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Boise’s Trailhead Joins Global Startup Federation

via Trailhead Press Release

Trailhead, downtown Boise’s newest collaboration space for entrepreneurs, has joined the Startup Federation to bring global startup connections to Boise-based startups. The Startup Federation is a global network of 21 of the world’s top startup hubs, incubators, and co-working spaces focused on growing high-quality startups with highly scalable products or services. The organization’s goal is to help local entrepreneurs connect to the global ecosystem so that all startups throughout the world have the opportunity to succeed.

A key benefit to Trailhead and its members in Boise will be the reciprocity for membership, meaning that if a Trailhead member is working in Austin, Little Rock, or London, they can work in the space available at other members of the Startup Federation. The organizations that belong to Startup Federation are highly collaborative and work to support one another through joint programming, sharing mentor networks, and assisting startups in fellow organizations.

“The central goal for Trailhead has been to connect entrepreneurs with the resources they need to be successful in Boise,” said Mayor Dave Bieter. “The Startup Federation gives us the opportunity to do that on a global scale and we are excited to have been invited to join.”

Photo courtesy of Trailhead 

“Startups are important to the economy of every community in America, and entrepreneurs should be able to start and scale their companies in whatever city they choose,” said Donna Harris, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of 1776. “The Startup Federation enables promising young companies to get help scaling from a global network of supportive hubs. We’re thrilled to include Trailhead.”

Current members of the Startup Federation include organizations such as 1776 in Washington DC, Warner Yard in London, and the Capital Factory in Austin, as well as new members Startup Mexico in Mexico City, Packard Place in Charlotte, American Underground in Durham, and The Venture Center in Little Rock. A full list of Startup Federation members can be found here