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Aug. 24, 2016

Destination: Downtown Meridian

by Marissa Lovell

Idaho’s fastest city growing city since 1994, Meridian is no stranger to progress and growth. Recently named America’s best city to live in by USA Today, the Boise Valley’s central city has proven to hold a little something for everyone. With the Village at Meridian’s ever-growing radius and suburban development happening throughout the area at lightning speed, downtown Meridian brings an unexpected experience – a cultural cohesion of strong historical roots and emerging potential. For downtown business owners, the move to the city’s center has been encouraging and positive – part of the reason why more businesses across different industries are setting up shop in downtown Meridian.

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Aug. 22, 2016

Bish’s RV to Move From Nampa to New Meridian Store

Bish's RV Super Center started construction this week on a new three-story dealership in Meridian, company spokeswoman Megan Walker said. The facility will absorb the Nampa store near the Franklin Boulevard/Interstate 84 interchange, which has outgrown its space, she said.

Targeting an April open date, Bish's RV will move its roughly 50 employees from Nampa to Meridian and plans to hire 30 to 40 more people, Walker said. The 53,375-square-foot building in Meridian will have 22 service bays, compared with the eight service bays in Nampa, she said.

"Meridian just seemed like a great central hub for the Treasure Valley," Walker said. "We found a great piece of property, visible from the freeway. And it just made sense to build in Meridian, especially with all the development going on, too, in that city."

Aug. 22, 2016

Boise Metro: The Talent Edge

by Clark Krause

What’s your edge?

Three years ago, Idaho bolstered our answer to that question with the creation of the Tax Reimbursement Incentive – to benefit companies that create and grow high-wage jobs and meaningful contributions in our communities. It has proved a critical factor for more than 16 companies that have relocated or expanded here.

Today, there’s another critical factor brought up in every conversation we have with companies assessing the Boise Valley – what’s your talent edge? We have a dynamic and tangible answer to that as well.

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Aug. 19, 2016

Boise Cited as a Success Story In Smart Growth America Report

Boise was recognized for its friendly sense of community and active, pedestrian-friendly downtown this summer in a report from Smart Growth America, a national nonprofit that promotes policies that make communities more walkable and liveable.

In its summer report, Smart Growth selected Boise; Denver, Colo.; Greenville, S.C.; Minneapolis, Minn.; Nashville, Tenn.; and Pittsburgh, as places that offer a high quality of life in areas such as housing, restaurants, nightlife, and accessibility. The cities are using smart growth principles to successfully attract new companies and new residents, the report said.

“Boise, ID, is one of the most remote metropolitan areas in the United States, a fact that fosters a unique and friendly sense of community,” the report said. “The city prides itself on friendly people, mild climate, good jobs, easy access to outdoor activities, and affordable costs of living.”

Aug. 18, 2016

Come home to Meridian, Idaho with Troy Merritt

Come home to Meridian, Idaho with Troy Merritt

PGA TOUR winner, Troy Merritt gives us a glimpse of what his everyday home life is like when he is not on the course. It showcases just what a great place Meridian and the Treasure Valley truly is. 

Aug. 17, 2016

Boise, the Perfect City

by Darren Schuldheiss, KeyBank

While traveling through Boise in 2005, I called my wife and told her, “I don’t know how or when, but one day I want to live here.” She shrugged it off. At the time, we were living happily in Seattle and weren’t making any plans to move. But 10 years later, my wish came true when I was named president of KeyBank’s Idaho market, based in Boise. She reminded me about that conversation from a decade ago and I realized Boise is where I was always meant to be. It’s what I like to call the “perfect city.”

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Aug. 16, 2016

Kristin Armstrong Returns to Boise With Third Gold, Adoring Crowd

After making history at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro by winning her third gold medal in cycling, Kristin Armstrong was welcomed home by a crowd of about 100 people at the Boise Airport.

She landed about 1 p.m. Monday and met the supporters, who chanted “Armstrong” and “USA.”

