Business, Community to Discuss ‘Diversity as a Business Driver’

The College of Business and Economics’ Responsible Business Initiative (RBI), the City of Boise and Wells Fargo are collaborating to bring a diversity summit to Boise businesses and organizations on Nov. 4.

Titled “Diversity as a Business Driver,” the goals of the summit will be to bring together a group of business and community leaders to discuss the competitive impacts a diverse workforce and community creates. It will take place from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. in the Student Union Jordan Ballroom.

RBI, whose mission is the catalyze leaders to create sustainable value for business and society, is promoting presentations by global and local diversity leaders. The topics of diversity and inclusion are appropriate to any organization, small business to non-profit organization, savvy enough to grasp the benefits afforded by promoting diversity in hiring, promotion and board representation.

“In corporate, as well as academic settings, diversity can be a business driver for positive change, enhanced recognition and improved performance,” said Keith Harvey, associate dean for the College of Business and Economics. “The sooner businesses and organizations recognize and pursue the benefits afforded by greater diversity and inclusion of employees and board representatives, the sooner diversity and acceptance of differences will be understood by society.”

Confirmed speakers include Philomena Morrissey Satre, vice president of diversity and inclusion for Wells Fargo, and Lesley Slaton Brown, chief global diversity and inclusion officer at HP Inc. Panelists will include business leaders and human resource executives from local, responsible businesses and non-profit organizations. Read more about speakers and register for this event by clicking here.

Boise State University’s Responsible Business Initiative:

The mission of the Responsible Business Initiative is to catalyze leaders to create sustainable value for business and society. Through its five pillars of responsible business, RBI supports education, research and community collaboration to create an inclusive and sustainable local and global economy that accounts for economic, social and environmental impact. The initiative is sponsored by the College of Business and Economics and its lead partner, Wells Fargo.