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A State of Kindness

For most people, 24 hours is jam-packed with a slew of tasks − a full day of work, transporting kids here and there, grocery shopping, walking the dog, the list goes on. In Idaho, 24 hours bears a whole new meaning on the first Thursday in May. Idaho Gives, a single day of statewide charitable giving, allows thousands to support their favorite organizations by making online donations through the Idaho Gives website. This year's event raised over $1 million, smashing last year's total by more than $300,000. 

Idaho Gives is rooted deeper than your average fundraiser. It is celebration of Idaho's diverse organizations and volunteers. A day of learning about the meaningful work that happens everyday in the Gem State. It is a time when Idahoans come together to help their non-profits bloom as abundant as their wildflowers. A 24-hour showcase of the state where kindness, altruism and benevolence flows farther than the white water and hiking trails.  



Idaho Gives a symbol of state's generosity 

"In just 24 hours, Idaho residents gave nearly $1.1 million to more than 675 charitable causes in the state, smashing the previous year's total. A total of $1,083,365 was counted in the final Friday morning announcement. That number includes any donor dollar-matching programs that some charaties had an any verifications needed for pending or buffering donations made online.

Last year, the event brought in $782,862.. 

The 8,905 donors participating gave 15,387 separate donations to this year’s effort.  That means each donor could have given money to more than one cause, or given multiple times to the same cause." 

- Idaho Press Tribune


Idaho's Golden Ticket: "Idaho Gives Reveals the Better Part of Us" 

"Idaho has had "golden moments" and "finest hours" but, pound-for-pound, the first Thursday in May may well be Idaho's finest day as Idahoans choose to invest in health care, education and the arts, absent government or corporate influence. These 24 hours paint a picture of an Idaho investing in child protection, aiding victims of neglect and abuse, and celebrating the value of a cultured community. Idaho Gives, now in its third year, may affirm what matters most in the Gem State, more than any poll, study or survey...

"There were some nonprofits who waited during the first couple of years to see how things would go. And indeed, they've joined Idaho Gives this year. When a nonprofit participates, they really embrace it; they just don't put up a website," said Janice Fulkerson, executive director of the Idaho Nonprofit Center...

"There are scores of events in every corner of Idaho," said Fulkerson, who added there's a greater focus on individual donations and less on corporate giving...

"But what that means is smaller donations," she said. "That's how much we need to tell our stories, and a big part of that is telling people what they can make happen for $10 or $25. Idaho Gives reveals the better part of us."

- George Prentice, Boise Weekly


Idaho Gives: Donations top $1 million, set new record

"Nonprofit organizations from across the Valley came up with a slew of clever ways to inspire donors to open their pocket books on Thursday, the third annual Idaho Gives. Donors were able to support their favroite nonprofits on the Idaho Gives donation website during a single 24-hour period...

Friends of Zoo Boise brought a skunk to visit donors on Main Street. A member of the Winter Wildlands Alliance crooned a Johnny Cash tune on a rainy stretch of sidewalk. A real-life garden fairy cut a ribbon with a giant pair of scissors at the Idaho Botanical Garden, officially opening a new, long-anticipated entrance gate...

Boise Bicycle Project staffers took to their bikes at midnight. They planned to spend the entire 24-hour Idaho Gives period pedaling from site to site. They were at Washington Elementary in Boise’s North End at 8 a.m., partnering with the nonprofit Boise Elementary Spanish for a bike giveaway and Spanish lesson heavy with bike-centric words...

Donations to Idaho Gives are tax-deductible. The organization has already started plans for its 2016 event, including a date: May 5."

- Anna Webb, Idaho Statesman