“She got a gold medal for America again,” said Addie Smith, one of the school-age children who made up about half of the exuberant crowd.

Armstrong took her time with each fan who approached her, signing shirts and taking photos with them. She hugged several people who offered their congratulations and thanked her for her achievement. Each person who wanted a moment with her got one.

“You know Boise, Idaho, is unlike any other place on Earth,” Armstrong said, surrounded by the crowd. “I try to explain to other Olympians what it’s like and I’ve had this welcome before and I anticipated another great welcome and it never ceases to amaze me. I think this is the biggest yet.”


Aug. 15, 2016

NNU Rocket Team Prepares for Tuesday Launch

One year of work will all be over in about 15 minutes this Tuesday morning for the Northwest Nazarene University RockSat-X team.

The team members arrived at the NASA Wallops Flight Facility in Chincoteague Island, Virginia, last week to complete testing and prepare their payload for launch on a Malemute two-stage sub-orbital sounding rocket over the Atlantic Ocean. The rocket, which will break the sound barrier leaving the launch pad, reaching Mach 6 in about 30 seconds as it launches 95 miles high in an arc before landing in the ocean, will test how well certain types of technology do under space conditions.

"You can teach stuff, you can do stuff in a lab, but the whole nine-month-to-one-year process of designing something from scratch, building it in a machine shop ... making it work to NASA's specs is so much a learning activity, sometimes painful, like missing a night's sleep. It's such a learning experience of going all the way through to the point of having it checked out in so much detail," NNU engineering professor Steve Parke said in a phone interview from Virginia.

Aug. 11, 2016

‘Because I Can’: Cyclist Kristin Armstrong Wins Third Gold Medal At Age 42

Cyclist Kristin Armstrong has a regular job and a son. And as of today, she also has three Olympic gold medals. After becoming the only cyclist — male or female — to win three consecutive golds in the same discipline, Armstrong, who turns 43 Thursday, said she hopes to inspire other moms.

After calling this victory at Rio's Summer Olympics "the most gratifying" of her three individual championships, Armstrong urged other female athletes not to let negative ideas seep into their minds about what they're capable of.

She said: "I think that for so long we've been told that we should be finished at a certain age. And I think that there's a lot of athletes out there that are actually showing that that's not true.

"For all the moms out there, I hope that this was a very inspiring day."

She then discussed the importance of balance in her life as a world-beating athlete: "Working at a great hospital in Boise, Idaho, and being a mom has been my secret weapon. It provides me balance and it keeps me on track and it keeps me super focused."

Aug. 11, 2016

Patrick Gray and Justin Skeesuck Push Each Other to Succeed

Patrick Gray's deep voice cracked as he spoke to the parishioners in the ultra-modern Tree City Nazarene Church on a Sunday morning. Nearly every seat in the cavernous hall was filled and nearly everyone's attention was on the two men on stage—only the very young and the very old occasionally drifted off—and the slideshow moving across the giant screen above them. Gray paused as a photo of several people pushing a man in a wheelchair up a steep muddy incline faded in. His voice caught and a few tears dropped onto the front of his crisp, plaid shirt.

"It's your story," Gray said, looking down at Justin Skeesuck (pronounced SKEE-zuck), his friend of nearly 40 years. Skeesuck, who has no use of his arms or legs, smiled, used his head to shift his body a fraction in his wheelchair and began to talk about the 500-mile journey the two men took across the Camino de Santiago (a.k.a. St. James' Way) trail and how they returned with more than stories, pictures, a documentary film in the making, and a stronger sense of faith—they came home with a deeper appreciation of what it means to help someone and, more importantly, what a gift it is to ask for and accept help.

Aug. 11, 2016

Featured Ride: The Big Potato, Idaho

Those who live in the western Rockies (like our web editor) often hear whispers about Boise, Idaho, about how awesome it actually is despite not that many people thinking of it. Well, sorry for outing you, Boise, but take one look at MTB Project and it’s clear there are tons of trails in and near town.

