New Business Brings Commercial 3D Printing to Idaho

Via Intermountain 3D news release

Product developers, designers and manufacturers have a new Idaho-based resource to help integrate 3D printing into their businesses. Intermountain 3D Inc. offers rapid prototyping and concept modeling services, and is an authorized reseller for 3D Systems Inc., the inventor of the stereolithography technology that launched the 3D printing industry.

Commercial 3D printing is on the leading edge of transforming the manufacturing industry with a range of additive manufacturing technologies and material sets. Rather than using expensive tool and die prototyping processes to test fit and function, 3D printing employs a fully digital workflow and can create even the most complex and fully functional parts in hours, not weeks.

“Additive manufacturing tools and processes accelerate product development cycles while simultaneously lowering overall costs,” says Brian Hoffmann, President of Intermountain 3D. “3D printing is bringing that capability to engineers, entrepreneurs and manufacturers with highly precise prototypes and parts in amazingly short turnaround times.”

Once an expensive and time-consuming process, prototyping parts with irregularly shaped forms, intricate channels or complex curves is made simple by coupling CAD design tools with commercial 3D printers. Modifications to the design are made easily, and the new part reprinted quickly for further testing.

Steve Hatten, executive director of TechHelp, Idaho’s Manufacturing Extension Partner, welcomes Intermountain 3D to Idaho. “TechHelp’s mission is to support manufacturing in our state with advanced technologies, consulting help and prototyping support. Our partnership with Intermountain 3D enhances our ability to serve the industry, and offers our students at Boise State new opportunities to gain valuable experience with manufacturing processes.”

A wide range of industries are using 3D printing today for concept modeling, prototyping and short-run manufacturing. Intermountain 3D Inc. is bringing that capability closer to developers and manufacturers in the intermountain west involved in the electronics, industrial manufacturing, recreational, medical and dental, aerospace, artisanal and architectural fields.

Find out more information at or by calling 208-391-5570.