Treefort Music Fest Named Boise’s Cultural Ambassador for 2015

"I don't know if there's a better way to deliver the message of your community than through your arts organizations."

And in recognition of that, Mayor Dave Bieter continued Boise's tradition of naming a dynamic arts organization as the city's Cultural Ambassador in a ceremony at the iconic El Korah Shrine. Treefort Music Fest snagged the honor and received a $25,000 grant recognizing the festival’s positive impact on the city’s visibility, economy and cultural scene.

“Treefort is such a great event because of how organically Boise it truly is,” said Mayor Bieter. “Perhaps more than any other event, it captures essence of Boise’s creative, vibrant and unique cultural scene – especially its music. The community spirit it taps into plays a big role in our work to make Boise the most livable city in the country.”

The Treefort Music Fest is a multi-day, multi-venue celebration of Boise’s music and art scene that allows the city to host national musical acts, while also providing a prominent spotlight for local and emerging musicians and artists of all stripes. Next year’s festival is scheduled for March 25-29 at venues all across downtown Boise.

In naming Treefort as the 2015 Cultural Ambassador, Mayor Bieter noted that he is most proud of how the festival started and grew organically. A group of passionate people - founders Lori Shandro-Outen, Eric Gilbert, Drew Lorona and Megan Stoll -  came together around an idea and made it happen. City Arts & History Director Terri Schorzman echoed that sentiment, "We want to nurture and grow grassroots activity and keep the creative community here and adding to our cultural fabric." 

Accepting the award on behalf of Treefort, Producer Lori Shandro-Outen shared, "This came out of a love for what Boise is and what we want to show and celebrate about this place...It's reaffirming to feel so strongly about something and have the city turn around and support you and what you are doing."

The grant associated with recognition comes from the city’s economic development fund, which was created in 2009 from the rental of the city’s rail property in southeast Boise.

In their role as cultural ambassador for the city, Treefort’s organizers act as cultural liaisons, hosts and delegates for the city with out-of-town industry representatives, artists, musicians and other civic festivals and cultural organizations.

“The Treefort team couldn't be more excited, flattered or honored that the city has decided to bestow this responsibility upon us,” said Eric Gilbert, director of Treefort Music Fest. “From the beginning, our passion has been sharing Boise with touring bands and music and art lovers from all over, while strengthening our local music scene. This new designation is a natural fit for our core mission.

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