Here we chose to feature just one of them, “The Big Potato.” This 41-mile ride samples only a handful of the trails in the foothills above town and provides plenty of solitude (as well as the need to be self-sufficient). You can choose your own adventure and adapt this big ride in many ways, or just follow the prescribed directions—most turns are well-marked.

Expect big views, big climbs and a variety of terrain, from feeling like you’re in the desert to pine trees and alpine landscapes. You’ll max out above 6,000 feet and dip to around 3,000 feet along the ride. Enjoy

Aug. 10, 2016

Boise State Gets $250,000 Gift For A Computer Science Tutoring Center

Eileen Langan Barber, co-founder of a Boise online fraud detection company, has donated $250,000 for a tutoring center in Boise State University’s computer science program, which is opening this fall in a new location in Downtown Boise.

The Kount Tutoring Center is named for the company that Barber, 47, helped start in 2008.

Boise State’s computer science program will begin classes this fall in the Clearwater Building on The Grove, located on Main Street near Capitol Boulevard.

Money will go toward furnishing the center, including computers. said Tim Andersen, Boise State University computer science department chairman.

The tutoring center is aimed at helping students with difficult introductory classes in computer science, where they must must learn computer language, Barber said. “You are learning a lot of new stuff all at once,” she said. “Learning a new language for anybody is intimidating.”

She also hopes her donation fosters more involvement in computer sciences among women and minorities

Aug. 10, 2016

Experiencing Idaho’s Great Outdoors Through A New Lens

You can now explore Southern Idaho and the many adventures it has to offer through a virtual lens.

Idaho Tourism launched videos that allow people to feel like they are right there. A new virtual reality video series has been in the works for about six months and Idaho Tourism just unveiled the videos last week.

Idaho is on the forefront of utilizing virtual reality to give people an opportunity they may have never had before- and see for themselves how great the Gem State is.

The first installment of videos includes: Rafting the Payette, a Snake River Canyon Experience- paddle boarding to Shoshone Falls, zip-lining in the Snake River Canyon, and BASE jumping; Boise Summer Experience - floating the Boise River, Zoo Boise, Capital City Public Market, biking the Greenbelt, and boating at Lucky Peak; North Fork 

360-degree virtual tours of Idaho are an immersive experience that excites users.

The Gem State is home to expansive mountains, pristine lakes, whitewater rivers and endless miles of trails. Idaho Tourism, an office within Idaho Department of Commerce, wanted to showcase all of that by using virtually reality - or VR- putting people in the center of the action.

"When they were showing the rafting you can almost feel the water as it hits you," one Boisean said after watching the Payette Rafting video.

Aug. 10, 2016

5 Meridian Developments To Keep An Eye On

Sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the growth in Meridian — new homes, new apartments, new restaurants and new businesses. Here's a one-stop shop for information about five interesting developments.

1) Digitization at the Library
2) The Vault Patio
3) Flatbread Expands
4) Black Rock Coffee Bar
5) Growth at the Village

Aug. 10, 2016

CWI Unveils Boise Campus Plans

Dozens of cars filled that parking lot for an event Tuesday morning where CWI unveiled conceptual plans for the new campus, a project officials hope to be ready for students by 2020. The campus could be up to 600,000-square-feet, according to Craig Brown, vice president of resource development for the college.

About 20,000 students are enrolled in the College of Western Idaho, according to numbers provided by the college.

City and education officials, including Boise Mayor Dave Bieter, Ray Stark of the Boise Chamber of Commerce and Boise State University provost Martin Schimpf spoke at the event, providing their take on what this new campus means for the community.

“What our economy needs most are the skilled workers that are going to feed the jobs of today and tomorrow,” Bieter said. “And that’s where CWI’s place in all of this is. Our economy, our jobs, our city, our valley and our state simply have to have the skills to compete, and CWI is all about that. This spot is ideal for that kind of activity and that kind of job generator.”

