Boise’s North End Welcomes New Outdoor Gym

via City of Boise press release 

Boise’s second outdoor gym, a gift from and HC Company, features 15 pieces of fitness equipment, including a sit-up bench, leg press, rowing machine, and squat press. All of this high-quality exercise equipment is free for the public to use year round.

Mayor David H. Bieter will join Founder and CEO Ryan DeLuca for a ribbon-cutting ceremony at noon Friday, June 5, in Camel’s Back Park located at 1200 W. Heron Street in Boise.

After the ribbon cutting, team athletes will be on hand to demonstrate the equipment and provide free instruction to the general public at 12:30 p.m., and then again at 5 p.m.

“The first outdoor gym was such a huge success,” said DeLuca. “We wanted to continue our mission of giving back to the community. Everyone deserves a chance to experience the life-changing physical and mental benefits of a gym – for free.”

“The outdoor gym provides a healthy, accessible recreational experience for our citizens,” said Doug Holloway, Director of Boise Parks & Recreation. “We are so grateful to and HC Company for this contribution, which is consistent with the city’s goal to help improve the wellness of our residents in neighborhoods throughout the city.”

The TriActive America equipment is grouped together on a 1,900-square-foot pad adjacent to the park playground. Signs provide instructions and health tips. For a map, concept drawing and suggested workout, see

The donation is valued at $80,000, which includes purchase of the equipment, installation and maintenance for five years. and HC Company want to continue building an active and healthy community.  

“As residents of Boise’s North End and avid users of Camel’s Back Park, we at HC Company are very excited to have the opportunity to assist in the donation of this Outdoor Gym,” said Jeremy Barber, Project Manager at HC Company.

The outdoor gym dedication coincides with Fitness Expo (BFE), which is held at the Century Link Arena on Saturday, June 6th, as well as Idaho Health and Yoga Awareness Week..