Office Envy: Curious Media

While they reside on the second floor of the historic Blue Eye Building in downtown Nampa, Curious Media truly dwells at the nexus of passion and creativity. Driven by a love of gaming, technology, education and fun, the interactive agency delivers remarkable digital experiences across multiple platforms for children and adults alike, working with notable companies like Disney, PBS Kids, Mattel, Hasbro and Warner Brothers.  

Location: 1226 1st St. S., Nampa

Designer: Randy Jamison

Creative Crew: 30

Space: 4,500 sqft

Curious Media’s office space is nothing short of a creative professional’s Shangri-La. Exposed brick walls, string lights draping from wood beam trusses and unfinished plywood floors deliver an industrial yet quirky, comfortable sentiment. The wide-open layout offers a welcoming, creative environment where communication is uninhibited and big ideas flourish. “The openness of the space just seems to foster creative thought, collaboration and a sense of unity,” says Randy Jamison, founder and creative director of Curious Media. “It’s also great for Nerf wars,” he playfully adds.   


Nine sets of workspaces — ranging in clusters of two to five desks — pepper the floor, creating a hub of collaboration, culture and innovation among designers, developers, animators and project managers. Natural light tumbles through vertical, rectangular windows, igniting canvases featuring Jamison’s original art. Flanking this main area are Jamison’s office (which doubles as his art studio) and a conference room, which borders a fully stocked kitchen.

Positioned behind five 8-foot-tall panes of glass, the minimalist conference room features rugged bricks peeking through a fragmented layer of the building’s original plaster walls. A modest table fills the center of the room, headed by a black cabinet housing a flat-screen TV and a tribe of Xbox controllers. When it’s not being used for meetings, the room provides one of two equipped stations for spontaneous Halo video-game tournaments.

Artistic, captivating and unconventional, Curious Media’s digs embody the imaginative soul of Jamison and his team. It’s an inviting space that delivers serenity upon entrance, while simultaneously sparking inquisitive inspiration tied to the company’s playful roots. The openness draws in the curious spirit of a visitor, beckoning an undeniable admiration for the stunning, interactive art in the making.