Google Profiles Eagle’s TSheets

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Matt Rissell needed an easy, accurate way for employees at his cartridge-remanufacturing company to track and report their hours. But office-supply stores only offered manual punch cards. So he and co-founder Brandon Zehm created a cloud-based, employee-time-tracking solution that worked with QuickBooks. "After using it for the first payroll, my bookkeeper said, 'This is great! Can you sell it?'" Matt realized … he could! He co-founded TSheets in 2006, using AdWords, Google's advertising program, to market the service to small businesses. The company has since hired 60 employees, expanded into 63 countries, and been named Idaho’s Innovative Company of the Year by the Idaho Technology Council.

Matt uses search engine optimization in tandem with AdWords to target specific markets. Google Analytics gives him the insights to invest in what works and learn from what doesn't. "One of the main turning points was when we became a Google Analytics decision-based company," Matt says. They now enjoy a 4.25-percent conversion rate (website visitors signing up for a free trial) and a 4:1 return on investment with AdWords. About 65 percent of leads come from the Internet. The company uses Google Drive for document storage, Gmail for company email, and Google Hangouts to stay connected. They also use Google+ and YouTube to engage customers, offer tutorials, and promote the brand slogan: We ❤ Employees. They've even embedded Google Maps into TSheets "so a manager anywhere can see where their employees are working, what they're working on, and how long they're working."

TSheets is opening an office in Australia, with plans for additional global expansion. "Because of the Internet and the tools available to us, we've been able to grow an international company based in Boise, Idaho," Matt says. "With a great idea and the right tools, you can create jobs and grow a business in a smaller community. If you're not ranking in Google for what your customers are searching for, you could be losing millions of dollars in business."