10 Exciting Things Happening at Boise State University

via Boise State University Update

Boise State University President Bob Kustra highlighted an ever-growing research presence, the success of a recent initiative to boost science, technology, engineering and math graduates, and much more in his State of the University kick-off address on Aug. 19. He also pointed out a number of innovative and exciting programs and events taking place across campus.

He calls this list the “Top Ten Great Things Going on at Boise State That I Had Nothing to Do With.”

No. 10
Nearly half of Idaho Business Review’s Accomplished Under 40 Honorees in 2015 were Boise State graduates or employees.

No. 9
Boise State boasted its largest enrollment ever for summer sessions this summer, with more than 9,000 students enrolled in classes. More than 40 percent of summer credits were taken online, illustrating a new and valuable service for full- and part-time Boise State students.

No. 8
The Talkin’ Broncos speech and debate team argued their way to a third straight national title — and even caught the attention of national media like the Wall Street Journal. When the University of Kentucky was on the brink of an undefeated season (which they failed to achieve), the NBC Nightly News pointed out they could learn about pressure from teams like ours. “Of course, don’t forget Boise State’s speech and debate team,” the NBC anchor said. “They are fierce.”

No. 7
Engineering Dean Amy Moll was selected as one of 2015’s Inspiring Women in STEM awards by Insight Into Diversity magazine.

No. 6
Political scientist Justin Vaughn received national attention (including this Washington Post story) for a paper he co-authored on presidential “greatness,” and worked with the New York Times for an internationally read and argued-over look at the best and worst “post-presidencies” in American history.

No. 5
Boise State’s online Educational Technology graduate programs have grown into what we believe are the largest in the world — but made up almost entirely of out-of-state students. This year, to boost educational abilities around Idaho, the College of Education is launching a $1,000 Ed Tech Teacher’s Scholarship to any Idaho teacher who begins the graduate program.

No. 4
Boise State University’s Albertsons Library earned the privilege to be Idaho’s host for the rare Shakespeare First Folio, which is touring just one place in each state in the coming months. When it arrives next year, the library will install a display at the Arts and Humanities Institute at the Yanke Family Research Center, which can be easily accessed by the public.

No. 3
Scott Willison and Greg Martinez were awarded a five-year federal grant worth $1.1 million to continue their work helping first-generation and low-income students become teachers. The money will boost the Boise State Center for Multicultural and Educational Opportunities, which has been supporting and encouraging students since 1991.

No. 2
Boise State’s Master of Social Work graduate program was named No. 1 in the nation by GraduatePrograms.com, which polled more than 7,500 social work students nationwide on factors including academic competitiveness, career support, financial aid and quality of graduate network.

No. 1
Jane Chu, chair of the National Endowment for the Arts, recently visited Boise State to hear about Leslie Durham’s and Amanda Ashley’s research on how universities act as cultural anchors in the Intermountain West — and how vibrant cultural and artistic communities can boost the economy and quality of life in towns like Boise, Reno and Ft. Collins. “It’s a different way to think about the arts,” Chu said.