Office Envy: MetaGeek

MetaGeek’s office brings a new type of energy to the historic Owyhee plaza, and it doesn’t go unnoticed. The Boise-based company is a close-knit team that develops user-friendly wireless troubleshooting tools for companies of all sizes. Inspired by casual creativity, the layout includes large windows on all sides illuminating vivid blue and green walls, artistic nooks and open spaces. A unique balance of tranquility and vitality buzzes throughout the office, the kind that evokes ingenuity and innovation.

Home Base: 1109 West Main Street, Suite 500, Boise

Office: 10,250 square feet

Chief Geek: Ryan Woodings

Employees: 32

Designer: CTA Architects Engineers

Jay Bowen, Marketing Director, shared the insight behind the MetaGeek office and what’s become their home away from home. The bottom line: MetaGeek values fun.

“Having fun is something that is very important to us, and we encourage our employees to have fun,” said Bowen. “We believe that if you would rather be running in the foothills or skiing at Bogus, you should go! Our employees work very hard while they are in the office, and we believe in taking the time to refresh yourself and your ideas.”

Bowen’s outlook aligns with the company’s “You’ve Got Plenty” policy, which allows them as much paid time off as they need and helps maximize productivity while in the office. The whole of MetaGeek embodies that value, right down to the brick and the mortar. While the entirety of the space exemplifies this philosophy, the kitchen was built for fun. Booth and bar-style seating, beer on tap and a Ping-Pong table invites employees to indulge in playful breaks in a communal space.

The eccentric office caters to all employees with pairing desks that are built for a sit or stand option. The openness enables everyone to work together, fostering productivity and creativity. Twenty offices are also provided for those who prefer to work quietly- allowing everyone to set up their workspace to fit their needs and accommodate individual work styles.

“Our office is like its own little ecosystem. We have the tools available to get the job done, as well as space to relax and recharge,” explains Bowen. Natural light and angled walls stimulate inspiration and encourage ideas to flow in an environment that lacks the harsh corners of a traditional workspace. A pirate theme is evident throughout the office, encompassing MetaGeek’s branding with refined integration.

Its foundation may be more than 100 years old but the colorful, offbeat space is infused with imagination, fun and family. It is truly a place where awesomeness happens.