Office Envy: Scentsy

What once lived in a 40-foot storage container on a small Idaho sheep farm now sprawls onto 73.7 gorgeous acres right off Eagle Road in Meridian. Home to more than 700 Boise Valley employees, the Scentsy Commons Tower is six stories tall and 167,996 square-feet, making it the tallest building in the city of Meridian. Founded 11 years ago, Scentsy is now one of the largest direct-selling companies in the nation.

Headquarters: 2701 E. Pine Ave, Meridian, ID

Scentsy Commons Tower: 167,996 square feet

Designer: CTA Architects Engineers

Idaho-Based Employees: 739

Founded: 2004, by owners Heidi and Orville Thompson

Surrounded by over 1,000 trees, three miles of walking paths, lush green grass and fragrant flowers, the Scentsy Commons Tower was inspired by the idea of being a central greenhouse – a place where employees can thrive and flourish, and big ideas can grow. Each of the building’s levels reiterates the depiction of life with six themes: Main Street, Earth, Water, Light, Air and Life.

The third through sixth floors are designated for employee personnel, holding various departments. Each level’s décor falls in line with its theme – water features on the third floor, floor to ceiling windows on the fourth floor, two large patio spaces on the fifth floor. The sixth floor is the home of the owners' suites, those that reinforce the life of Scentsy. Being the only executive offices with an outside window, the space is flooded with natural light. An entire wall is lined with shelves decorated with memorabilia from Scentsy Consultants and events. Another wall is scrawled with personal notes from Consultants who visit the Meridian campus.

Although each floor differs in feel and design, the workstations fall in line with several commonalities. All cubicles, with the exception of the legal and finance departments, have short barriers and are centrally located on the floor. Large windowed walls surround the workspaces, allowing an abundance of natural light from any desk. Even enclosed offices have windowed walls facing the main workspace. Every office and workspace was designed solely for the function for the job, rather than the status of the employee. With this, there are no traditional corner offices in the building. Many corners contain meeting spaces, quiet rooms and media centers for collaboration.

Main Street, the tower’s lowest level, holds the Commons Kitchen, the game garage, convenience store, a flex space, the Scentsy Cafe and help desk. Modeled after a city’s center, a concrete street complete with light posts, manholes and an English phone booth twists through spaces resembling storefronts. An impressive 5,000 square-foot space holds the Commons Kitchen, which is capable of serving 1,000 people per hour. Both breakfast and lunch are available to employees as well as the public. The Commons Kitchen also has take-home dinners and sack lunches available for employees and their families, indicative of Scentsy’s priority that staff take quality time outside of the office with family.

The forward-thinking company has created a space that reflects their values and inspires those who enter. It is a hub of activity, ideas and generosity. As an active part of the community, the Commons hosts an annual fireworks show and numerous events in the outdoor amphitheater and grass fields year-round.

The Commons Tower is the heart of the campus and the company. A family room for old and new friends, a home away from home; it is the place where “scentsational” ideas are brought to life.