Boise Named #1 Place for Jobs By Forbes

Forbes released an article this month titled Where The Jobs Will (And Won’t) Be This Spring, where Boise ranked #1 Best City for Jobs. What did they have to say about Boise? 

In the Boise area, a net 32% of companies plan to hire new staff in the second quarter of 2015. That compares with a net 22% of U.S. employers who expect to add to their workforces next quarter.

The numbers in the article come from the Employment Outlook Survey by the Manpower group.  Duree Westover is the Managing Director for Experis IT, a ManpowerGroup Company in Boise, ID. Relating to why Boise ranked so high on the list, Duree explains, “Previously Micron and HP drove the tech industry, now there is a second layer of companies that aren’t huge in size but doing great projects with top talent. The startup companies that have been around for a while are starting to become more relevant and innovative.  They can afford to invest more in human capital.”  She continued, “The talent pool has changed – people want to work in a place where they can be innovative.  The companies in Boise are nimble, which allows talent to do new things.”

The Forbes article also highlighted some of the recent growth in the Boise Metro:

'In the strongest market, Boise, you can see growth wherever you turn,' says Sunny Ackerman, vice president for Manpower’s western division. Among those companies that have recently moved into Boise or are expanding existing operations and hiring more workers: Woodland, CA based Gayle Manufacturing, a structural steel manufacturer, which is bringing on 100 workers and Diversified Fluid Systems, which makes chemical blending and distribution systems, and is planning to hire 50-60 employees. SkyWest Airlines, based in St. George, UT, is building a new maintenance facility in Boise and hiring more than 100 people. Established employers like HP, which manufactures laser jet printers in Boise, and Boise-based semiconductor maker Micron Technology are both hiring, says Ackerman.

Duree explained that in Boise, we have a wealth of talent with great project management skills. As that talent has developed, our market has become stronger for successful small-mid sized companies.  “Smaller companies are becoming more relevant – they’ve been here and they’ve stabilized.  There is a focus and investment in the community to grow jobs.”

Brandon Thompson, a software developer with Kount, is an example of local talent.  Having grown up on a large parcel of land, Brandon appreciates what Boise has just on its outskirts: wide open spaces. “The availability of a rural lifestyle,” says Brandon of what he loves about the Treasure Valley. “To be able to drive five minutes from the mall and you’re at a farm. It was very comforting for me to be able to have that, yet in an urban context.”

A native of Sicily, Italy, Gianfranco Aragona moved to Boise to work in the information systems division of Micron Technology. Friendly people, a vibrant workplace, and a shorter commute are just a few of the positives Gianfranco experiences in Idaho’s capital city. “There’s no traffic – I love it,” he says. “I don’t have to drive two hours to go to work. Here it’s 10 minutes. Every day it’s 10 minutes.”

Michele Wolf with Sensus credits Boise’s low cost of living and its surging tech industry as major pluses in attracting new talent to the city. “The tech industry in Boise is very big,” she says. “There are lots of big companies and then a huge swath of medium and small sized companies to work for. There are a ton of opportunities and there’s absolutely no better city that I’ve ever visited or lived in.”

Duree Westover concluded relating to the growth of the Metro, “Companies appreciate and want people who work to live here, not live to work. In Boise you get two days in one.  When you get off at five, you get a whole other day to play – it doesn’t get dark until late.  It is a fun place to live and the average commute time is only 18 minutes.”

To read the full Forbes article, click here.  Or, click here for more information about the survey from the ManpowerGroup.