Photo Credit: St. Luke's

St. Luke’s Receives 2016 Distinguished Hospital for Clinical Excellence Award recently released their list of 2016 Distinguished Hospital Awards for Clinical Excellence and ranked St. Luke's as one of the top 5 percent of hospitals nationwide.  

"Distinguished Hospitals for Clinical Excellence are hospitals rated in the top 5% in the nation with the lowest risk-adjusted mortality and complication rates across at least 21 of 32 common conditions and procedures. Patients treated in hospitals receiving the Distinguished Hospitals for Clinical Excellence Award have, on average, a lower risk of dying than if they were treated in hospitals that did not receive the designation. 

What differentiates these hospitals from the rest is while many hospitals have specific areas of expertise and high-quality outcomes for some conditions and procedures, these hospitals exhibit comprehensive and consistent quality across a range of conditions and procedures."

The Boise Valley is becoming a competitive landscape in medicine. St. Luke's Boise is one of two major regional medical centers in the valley, and part of the only Idaho-based, not-for-profit health system. Nationally recognized as one of the top hospitals in the United States, St. Luke's provides a wide range of specialties.  

One example of a specialized team is the Urology program at St. Luke's that includes five fellowship trained physicians (read more here). The Boise Valley is able to support a strong team of physicians because of collaboration. St. Luke’s has built a strong team, across many specialties and concentrations, focused on providing the best care possible. Patients come first. As Dr. Michelle Ebbers explains, "There is less ego involved here than other places I've worked. Everyone works together to provide the best care.”

Dr. Ebbers continues, "One of the great things about Boise is that the patients are so happy there is someone here to take care of them. It’s great to feel like you’re part of a community." 

The teamwork and collaborative approach to medicine offers a better outcome for patients, results in lower complication rates, and provides a more personal approach for each patient’s care. The diversity of the expertise means St. Luke’s can take care of complex patients. “Patients don't need to be sent to a big university, because we are essentially a university team,” Dr. Auge says. “We have a lot of experience in what we do and can handle those situations."