Built in Boise: Rescuing Forgotten Film to Innovating Instruments

The writers, photographers, designers, builders and business-owners at Built in Boise have connected with more Boise companies to share their stories and the people behind them. From rescuing forgotten film to innovating traditional instruments, here is the roundup of profiles from November and December…

Extreme Velocity 3: Kris Bloom has loved drag racing for as long as he can remember. After learning how to code in the Air Force, Kris decided to follow his passions. While working days writing corporate code, Kris moonlighted as the founder of an online magazine dedicated to custom cars. The magazine was a hit, but Kris and his team were in search of an innovative way to promote the magazine. Their idea? Create a video game. See how Kris Bloom turned the two things he’s most passionate about — cars and programming — into a thriving business in Speed Racer.


The Rescued Film Project: In 2012, the full-time video producer, part-time thrift shopper realized something. “I’d always walk by the [thrift store] camera section and notice a lot of the cameras still had film in them,” Levi said. “And since I could process film for free by myself, out of sheer curiosity, I started buying the cameras for $10 a piece, going home, opening them up in the dark to pull the film out.” He has low expectation of salvaging anything. So when the first few rolls he developed actually contained photographs, it sparked curiosity. Find out how The Rescued Film Project gives new life to forgotten film in Exposed.


StyleSpyGirl: When her family moved, Tanya fell in love with Boise, but missed some of the big city amenities. "I really missed Nordstrom," Tanya says. "I loved all the beautiful things. It was definitely my comfort zone." To help her adapt to her new surroundings, Tanya decided to go back to the comfort of fashion, launching StyleSpyGirl, a blog that covers the best of Boise fashion. Learn how Tanya Carnahan’s love of fashion, travel and empowering others has created a mission-driven business with a sense of style in Going Places.


Cinder Wines: The difference between crushed grapes and exceptional wine lies in the decisions made along the way. The location of the grapes, the soil where they grow… the way the vines are maintained and the fruit is harvested… the decisions around removing the skins… the type of wooden barrel where the juice will ferment – for Cinder Wines husband and wife founders Joe Schnerr and Melanie Krause, every decision matters. Read how these Garden City winemakers are making plans to crush their competition in From Vine to Wine.


Chavez Cajon: By definition, bringing a bit of innovation to a cajon drum requires – wait for it – thinking outside the box. A cajon is a six-sided drum. Quite literally, a box. Four sides plus a top and bottom that a drummer slaps and taps to create a surprisingly rich percussion sound. Played right, a cajon has the fullness of an entire drum set, complete with the sound of a snare drum’s “pop” when the drum is struck in just the right place. As of just a few years ago, founder of Chavez Cajon and now professional cajon player Todd Chavez, a life-long percussionist, knew little about the instrument. See where marketing prowess meets musicianship for this drummer’s innovative take on a classic cajon drum in Out of the Box.