TSheets Breaks Ground On Eagle Headquarters

via TSheets blog

Ten years ago, TSheets was just two guys in a basement, trying to make ends meet. Today, TSheets is a thriving tech company located on the banks of the Boise River, right here in Eagle, Idaho — and, even more importantly, it’s home (from 9 to 5, at least) to well over 100 employees.

Our office is a mixture of big Ts, whiteboard walls, and ping-pong tables (oh, and a kegerator) — and we wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s because our office is the very essence of what makes TSheets … well, TSheets. It’s where we draw our energy, where we cultivate our passion, and where we find the inspiration to do outrageously amazing things every single day. In fact, our two story, 19,000 square foot space was recently featured in an “Office Envy” series, all thanks to the palpable TSheets energy that greets visitors the moment they walk through the door.

Unfortunately (but not really), our space was starting to feel a little too small. Growing 100 percent year-over-year makes for a quick way to outgrow an office building, and, come January 2016, it was clear we were in need of an upgrade.

With that in mind, we’ve got some groundbreaking news!

We’re excited (like, really excited) to announce that on June 1st, we officially broke ground on a brand new, 65,000 square foot building in the Lakemoor community, right here in Eagle. The new building will have everything we love about our old building (including access to the Boise Greenbelt, a great view of the Boise river, and, of course, plenty of Ts) plus all the extras.

We knew we had to celebrate this momentous occasion in style — TSheets style — and the ceremony went off without a hitch (that is, after we found some replacement batteries for the camera).

We had a complete and total blast, and if you’re preparing to break ground on your own building, celebrate a momentous occasion, or simply throw a team building party, we’ve got a few tips.

Make it your own.

Just because champagne is the drink of choice for most ground breaking/ribbon cutting events doesn’t mean it has to be yours. In typical TSheets fashion, we toasted with PBR.

And just because “gold” is the gold standard for ground breaking shovels, doesn’t mean you need to shell out for gold spraypaint. Our shovels were black — and they featured a big, red T right in the middle.

Everywhere we looked, we could see the TSheets logo — it was on our shirts, on our shovels, and on the site — and we were reminded about how far we’ve come and how much excitement the future holds.

No matter what the event, it’s important to make it matter to you and your company — and make it your own.


Utilize employee talents.

These events don’t have to be outrageously expensive. Chances are, you’ve got some hidden talent on your 

staff that you can use for free! In our case, we’re lucky enough to have an expert photographer, a drone videographer, and plenty of volunteers willing to shovel dirt around.

Chances are, your employees will jump at the chance to showcase their out-of-the-office hobbies and skills — saving you a little stress and a whole lotta money.

Get everyone involved.

With more than 100 employees in our office, we knew that asking everyone to make an appearance at the ceremony was a little … well, impossible. But we also knew that everyone would want to be involved — after all, this was a pretty momentous occasion! One that will go down in TSheets history for years to come.

So, in an effort to get the whole company’s support, we had each employee write their name on a rock — which we then used to create a big T (we love those Ts!) on the site. Despite the fact that they couldn’t be there, in this way, those emp“TSheets ROCKS!”loyees were still able to leave their marks.

It’s hard to coordinate an entire office full of people — and some employees will choose to be more involved than others — but finding creative ways for everyone to contribute is the secret to a truly successful and involved event.

Create a narrative.

If you want your event to generate some buzz, follow the advice of Bonnie Raitt and give ‘em somethin’ to talk about! Create excitement, start the conversation, and guarantee a good time — then, follow through.

In our case, we promised PBR, t-shirts, and a whole lotta fun — and we made it happen. Our employees were excited to take part, our guests of honor were honored to be there (we hope), and everyone walked away with a TSheets t-shirt and a smile on their face.

From left to right: Jef DeVoe, Director of Development at Hawkins Companies, Matt Rissell, Co-Founder and CEO of TSheets, Paul Stephens, Senior Development Partner at Hawkins Companies, Gary Hawkins, Owner of Hawkins Companies, Brandon Zehm, Co-Founder and CTO of TSheets, and Stan Ridegway, Mayor of Eagle, Idaho. 

Now that’s groundbreaking news.