Aug. 10, 2016

Boise’s Kristin Armstrong Makes History, Wins Third Olympic Gold

Kristin Armstrong, twice retired with three hip surgeries, returned to the Summer Olympics for a fourth time with one goal in mind:

Win an unprecedented third straight gold medal in the women’s time trial.

Mission accomplished.

The Boise cyclist and University of Idaho graduate produced a golden effort Wednesday through wind and rain over a brutal 18.5-mile course that left her in an exhausted heap at the finish.

Armstrong dismounted the moment she crossed the line, too tired even to celebrate the latest triumph of her decorated career. She covered the Rio Games route in 44 minutes, 26.42 seconds to top reigning bronze medalist Olga Zabelinskaya of Russia by the slimmest of margins: 5.55 seconds.

Aug. 9, 2016

Sunset - Where to Go This Weekend: Boise, ID

From indie boutiques to a foodie-friendly downtown, Idaho’s outdoorsy capital has plenty of urban fun. 

Wine, culture, food, art, beer and other recommendations from Westphoria, a blog by Sunset Magazine.

Aug. 8, 2016

A Boise Greenbelt Ride

Greenbelt Magazine

A ride on the Boise Greenbelt...

Aug. 8, 2016

6 Boise State Athletes Set To Compete In Rio

Six current and former Boise State University athletes will compete in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. That’s a record for BSU.

“One could argue the three Fiesta Bowls in football took us to the national stage, now we’ve got these Olympic student athletes from Boise State taking us to the international stage. That’s pretty cool,” said BSU President Bob Kustra.

This is the first Olympic experience for each of the six athletes, who will all represent a different country in Rio.

Aug. 8, 2016

Idaho Teachers to Learn and Share Coding Skills

Four teachers from across Idaho and 20 Nampa middle school students will receive special training and explore the growing field of computer programing and coding during a week-long summer camp in Nampa.

Presented by the University of Idaho, the DIGn’IT summer camp takes place from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Aug. 9-12 at Sage Valley Middle School in Nampa. Teachers will attend the training Aug. 8-12. Students will show their projects on showcase day from 10:30 a.m. to noon Aug. 12; the showcase event is open to the public.

During the pilot camp, teachers will participate in workshops designed to train them in the materials University of Idaho’s faculty Terry Soule has prepared for the DIGn’IT Initiative using the on-line programming environment Scratch. The goal is to make the university curriculum available to teachers in Idaho, teach them some programming, and give them the tools to incorporate the lessons into a regular classroom setting. Topics include computer coding, computer programming and website development.

Aug. 4, 2016

Boise Construction Jobs Rise at Nation’s 2nd-Fastest Pace

Construction employment grew at a faster rate in the Boise area than in all but one of the nation’s metro areas over the past 12 months, an industry group said Tuesday.

The Associated General Contractors of America said the Boise area added an estimated 3,600 construction jobs between June 2015 and June 2016, a 19 percent increase to 22,600 workers. Of the 358 metro areas the association tracks, 228 grew, but only Kokomo, Indiana, grew at a faster rate, adding 200 jobs to last year’s 1,000.

Aug. 3, 2016

First Vinyl in Space, Launched from Idaho

Icarus Craft Makes History: First Phonographic Record Played In Space RECAP VIDEO

To celebrate the seventh anniversary of Third Man Records and their 3 millionth record pressed, Jack White's label previously revealed they would endeavor to make history by playing a phonographic record in space. Mission accomplished: The label's custom-built,

Aug. 2, 2016

Why Companies Are Moving Back Downtown

Tax incentives aren't always the best way to lure businesses. Many are simply going where the talent is.

Ryan Woodings owns a 15-person tech startup in Boise, Idaho.

His company, MetaGeek, specializes in helping businesses fix and maintain their Wi-Fi systems. Or, as the website puts it, “making Wi-Fi more awesome for more people.”

