Cougar Mountain Software and TSheets Partner Up


TSheets and Cougar Mountain Software just announced a partnership that will help small to medium sized businesses streamline time tracking and payroll processes. The planned integration of data and processes of both systems, TSheets’ Time Tracking system and Cougar Mountain Software’s Denali Payroll Accounting system, will allow customers to eliminate the need for duplicate entry in two systems, produce faster payroll processing times, and reduce data entry errors.

Future releases of Denali Payroll will allow for the direct integration of data, and import and export functionality. Customers will be able to use features such as clocking in through text and tweets and overtime alerts, and Denali’s seamless posting to ledger accounts, which will further benefit organizations that want to streamline operations and payroll processing.

“When two product lines work seamlessly together it directly benefits the customer and the customers’ employees,” said Matt Rissell, CEO of TSheets Time Tracking. “It’s all about offering the best technology and tools for businesses to be successful and our integration with Cougar Mountain will accomplish that for payroll.”

Chuck Gossett, CEO of Cougar Mountain Software, Inc. states, “Sometimes in business, when you anticipate opportunities and the timing is right, the stars align. Cougar Mountain Software’s alliance with TSheets joins two enterprises that are driven by the desire to provide innovative solutions based on customer feedback and to develop the highest product value possible. Both companies are rapidly evolving and are located in one of the nation’s fastest growing tech centers—Boise, Idaho.”

Denali 4.3 is scheduled for release in late December 2014 and will contain the TSheets integration.

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