Office Envy: TSheets

Nestled along the Boise River Greenbelt in Eagle, Idaho, TSheets’ stunning two-story office demonstrates how far the online timesheet company has come in just 10 years – from two guys in a basement to 105 employees helping to blaze trails in technology, recruiting and company culture. The rapidly growing company, which recently purchased their office building, has already expanded into a portion of their neighboring space and is creating plans for a new building.

Home Base: 923 S. Bridgeway Place, Suite 100, Eagle, ID

Office: 19,000 square feet

CEO & Office Ping-Pong Champion: Matt Rissell

Founded: 2006 by Matt Rissell & Brandon Zehm

Employees: 105 and hiring

Upon entering TSheets’ building, visitors are greeted by an undeniable energy, triggering anticipation for what lies ahead. An offset reception area sits beneath a wall full of TSheets t-shirts tucked below polished silver letters, creating the phrase, “We [heart] Employees,” and large red letter T. One of many throughout the building, these Ts are more than just decor. CEO Matt Rissell explains, “If you want a cool office, put a big, red T on the wall. Seriously! I love seeing those big TSheets Ts plastered throughout the building. They look cool, but more importantly, they remind us what we’re here for – and what we’re doing. Those Ts are representative of our brand, our values, and who we are as a company. They create energy and drive home a message… exactly our intentions.”


The first floor is home to an impressive lounge area dotted with comfortable couches, chairs and tables.  A fully stocked kitchen complete with a kegerator, complements a game corner complete with a dartboard, foosball and Ping-Pong tables. Here, employees convene for midday matches, team lunches and a bimonthly, catered staff meeting. In addition to the main kitchen, each department has its own small kitchen area supplied with small snacks and refreshments to help keep employees fueled throughout the day.

Exiting the staff lounge, a hallway wraps the perimeter of the office and separates individual offices on the outside from open, collaborative space on the inside. Arriving back at the entrance, fire engine red walls frame a staircase leading to the second floor, where the leadership team’s offices and a vibrant open workspace await.

The energy is immediate upon entering the Customer Experience team’s open area. Positioned in pods that take up the bulk of the second floor, each desk is equipped for standing or sitting. A large silver bell, known as the Save Bell, is mounted on a central pillar and struck whenever a customer experience employee saves a TSheets client.

Six conference rooms pepper the floor, each named after one of TSheets’ core values: Technology, Healthy, Excellence, Players, Be First and Relentless (better known as “THE PBR”). Each meeting space differs in size and layout, but shares the common element of the meaning behind its respective name scripted on one of the walls.

TSheets’ office is so irrefutably spirited with a one-of-a-kind vivacity, there is no question that it comes from the people who work within.  A native reflection of a business undoubtedly proud of their passion, people and place, TSheets has created a vibrant space for its increasing number of dedicated employees.