the QuickBooks platform the smarter way to do business by signing an agreement to acquire TSheets, a leading platform that small and medium businesses, self-employed, and accountants use to automate time tracking and scheduling for them and their workers.

Matt Rissell shares: A new chapter of our journey has just begun. Our team of 260 rock stars — who have made TSheets what it is today — will unite with 8,000 like-minded and brilliant individuals who share the same passion to innovate and deliver excellence. Our mission to help small businesses succeed will continue, and we’re going to do it together from right here in Eagle, Idaho.

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Dec. 4, 2017

Boise Is Home to More Than Just a Convention Center

Idaho’s capital is drawing more leisure travelers with its exploding culinary scene, new and revamped hotels, and growing wine industry.

Nov. 29, 2017

Boise Among The 15 Best Independent Bookstores in the US

When it's time to hit the road for a vacation, there are two things that bookworms know to be true. First of all, you can never pack too many books in your suitcase and carry-on (although those overweight luggage fees are definitely not on our side). The other is that, no matter where we go, it would be straight-up sacrilege to not visit any and all renowned independent bookstores in the vicinity.

Rediscovered Books Ranks #11

In addition to its extensive collection of new and used books, Rediscovered Bookshop hosts plenty of signings and events, the most famous of which is its recurring Book & Booze nights. (Excuse us for a moment while we add "Book & Booze night at Rediscovered Bookshop" to our bucket lists.)

Nov. 21, 2017

Bob Kustra took a Boise Commuter School and Pushed it to Become More

Bob Kustra remembers a very different campus when he took over as president of Boise State University in 2003. It was more of a commuter school, with about 18,500 students.

Now, it’s bustling with more than 24,000 students from all over Idaho, the West, the country and the globe.

Nov. 6, 2017

Boise in Top 10 Best Cities for Veterans

To help military veterans find the best places in which to put down roots based on their status, WalletHub’s analysts compared the 100 largest U.S. cities across 17 key indicators of livability, affordability and veteran-friendliness. They range from share of military skill-related jobs to veteran income growth to availability of VA health facilities. Read on for our findings, expert commentary from a panel of researchers and a full description of our methodology.

Nov. 2, 2017

How big is Boise’s beer scene? Big enough for Texas brewery to open here

Guns & Oil is taking over the original Payette Brewing Co. building at 111 W. 33rd St. in Garden City. The space, which includes a 15-barrel brewery and a taproom, will be the company’s first actual production facility. Founded in a southwest Austin garage in 2013, Guns & Oil has been hiring other breweries to make its line of lagers.

Payette closed its taproom in Garden City after opening a second, larger facility at 733 S. Pioneer St. in Boise in 2016. Although the Garden City site still operated as a brewery, founder Mike Francis began looking to exit. One option was to have another brewery come in “and essentially be a turnkey operation,” Francis said.

Guns & Oil pulled the trigger. The brewery bought Payette’s remaining equipment. It joins a rapidly growing Boise beer scene. 

Oct. 27, 2017

New College of Idaho Library Aims To Open Next February

The College of Idaho will soon be home to one of the most architecturally beautiful, state-of-the-art buildings in the Gem State — one that will serve as a new intellectual commons for C of I students, faculty and the entire campus community.

In February 2016 the C of I broke ground for Cruzen-Murray Library, which will serve as a new campus gateway at the intersection of 21st Street and Cleveland Boulevard. The building is a gift from the estate of the late Deborah Cruzen Murray and her husband, Glenn Richard Murray, Jr.

Cruzen-Murray Library will stand out on the College’s historic campus. Its light-infused, glass-and-steel design has a sleek, modern look and feel. The three-story, 60,000 square-foot facility will include traditional holdings of books and journals, as well as private and group study areas, a 24/7 study space, multimedia classrooms, a café, and public spaces for readings, lectures and exhibitions.

Oct. 27, 2017

Boise Among Forbes Top 25 Fastest Growing Cities

Forbes’ annual list of America’s fastest-growing cities provides a holistic picture of places on the upswing. We look at growth of population, employment, wages, economic output and use home price growth as a proxy for wealth. Here are the 25 metropolitan areas across the country experiencing the biggest surges, plus the growth rates and projections that got them on the list. 