MetaGeek did what a lot of companies are doing these days. It moved downtown. The student interns are now able to bike over to the office between classes. In the afternoons, MetaGeek employees can take walks on the nearby greenbelt that runs through town along the Boise River. If they want to bike home, the city runs a bicycle rental program and has an expanding network of dedicated bike lanes. “Downtown Boise is where everything is,” Woodings says. “When you have a lunch meeting, or get coffee with a client, it’s always downtown.”

MetaGeek is one of several tech companies that have put down roots recently in the center of Boise. Last summer, Boise State moved its computer science department downtown so that it could be closer to students’ potential employers. And Boise isn’t unusual. In cities across the country, businesses are trying to capitalize on the increasing density of tech talent clustered in the heart of cities.

Aug. 2, 2016

CWI’s Near Future Promises Two Buildings for the Nampa Campus

One building begets a second building, then a third building and eventually an entire college’s worth of buildings. That’s the continuing story at the College of Western Idaho, the seven year old community college in Nampa that has grown to more than 20,000 students.

CWI intends to start construction within one year on a three story, 80,000 square foot Health Sciences Building directly across the canal from the Academic Building. The estimated $32 million to $35 million building is anticipated to be ready for students in fall 2019. Anchoring the south end of the future quad will be the 140,000 square foot Student Success Center. Construction on the $40 million project is foreseen for an early 2020 start with completion predicted for fall 2021...

Jul. 29, 2016

Meridian Fiddler Seeks 4th World Championship Title

Katrina Nicolayeff was just 3 years old when she first played fiddle for the president of the United States.

Now, the Meridian musician has not only played for two other presidents — not counting an upcoming performance before President Barack Obama — but she's won three grand national championships and three world championships.

In September, Nicolayeff will compete for her fourth world title at the Grand Ole Opry's Grand Master Fiddler Championship in Nashville.

Jul. 29, 2016

Six Cities Using the New Recipe for Economic Development

Amazing Place: Six Cities Using the New Recipe for Economic Development looks at how six cities are using smart growth and placemaking strategies to gain a competitive edge. Our case study examples— Boise, ID; Denver, CO; Greenville, SC; Minneapolis, MN; Nashville, TN; and Pittsburgh, PA—represent a diversity of geographies, locations, population sizes, industries, and development challenges. Despite their differences, all of these cities are using smart growth development to successfully attract new companies and new residents.

Boise, ID, is one of the most remote metropolitan areas in the United States, a fact that fosters a unique and friendly sense of community. The city prides itself on friendly people, mild climate, good jobs, easy access to outdoor activities, and affordable costs of living. In 2016 alone, the city was included on U.S. News & World Report’s Best Places to Live list, Forbes’ list of America’s Top 20 Fastest Growing Cities, and Livability’s list of the Best Downtowns.

Jul. 28, 2016

Wineries in the Boise, ID Area: Thriving Under the Radar

I recently had the opportunity to sample some amazing wines from a region that I didn't even know existed. The wines ranged from delightfully dry Merlots and Syrahs to light and fruity whites, including my favorite Rhine wine: Riesling.  There are more than fifty wineries scattered across four regions of the state. In 2013, they collectively produced more than 200,000 cases of wine.

According to the Idaho Wine Commission, grapes for wine were first produced in the state in the 1860s, but 17 years of Prohibition shuttered the fledgling industry. It was not until the mid-1970s that grapes again were planted amid the microclimates tucked away in the scenic valleys and foothills of the Gem State.

Other than the wine, Boise has quite a bit to offer. It has energy, plenty of outdoor activity and is the ideal place to start your Idaho adventure.

Jul. 28, 2016

360º Video: Boise Summer Experience

360º Video: Boise Summer Experience

Pedal along Boise's Greenbelt, ride the waves at the Boise River Park, stroll through a vibrant public market, and take a dip in the Boise River in this immersive 360º summer tour of Boise.

