Jun. 13, 2018

Lonely Planet: Reveling in Playful Boise

Tucked between rolling foothills, cast against cloudless blue skies and pierced by the cool, clear waters of the Boise River, the “City of Trees” is surrounded by frontiers that still feel untouched and untamed. The natural environs have been carefully protected to remain that way, and in turn, Boise’s outdoorsy, hands-off-the-handlebars vibe reminds visitors of the backyard freedoms of childhood.

May. 9, 2018

People Have Become The X-Factor in Economic Development

by Clark Krause

Forbes ranked Boise as the #1 fastest growing city, and dozens of national media publications like the Washington Post, Bloomberg are talking about the quality of place the Boise Metro has to offer. Watching the building crane count in our downtown is hard to keep track of and ranges from new housing options in our downtowns to strategic new workspaces.

The good news about companies looking to expand to the Boise Metro… the priority is YOU.

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May. 2, 2018

13 US Cities Where Anyone Would be Lucky to Live

Ranking the best places to live is a difficult task, and any such list is going to generate debate over who was overrated and who was snubbed.

Comparing several rankings of cities gives us a better picture of which places consistently get high marks.

We looked at several popular rankings of the top US cities to live in, including lists by US News and World Report, 24/7 Wall Street, Money, Niche, Livability, and SmartAsset. Each of the rankings weighed metrics including quality of life, cost of living, availability of jobs, education rates, and safety.

It's clear to see that across the rankings, certain cities made repeat appearances at the top.

Boise, Idaho, has made the US News and World Report ranking of the best cities in America for three straight years. It has also appeared on rankings by SmartAsset andNiche.

Apr. 19, 2018

Syngenta Begins $30M Expansion of Nampa Seed Facility

NAMPA — Syngenta Crop Production began construction on a $30 million expansion at the company’s research and seed production facility in Nampa this week.

With the expansion, the Nampa facility will accommodate the majority of Syngenta’s North American corn trait conversion work, previously done in open field or semi-controlled environments, according to a company press release.

Construction is scheduled to conclude in 2019.


Apr. 19, 2018

Top 50 U.S. Cities Ranked by Quality of Life and Average Salary (Boise #12)

Where should you go? Here are the top 50 most desirable places to give you an idea. And here is the latest 2018 list. 

Apr. 5, 2018

Boise State Breaks Ground on Micron Center for Materials Research

Boise State University officially has begun construction on the $50 million Micron Center for Materials Research.

Located at 1435 University Drive, adjacent to the Charles P. Ruch Engineering Building, the four-story, 85,000-square-foot world-class materials science research facility will provide more than 40 research laboratories and spaces, state-of-the-art teaching spaces, a 250-seat lecture hall, two 80-seat classrooms, offices and work spaces for faculty members, staff and graduate students advancing materials research at Boise State, as well as other research faculty. Two classrooms and a lecture hall will be available for university-wide classes.

The new building will elevate the work of Boise State research faculty who already are nationally and internationally recognized for their work in the areas of novel materials, biological sciences and nanotechnology.

Apr. 4, 2018

Country band Rascal Flatts set to open southern cuisine restaurant in Boise

Boise is about to get a country-fried restaurant with a high-profile pedigree, according to plans filed with the City of Boise. Rascal Flatts Restaurant is planned for the City Center Plaza on the Grove - right next to the lobby entrance for Boise Center East.


Mar. 27, 2018

Boise’s Treefort Shows The Possibilities Of Diversity And Representation At Music Festivals

Maybe the best part of the music bill that Treefort put together this year is that it didn’t feel like an attempt at inclusiveness. And that’s the thing, festivals can easily have broad representation with the sense that they compromised any aspect of their festival’s identity. The top-billed artists — George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, Andrew W.K., Princess Nokia, Pussy Riot, Rapsody, Cults, Zola Jesus, Oddisee & Good Company, and Lido Pimienta — offered up just a single white male in their midst. It’s actually a rare occurrence that a festival features more women than men at the top of their poster, but there wasn’t just diversity in genders and race, there was also a fascinating diversity of sound. Rap, funk, punk, rock, and other artists who are less easy to classify were all featured prominently. In all, it is a lower-key representation of what is possible with festivals show some imagination, legwork, and a commitment to being the change that needs to occur.

