First-Ever ‘Hybrid’ Coworking Space Offers Meridian Startups Fuel To Grow

Via New Ventures Lab news release

More than 100 Meridian business owners, entrepreneurs and community leaders got a peek at the newly renovated hybrid co-working space at the “first-look” open house May 28, 2015.  The 14,000 s.f. Lab in downtown Meridian, Idaho, is the first of its kind with flexible member-based coworking space as well as dedicated offices for more than 15 businesses.

The coworking space encourages idea development and collaboration by offering entrepreneurs and “idea people” a place to work, private meeting rooms, wireless network, print/scan/copy and, of course, coffee. The lab offers daily, weekly and monthly memberships starting at $15. Fledgling businesses enjoy it as a place for productivity as well as a professional--yet fun--place to conduct business and hold meetings.

“Everybody that we work with will start in that open space,” Rick Ritter, Lab Director, said, “and when they get to a certain point, they’ve got their team built, they’ve got market product fit, they’ve answered most if not all of the questions and they’ve got a decent team they can move right down the hall.”

Members have access to advice and information from experts here in the valley to those around the world to help them grow and develop their ideas. The on-site assistance includes Startup Weekend, Idea Challenge, Speed Mentoring and SCORE counseling and more. The lab is also using technology to enable live-streaming events, workshops and panel discussions from experts all over the world.

“Think of the lab as an ‘entrepreneurial petri dish’ right here in Meridian. A place where new ideas and young companies can flourish while being immersed with the right mix of ideas, people and resources,” said lab co-founder Sarah Pokorney.

Meridian Mayor Tammy de Weerd said the lab was a result of partnerships in the community. “We are very excited to open our doors to new start-ups and up and coming entrepreneurs,” she said. “The New Ventures Lab is the result of a tremendous partnerships in our community. From our business community to the West Ada School District, the lab will bring together people of ages with a focus on bringing early-stage ideas to fruition within our downtown.”

In addition to being a space for new businesses to grow, Ritter said the New Ventures Lab is meant to serve as a space for community collaboration with access to the main events room and open-space area.

About New Ventures Lab
Imagine dropping your business into an entrepreneurial petri dish… 
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