Nampa Dog Park gets surprise Christmas gift

Via City of Nampa News

Parks employees found $500 cash that Santa left in the donation box at Nampa Dog Park Friday. The wrinkled white envelope contained three $100 bills and four $50 bills and said Merry Christmas – Santa on the front.

“It is such an amazing surprise to open up our donation box and realize Secret Santa has kept the Nampa Dog Park in m ind during the Christmas season, “ Nampa Parks and Recreation Director Darrin Johnson said.

The donation box was installed shortly after the Nampa Dog Park opened in 2009 because users requested it and it’s not unusual to find $20 or $30 a week. The $500 gift was a big surprise.

The park, developed with donations, is located at the intersection of 2nd Street South and East Amity Avenue near the Kings Road overpass. It features small and large dog areas, open play areas, walking trails, shade shelters, benches and drinking fountains for both dogs and humans.

But it’s missing a dog pond.

So far, the Parks Department has raised $101,873 for the pond, estimated to cost up to $120,000.

“We are currently very close to having the money to complete the pond at the park, which will be our next development in the park,” Johnson said. “Our two big fundraisers each year are the Food Truck rally goes to the dogs in March and the Pooch Party Stroll and Splash in August.

Santa’s gift, as well as all donations left in the box, will help with ongoing maintenance and the pond, Johnson said.

“By observing the activity and pet owners in the park, it is evident that their dogs are a big part of family life,” Johnson said. “We are grateful for the donations we get to support the Nampa Dog Park as it helps us continue to provide a great open space for people and dogs to exercise and socialize with others that have common interests. “