Oct. 26, 2017

Springfield, MO asks what can we do to be as good as Boise?

About 25 years ago, Boise, Idaho, and Springfield were about the same size, with populations around 140,000.

Today, Springfield’s population has grown to about 167,000, while Boise’s has leaped to more than 220,000. 

The Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce took a group to the city recently, part of an annual program in which local leaders seek ideas from thriving communities.

We reached out to several of the people who went on that trip to find out what Springfield can learn from Boise. A few themes emerged.

Oct. 26, 2017

Best Cities for Quality of Life - Boise #5

Work less, spend less, worry less. Enjoy life more.

It’s an elusive equation for many Americans, yet there are some cities where you’re more likely to find a balance that potentially leads to better quality of life.

NerdWallet analyzed 177 U.S. cities with over 150,000 residents using data estimates from the 2016 U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey. We analyzed the number of hours worked, commute times, percentage of income spent on housing, health insurance coverage, poverty levels and unemployment rates to get a picture of quality of life in each location.

Idaho’s capital sits along the Boise River and among the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, where its residents enjoy miles of trails for hiking and mountain-biking. And residents have time to enjoy them: Boise rates in the lower half of our analysis in average weekly hours worked at 38.1 hours, and its average commute is tied for eighth-lowest overall at 18.4 minutes. The city of 223,000 also gets high marks for affordability, with median income about 33% of monthly gross rent. A note to outsiders: Long-time residents say “BOY-see.”

Oct. 16, 2017

MSN: Boise Ranked #8 Safest City in the World

One of the biggest concerns for potential vacationers is whether or not the place they've chosen to visit will be safe. This concern has only grown in recent years, and it's a good one to have. Travel safety is important.

Depending on where you travel, you might have to consider any number of security concerns as a traveler. Even something as minor as having your pocket picked could ruin an entire vacation, and some attractive destinations carry with them much more serious risks.

That's why we've put together a list of cities where you can focus on the culture, history, fun, and of course, food. Using data from Numbeo, we ranked them based on how they scored from a scale of 1 to 100, 100 being the safest. So if you're looking for a nice, stress-free vacation, here are the safest 50 cities in the world for you to be.

#8 - Boise. The capital of Idaho lies in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. That makes for beautiful hiking trails, but Boise also has plenty of museums, galleries, and restaurants to explore too, and it's only growing. It has a safety index of 82.29.

Oct. 16, 2017

USA Today: Meridian Among Top 25 Cities in America

As the land of opportunity, the United States has attracted people from around the world for centuries. Yet not all parts of the country are equally desirable, and some cities are far more livable than others.

On an individual level, subjective measures often override other, more objective, considerations. Sometimes, we live in a place simply because it is where we grew up — it is familiar and where we feel at ease. Still, a range of factors can help compare U.S. cities objectively. Low crime, a healthy economy and affordability are just a few examples of universally desirable attributes in any community.

24/7 Wall St. created an index of over three dozen socioeconomic measures to identify the 50 best American cities to live in. The most livable cities span the country — from the Deep South to New England and from the Mid-Atlantic to the Pacific Northwest.

Oct. 13, 2017

Asana - Everything Bouldering

Asana Climbing - A Boise Valley Company

A Boise Valley company at heart, Asana creates and tests all their gear in Idaho. Summed up in a couple of words, Asana Climbing is

Oct. 11, 2017

10 Midcentury Modern Hotspots

Boise, like many cities in the midcentury, experienced a population boom in the postwar years, and new housing cropped up along the city’s edges and out to form suburbs. According to the Idaho Modern Field Guide, “Rim Crest, Randolph-Robertson, Country Club Manor, Glen Haven, Winstead Park, the Boise Heights and Highlands are some of the neighborhoods that were developed by small real estate companies in the 50s and 60s.”

Oct. 5, 2017

Why Boise? Paylocity’s Story

Why Boise? Paylocity's Story.

Paylocity selected Boise for a new expansion facility in early 2016 with plans to create hundreds of quality jobs. Learn more about career opportunities:

Sep. 22, 2017

Neurilink Acquires Seattle’s Blue Sky Integrated Technologies

by Neurilink

Neurilink, a leading audio visual integrator based in Boise, Idaho, is expanding in the Northwest with the acquisition of Seattle’s Blue Sky Integrated Technologies. The joining of these two companies under the Neurilink brand is part of planned strategic growth to better serve the custom audio visual design and integration needs of the Northwest.

