Asana Climbing is “Everything Bouldering”

Summed up in a couple of words, Asana Climbing is "Everything Bouldering." Asana was born in Jamey Sproull's garage in 1999. With support from the local Boise crowd, Asana began designing and marketing crash pads in 2000. Still today, 15 years later, they are deeply committed to supporting climbers and the climbing community as a whole. Asana is a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of almost everything a boulderer or climber may need or want. Asana builds custom landing systems for climbing gyms, personal outdoor bouldering pads, climbing gym climbing holds, chalk bags, and climbing packs. They also sell chalk, slacklines, computer games and lifestyle clothing. 

Asana operates out of a 6,000 square foot manufacturing warehouse in Boise, and employs people who live in the valley. The staff is comprised of adventure-seekers, with about half being climbers. They work forty hours a week because Jamey Sproull believes his staff should live balanced lives. All of the bouldering gear made by Asana is made right in Boise. Asana works with a huge network of people around the country and world to share their vision with people everywhere.

At Asana, their deep passion for the sport of bouldering and for the climbing community is evident in so many ways that they've declared themselves as... Everything Bouldering. Hear directly from Jamey Sproull why Boise is the best place for Asana to do business by clicking here.