Jul. 28, 2016

The City of Trees: A Growing History

Trees are synonymous with Boise. The French word bois (or "wood") entered the local lexicon when traveling trappers referred to our downtown waterway a la riviere boisee, "the forested river." It was natural that we should we grow into the City of Trees or, to borrow from the French, la ville boisee, "the forested city."

Boise's history sprouts from the roots of its urban forest, with some of its oldest and most historically significant citizens still quietly thriving in plain sight.

Jul. 28, 2016

Boise’s Creative Class Smashes All Your Stereotypes

The Treefort Music Fest began in 2012 as some music fans' passion project. It's since grown into a massive community event that celebrates Boise-grown technology, yoga, beer, food, comedy and film. Cofounder Lori Shandro Outen (who is also owner of local insurance agency the Shandro Group) explains what makes it so special.

What makes Boise a great place to be an entrepreneur?

The spirit of the people. The size of the community. The ability to effect change. I grew up in large cities, and I never felt there was anything I could do to effect change. 

A lot of things aren't perfect here, but there are enough of us who love what it is, and if we keep participating and doing what we love, I believe it will get even better.

Jul. 27, 2016

Student Earns National Recognition for Virtual Reality App

by Boise State University

Singled out among thousands of developers, one Boise State student has been recognized by a national gaming company for creating a “must have” application for virtual reality game development. Colby Morgan, a sophomore in the Games, Interactive Media and Mobile Technology (GIMM) program, developed the Object Interaction System, a gaze-based interaction setup for projects made in the Unity engine that makes creating virtual reality systems easier.

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Jul. 26, 2016

Rhodes Park- A Skateboarders Paradise

Rhodes Skatepark

For many kids, skateboarding isn’t just a hobby, but a way of life. Glenn Rhodes recognized this in 1992 and originally designed a multi-use park with modular features. This park was redesigned in 2016 by Grindline Skateparks, with help from the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family foundation, Rhodes Park's 1.28 acres is now a skater’s paradise. 

Jul. 26, 2016

Boise & Nampa Rank Top 2 Best-Run Cities in America

by WalletHub

Running a city is a tall order. Not only must government officials navigate local politics, but they also must strive to balance the public’s interests with the city’s responsibilities and resources. And because resources generally grow limited as population sizes increase, especially when such increases occur rapidly, not all individual needs can or will be served.

Consequently, city leaders must choose which services are most essential to provide, which agencies’ budgets to cut, whether and how high to raise taxes, among other important decisions that affect the daily lives of residents. Those decisions, in turn, translate to a city’s operating efficiency and overall quality of life.

With moving season in full swing and nearly two-thirds of the U.S. population residing in cities today, WalletHub’s analysts compared 150 of the largest cities according to how well they are managed by their leaders. In order to make such a comparison, we examined each city’s performance on six key indicators, including financial stability, education, health, safety, economy as well as infrastructure and pollution. We then combined these categories to construct an “Overall City Services” ranking against which we measured the cities’ total per-capita budgets in order to reveal their budgeting efficiency. Continue reading below for our findings, expert commentary and a full description of our methodology.

Boise came in at the top spot this year, with Nampa also taking the second spot.

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Jul. 25, 2016

2 New Corporate HQ Planned for Meridian Development

Two new corporate headquarters are planned for the area off of Ten Mile Road between Interstate 84 and Franklin Road.

Ameriben - an insurance and benefits service provider - and developer Brighton will call the new space home.

Jul. 22, 2016

BSU Student’s ‘Bike Idaho’ App Wins Grand Prize In Idaho Tech Challenge

Boise State University's Josh White won the grand prize and Best of Tourism award in the Idaho Tech Challenge, a competition put on by AT&T, the Idaho Technology Council and Gov. Butch Otter's office.