“We are proud to be based in one of the nation’s fastest growing metros – Boise, Idaho – but our aspirations don’t end at the state line,” said Neurilink President Mike Fornander.  “While we’ve designed solutions for clients from coast to coast our primary focus is the Northwest. Joining with Blue Sky allows us to diversify our expertise and broaden our footprint in Seattle.”

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Sep. 22, 2017

Boise Ranks 8th Best State Capital to Live In

Boise made yet another top ten list, grabbing the number 8 spot for most livable capital cities in the nation. In order to rank the cities, Smart Asset looked at average disposable income, unemployment rate, rate of dining and entertainment establishments, property crime rates and violent crime rates. Boise came in at number 8 on the list, touting the fourth-lowest unemployment and property crime rate. 

Sep. 22, 2017

Phoenix Magazine: Boy, Oh, Boise

"Funky, outdoorsy, culturally diverse and way more crafty in the kitchen than its baked potato reputation would have you believe, Boise is a lot of fun."

Lauren Loftus came to find out what Bosie is all about. A short trip from Phoenix, Lauren explored the Farmer's Market, took an Indulge Boise Tour, caught a performance at Idaho Shakespeare Festival, rode a Bosie GreenBike and even took a day trip to McCall. She found the City of Trees to be "a little city with a big heart; it’s affordable and accessible; its people are outdoorsy and laid-back; its downtown is experiencing tremendous urban renewal." 

Sep. 19, 2017

Access Over Assets in Boise

by Clark Krause

In the first couple of weeks I was in Boise, my cell phone rang around 7pm. The gentleman calling said, “Hey Clark this is Brad, I was wondering if you might be willing to meet with….” I was polite but did not know who it was for the first couple minutes, then suddenly realized it was Lieutenant Governor Brad Little. A couple things struck me - he values connection, he does it personally, and he does not wait for 3rd parties to arrange it. Having worked in economic development in Utah and New Mexico, I can tell you that any economic development office for a healthy mid-sized state will emphasize the ability to access a governor, mayor or county commissioners to assist a client with timely permitting, zonings, challenges or policy change. The difference in the Boise Metro is that they are a direct phone call away and more importantly, they take action after the call.

These stories and a never-ending stream of similar anecdotes are why I often find myself touting access over assets. Yeah, we have those too, along with the data to back them up and compete head to head. But what sets this metro apart is a spirit of generosity and that two-degrees of access to the places and people to help you grow.  

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Sep. 15, 2017

What Could You Do? Time.

What Could You Do? Time.

Take away the barriers of a long commute, and in Boise you'll find you have more time to enjoy the simple things. No more inching along. 

Sep. 12, 2017

Global Fraud Solution Leader Kount Commits to Downtown Boise

by Kount Press Release

Kount, a global innovator of solutions for fraud and risk management, is re-upping on its commitment to Boise, one of the nation’s fastest growing metros. As the company prepares for another year of significant growth, its leadership is investing in a move that allows for future expansion and keeps the company headquartered in the city where it started.

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Sep. 12, 2017

Amazing Urban Adventure: Where To Find The Outdoors In Town

If you were to draw a Venn Diagram of water-based adventure, mountain-bound outings, and high desert experiences, Boise would sit smack-dab in the middle. Stand in the middle of downtown Boise (preferably while perched atop a stand-up paddleboard), and you’ll spy the Sawtooth National Forest, Boise National Forest, Boise River, and expansive Idaho high desert. Dig a little deeper, and you’ll discover a 130-mile network of hiking and running trails at the edge of city limits, some of the region’s best waterways for canoeing and kayaking, whitewater rapids in the nearby Owyhee Canyonlands, challenging climbing routes at the Black Cliffs, and wintertime skiing and snowshoeing opportunities in the Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area.

Sep. 8, 2017

10 Best US Colleges and Universities for Mountain Bikers

Boise State University is located less than two miles of pedaling from the foothills on the edge of town, which are home “to the Ridge to Rivers trail system that boasts nearly 200 miles of singletrack,” according to Roger Phillips, our Idaho-based correspondent. “The area has a long riding season that can be nearly year-round depending on snow level. Boise sits at 2,800ft elevation, and you can climb to 7,300ft in about 16 miles to Bogus Basin, the local ski area.”

