Photo Credit: Drake Cooper

Drake Cooper #2 on Outside Magazine’s ‘100 Best Places to Work’ List

For four consecutive years, Drake Cooper has held a spot on Outside Magazine’s "100 Best Places to Work." Moving up to the number two spot this year, the Boise agency embodies the honor the Idaho way: by being a company that empowers their employees to live bigger, better lives — both on the job and on the mountain.

Jamie Cooper, CEO of Drake Cooper, reflected in a recent blog post on the accolade and what it personally means to him. Describing it as “the perfect cocktail of two things I care about deeply,” Jamie echoes the agency’s value of culture and the outdoors.

“Living in Idaho, means adventure. Working in advertising is also an adventure – and it can be all consuming. So we focus on the culture of our workplace, and we do our best to uphold it. But what constitutes culture anyway? What makes one good and another bad? To me, at the heart of culture is shared values that an organization agrees to uphold. And trust. Lots of mutual respect and trust," he explains. "What’s not culture, particularly now in the Millennial-driven new found love of culture-at-all-costs, are things like dogs at work, yoga at lunch, IPA of the day and group bike rides at all hours. Those things, while awesome(!), are NOT a culture. Those sorts of things are the benefits of a strong culture. The hard work of creating and maintaining a solid culture is often confused with the outcomes of it.”

And while the outcomes may seem obvious, like bringing your four-legged friend to work, their culture lies at the union of people and passion.

“At Drake Cooper, our culture is based on a shared belief system of values that outshine titles and roles. We are in the business of creating things. Ideas. Products. Services. Notions. And we derive real meaning in building stories and connecting people to brands. Our passion is the motivation for the work we do. It’s in that spirit that all of us must value people as much as profit as ingredients to sustainability and happiness.”

Unbound by industry norms, Drake Cooper celebrates the unique and sees beyond the orthodox to deliver inimitable results with the simple, yet imperative goal of making a difference. In the office and the outdoors, the ambitious team has earned their recognition as being one of Outside's best places to work in the nation. 

To find the best places to work in the U.S., Outside Magazine created five categories that reflect their own values and focus: Gear, Adventure & Travel, Wellness, Culture and Advertising. After a thorough vetting process, employees were asked to review dynamics like corporate culture, policies and perks, role satisfaction, work environment and overall employee engagement. The bottom line: this year’s collection of advertising companies encourage their employees to play. See the advertising category’s full list here