Priefert Manufacturing is a Family Business

Boise is a place where family-owned businesses have deep roots. Companies like Simplot and Albertsons have thrived here because of the founders that believed in building a legacy for their business and their families.

J.R. Simplot started one of the nation’s largest food production companies in the country out of Boise. The height of his success came from innovations around potatoes, french-fries and feeding the troops. Today, four of J.R.’s family members still serve on the executive committee for the Board of Directors of the J.R. Simplot Company, and the Foundation has invested heavily in the community.

Joe Albertson opened his first store in 1939, and now Albertsons is one of the largest supermarket brands in the country. Even with impressive growth, Albertsons roots and family values are still a part of the company today. In 2016, the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation celebrate 50 years of giving back to the community with more than $650 million benefiting Idaho children and families.

This month, Boise has a new family owned business to welcome to the community. Recently, Priefert Manufacturing announced that they would be expanding to the Boise Valley (link to press release). Starting with a headgate for cattle and livestock, Marvin Priefert founded the company in 1964 and it has grown to be one of the largest farm, ranch and rodeo equipment manufacturers in the country. They produce a full line of products for the livestock handling industry, and also work in steel fabrication for other industries including oil and gas, trailer manufacturing, construction, and other equipment manufacturers. Today, the company is still owned and operated by the Priefert family. Marvin’s grandsons continue to innovate and serve new markets, working to uphold their grandfather’s legacy.

The rich history of agricultural tradition, ranching, farming, and cattle production in the region was a huge drawing point for Priefert to expand in the Northwest. Leasing a 20,000 square foot building in Boise, the company will manage a new distribution and warehouse facility starting in October 2016. Served with rail, this location will give them the opportunity to consider bringing additional manufacturing jobs to Boise in the future.

Headquartered in Mount Pleasant, Texas, their large steel manufacturing facility currently employs over 950 people in a production facility that has over 24 acres under roof. The Priefert family doesn’t just know about farm, ranch & rodeo products, they live and breathe it everyday. The Priefert family owns over 3,000 acres in Texas. On that property, they manage a 1,700 acre ranch that is the first proving ground for the vast majority of Priefert products.

The Prieferts success comes from being a family owned and operated business. As they expand into Boise, their family values will remain a cornerstone of their operation locally.

More about the Prieferts, In Their Own Words
From Priefert’s website

When Marvin built his first headgate in a one-room shop on his farm, he had no idea that his first piece of ranch equipment would help revolutionize the livestock handling industry and go on to become the foundation of one of the most respected ranch equipment manufacturing companies in the business. Now in its third generation of leadership, Priefert is still family owned and operated. Its product offerings have expanded to include cattle, equine, poultry, canine, and rodeo lines, making Priefert a one stop shop for all your farm, ranch, and rodeo needs.

While the years have brought many changes for the Priefert family and their business, some things have remained the same. Marvin's son Bill and his grandsons Eddie, Nate, and Travis continue to carry on the tradition he began. Motivated by the pride of ownership and the challenge of finding a better way, the Priefert family has built a business focused on meeting the needs of the American farmer and rancher. Building ranch equipment is not just a job; it's their lifestyle and integral part of who they are. Hard work, good people, a willingness to step "outside the box," and abundant blessings from God have allowed the company to not only grow and prosper, but also to earn a strong reputation in the industry for integrity, quality, and reliability.

With a history of steel fabrication and a high consumption volume of shape and coil products, Priefert's expansion into the steel sales market was a natural progression. In 2008, Priefert began to expand its capabilities and product mix to meet the needs of other steel-consuming businesses. Since that time, Priefert Steel Sales has grown exponentially. Headquartered in Mount Pleasant, Texas, Priefert Steel also owns and operates steel processing centers in Benton, Arkansas and in Fort Worth, Texas.

Bill, now a grandfather himself with 7 grandsons, has experienced the progression of the family business from a one room, dirt floor shop in the backyard to the one of the largest farm, ranch and rodeo equipment manufacturers in the world. He and his family are a true testament to the American Dream and are proud to produce a quality product that is made in the USA. A quote hangs on the wall of one of the company conference rooms that states, "We are who we are, because they were who they were." To all those who helped build this great company, and who refused to give up, even when times were tough, we say "Thank You."

Fun Facts

The Priefert ranch in Mount Pleasant is also home to some World Record Holders and celebrities. In 2006, the ranch acquired Radar, a 6’7’’ horse that was certified as the tallest living horse by the Guinness Book of World Records from 2006-2009.

The Priefert family has also been featured on many television spots including