The contest challenged university students to create an educational software application focused on agriculture, health care or tourism. White's submission, titled “Bike Idaho," shows Idaho’s scenic byways in map or list form, with pictures, elevation, and distance to provide users with tools to find and enjoy cycling in the Gem State. Winners receive cash prizes and potential mentoring and networking with the AT&T Foundry. BSU students were awarded a total of $17,000 in prizes, according to a press release.

"Our goal was to use technology as a way for university level students to challenge each other while creating something that benefits their home state,” stated Carl Gipson with AT&T External Affairs. 

Jul. 22, 2016

Boise Fry Company Has One Of The Best French Fries In the US

Is there a worse menu question than fries or salad? We all know that we should get the salad. But come on. We’re just powerless in the face of a perfect pile of piping-hot, salty wedges of potatoes. Even bad fries are…well…pretty great (especially with a big dollop of ketchup). But good ones are truly transcendent.  Here are the top 15.

Boise Fry Company
It really only stands to reason that the state best known for potatoes also knows how to fry them. At the Boise Fry Company, you get your choice of six different potatoes (russet, gold, red lady, sweet potato, yam and purple) and cuts (regular, homestyle, curly, shoestring and the Tater Tot-like po’balls), plus eight kinds of salt and eight dipping sauces. The burgers, as its motto says, come on the side.

Jul. 22, 2016

Materne Set To Hire 85 In Nampa

Materne North America, makers of GoGo squeeZ, received $510,000 in training funds from Idaho Department of Labor to create 85 new jobs at its Nampa plant by February 2017. All of the positions are permanent, full-time jobs that include employer-assisted medical benefits and pay an average of $20.58 an hour. Wages will range from $50 per hour to no less than $12, according to the Idaho Department of Labor.

The new jobs include project, quality, reliability and continuous improvement engineers; production, maintenance and sanitation supervisors; operations, purchasing, engineering projects, talent acquisition, and fruit formulation and process managers; sanitation operators; operations associates and maintenance technicians.

Jul. 21, 2016

Turning Bright Ideas Into Businesses at New Ventures Labs, Unbound

Turning ideas, into businesses; two facilities in Meridian have been doing just that for about a year now. 

The New Ventures Lab, in the old city hall building, opened May 2015. With only a year under their belt, the New Ventures Lab now has 13 early-stage companies, and eight other members. 

"(We have) a LED control system, to software, to services - it's a very diverse group," Ritter said. 

And, the space isn't just for those with bright, new ideas. It's also for existing companies that want to establish a base in Meridian, or do something new.

Jul. 20, 2016

Timberline Student Honored By Google For Filter Design

A Timberline High School student was honored by Google Tuesday night for his efforts to remove lead from drinking water. Alex Howard is the North American regional winner of the first Google Science Fair Community Impact Award.

Howard said he was inspired by the drinking water crisis in Flint, Michigan to create an affordable lead filter. "Right now in Flint, what they're doing is they're relying on bottled water and those activated charcoal filters to live off their water now, and they don't really have anything else so far," he said. "I wanted to find something that was long-term." 

Howard's design uses simple products including sugar, water and even seashells to safely remove lead. He hopes the filter can be used to decontaminate drinking water around the US until lead pipes can be replaced.

Jul. 20, 2016

As Sky Ranch Nears Completion - Employees & Companies Reap Benefits

In 2015 and 2016, three companies purchased ground in Sky Ranch. During that time, two-thirds of the urban renewal land in Sky Ranch has been purchased or is in the process of closing.

From his desk window near the airport, Caldwell Economic Development Director Steve Fultz can see the companies he has helped attract to the park.

“Right here, where all of this dirt is moving,” is the American Food Equipment Company, a planned 60,000-square-foot facility, and Johnson Thermal Systems is within view, Fultz said. “I can sit here and watch the progress.”

Around the corner from these two companies is the Idaho Department of Labor. Fultz said it was put there “by design” to help match employees with new companies and to help provide training resources.