Not only is Boise itself an epic place to ride, but it’s located just over 2 hours from the destination of Mccall and less than 3 hours from Sun Valley.

Boise State is known for its undergrad engineering program, “internationally-accredited business school, Idaho’s largest undergraduate nursing program,” and an acclaimed creative writing program. They also boast “the nation’s only master’s degree in raptor biology” and “one-of-a-kind programs in Basque Studies.”

Aug. 30, 2017

Southwest Airlines To Begin Nonstop Service to San Jose

by Boise Airport

On April 8, 2018, Southwest Airlines will begin flying nonstop service between Boise and San Jose, California. The new service will operate once daily utilizing a Boeing 737.

“We’re very pleased that Southwest Airlines continues to show a real interest in the Boise market”, said Rebecca Hupp, Boise Airport Director. “This will be the third California destination that Southwest Airlines has recently added; they began nonstop service to Sacramento in 2016 and San Diego in 2017.”

Southwest Airlines will join Alaska Airlines as the two carriers providing nonstop service between Boise and San Jose.

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Aug. 23, 2017

Bloomberg Ranks Idaho #1 Top Performing Economy

Idaho has fewer people than Houston, still grows the most potatoes, and outperforms all 49 other states with a 21st-century economy that shows that the U.S. does best when it puts the world first. 

Idaho eclipsed No. 2 Washington by almost four percentage points as its economic health improved 9.7 percent, according to the Bloomberg Economic Evaluation of the States, an index measuring employment, personal income, home prices, mortgage delinquency, tax revenue and the stock market.

Aug. 16, 2017

Boise Among America’s Most Sustainable Cities

The Sustainable Development Goals Index measures how successfully cities are dealing with issues related to poverty, health, and equitable income distribution in addition to climate change objectives like cutting large carbon emissions. Jeff Sachs, Director of the SDSN, said the report—the first of many—creates “an accurate starting line” for cities in their “race to 2030 and a smart, fair, and sustainable future.”

Boise ranks #7 most sustainable...

Aug. 16, 2017

Fast-Growing Boise Has a Wine and Food Scene to Match

The vinous vistas of Boise, Idaho, may not be most wine lovers’ first thought for a travel destination, but its location in the middle of the up-and-coming Snake River Valley AVA is the ideal base from which to check out the area’s wine country. Boise’s blend of urban savvy, proximity to nature and entrepreneurial streak means the city—one of the 20 fastest-growing in the U.S.—won’t stay unsung for long.

Aug. 16, 2017

3 Up-and-Coming Culinary Destinations to Visit in the West

The funky Bohemian vibe of Boise, combined with its surprising enclave of Basque immigrants, makes this active and outdoorsy mountain destination on the dessert plateau a unique place to explore. Boise is one of America's fastest-growing cities and with that, there's an exciting culinary emergence along with craft breweries and a burgeoning wine industry with a number of wineries producing excellent vintages with grapes sourced from the Yakima, Snake River and Columbia valleys.

With the largest concentration of Basque immigrants in the U.S., Boise's Spanish population has heavily contributed to the city's culinary and cultural landscape. The Basque Block in downtown is home to several restaurants, with some specializing in dishes that made the Basque region of northeast Spain famous. Don't miss the lively Bar Gernika and the cozy Leku Ona, where you can experience open-air views of the city. Then, take some time to drive to neighboring Meridian, where you'll discover Epi's Basque Restaurant. For over 16 years, Grandma Epi's treasured recipes have been lovingly prepared by her family, continuing the Basque tradition.

Aug. 11, 2017

‘Best Places’ Lists Play Role in Boise Growth

It seems now days Boise is on a list for everything from “Best Places to Live,” to “Top Places to Retire,” to “North America’s Coolest Downtowns.”

Although, what do all these lists really mean and do people truly pay attention to all of these accolades?

“There's not a month that goes by that Boise, Idaho, doesn't make top 10 on some list,” Boise Regional Realtors President Katrina Wehr said.

The “Top 10” lists are now inspiring people to act.

“If I can get somebody on a plane and they land in Boise, Idaho, the quality of life here sells itself,” Wehr said.