Built in Boise: Outdoors & Innovations

The passionate writers, photographers, designers, builders and business-owners over at Built in Boise have been cranking out more inspiring stories of Boise companies and the people behind them. From outdoors to innovations, here is a roundup of profiles from February, March and April... 


Lone Cone: For Annalisa DeMarta and Ken Johnson, family camping trips have transformed into a family business: LoneCone.com, an e-tailer focused on outdoor gear for the whole family. The company, which sells through Amazon, it’s own website and — beginning in May — a retail showroom in Boise, is now a profitable, growing and well-respected retailer. But it wasn’t always this way… Read how one family turned their love for the outdoors into a thriving business in Out There



Outdoor Toy Share: There is a saying that the best day in a boat owner’s life is the day they buy it. The next best is the day they sell it. Kyle Sales says he has a new “best day” for owners of boats, jet skis and recreational vehicles: The day they find Outdoor Toy Share. Owners can rent out or “share” their toys on the website, and those looking for a boat for the weekend or an RV for a family road trip can rent it. Find out how the Airbnb of RVs, boats, jet skis came to be in Sharing Toys



TechHelp: On the fourth floor of Boise State University’s College of Engineering building is an organization that doesn’t go by any one name. It all depends on who you ask... Part of a nationwide manufacturing extension, TechHelp is a team of experts available to educate and assist manufacturers, food processors and inventors as they build and grow businesses in Idaho. Funded by the U.S. Department of Commerce and a partnership with all three state universities — Boise State, University of Idaho and Idaho State — its mission is to “help manufacturers grow and compete more efficiently and profitably.” See how ideas on napkins are turned into thriving companies in Here to Help



EarHero: Matt Murphy just wanted a better earbud. The Secret Service had other plans... Twelve years ago, while on vacation in Sun Valley, Matt was skiing with friends and putting his brand new iPod to use on the slopes, only to realize how frustrating it was. While skiing, his earbuds kept falling out, and when he wanted to talk to friends, he had to take them out, only to put them back in again moments later. Matt’s friends joked about a magical earbud that would allow them to hear their surroundings while still rocking out to The Rolling Stones. For Matt, it was more than a joke… he couldn’t stop thinking about it. “It just kept coming back,” Matt said. Read how an unlikely connection turned Matt's idea into a reality in Private Ear.


Recall InfoLink: Four years. That’s how long Roger Hancock went without a paycheck. Not just an employer’s paycheck— any paycheck. The sacrifice was worth it, he says. Without it, his company, Recall InfoLink, would still be just a dream instead of accelerating — after eight years of hard work — to become a global leader in product recalls. Recall InfoLink’s software dramatically accelerates the time between a manufacturer announcing a product recall — say E. coli.-contaminated spinach — and the time distributors, retailers and consumers pull it from their shelves. See how a change in strategy resulted in success in Against the Flow