Mar. 26, 2018

Treefort Music Fest: Boise’s Ambitious Festival Showcases Its Boom

At any given moment, those who traversed a 16-block stretch of downtown Boise over the past five days might have stumbled upon 200 people doing yoga; a child’s face wrapped in virtual reality goggles; a dozen bands arranged in a circle, playing in unison under the direction of a conductor in the center; burly dudes lifting massive chains into the air; toddlers building forts out of cardboard; skateboarders hurling towards cement ceilings to a heavy metal soundtrack; George Clinton belting timeless funk; celebrity chefs plating Wagyu beef; saxophone buskers singing “I wanna dance with somebody;” bros shooting baskets at a hoop attached to a graffiti-laden van; Pabst Blue Ribbon jumpsuits and lion onesies. Well, one PBR jumpsuit, and one lion onesie.

Mar. 16, 2018

Discover Music, Creativity at Treefort Music Fest in Boise

Treefort Music Fest (March 21-25, 2018), an annual arts and culture festival in Boise, Idaho, is bringing over 450 rising and renowned musicians to more than 20 venues in downtown Boise. Treefort will also host a diverse lineup of creators, chefs, artists and innovators at nine forts that reflect growing communities in Boise, like yoga, food, beer, tech, film, literary arts, comedy and skateboarding.

Mar. 12, 2018

The 50 Safest Cities in the World Gallery (Boise #8)

One of the biggest concerns for potential vacationers is whether or not the place they’ve chosen to visit will be safe. This concern has only grown in recent years, and it’s a good one to have. Travel safety is important.

Depending on where you travel, you might have to consider any number of security concerns as a traveler. Even something as minor as having your pocket picked could ruin an entire vacation, and some attractive destinations carry with them much more serious risks.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of cities where you can focus on the culture, history, fun, and of course, food. Using data from Numbeo, we ranked them based on how they scored from a scale of 1 to 100, 100 being the safest. So if you’re looking for a nice, stress-free vacation, here are the safest 50 cities in the world for you to be.

Mar. 7, 2018

Lonely Planet Ranks Boise #2 Best in the U.S.

Home to a spirited arts community, an explosion of award-winning wineries and craft breweries and a socially responsible shopping district, Boise is what cool looks like before the rest of the world has figured it out. Fun festivals abound in Idaho’s capital from downtown’s Treefort Music Festival (hailed as the new alternative to SXSW) to the Boise Brew Olympics and Punk in Drublic – a beautiful marriage of punk rock and craft beer.

Being in close proximity to a wealth of natural riches, urban adventures easily transition into outdoor escapes. Meander through the Boise River Greenbelt, a 25-mile park in the heart of the city, or head into the surrounding mountains and foothills for hiking, mountain biking, skiing and river rafting.

Mar. 1, 2018

Forbes Ranks Boise #1 in Americas Fastest Growing Cities

Boise City, Idaho is enjoying some of swiftest growth in the country. In 2017, it exceeded expansion expectations by nearly every metric that matters. It's population of around 220,000 grew 3.08% in 2017, more than any other major metro. Employment increased 3.58%, the second strongest growth around. Home prices, a proxy for wealth, increased 11.58%--number four in the U.S. Meanwhile, wage and the broader economic growth far outpaced national averages.

All this earns the city and the surrounding metropolitan area the no. 1 spot on Forbes' 2018 list of America's fastest-growing cities. Moody's Analytics--which provides the data for this annual project--is forecasting that Boise will continue its growth spurt this year, albeit more modestly.

Feb. 21, 2018

The Best Outdoor States in America (Metrics-based Study and Ranking)

Being outside means a lot for our happiness, so it’s important that we choose to live with easy access to the nature and surrounded by people who actually use the nature around us.

In this study, our analysts have looked into the most relevant metrics for determining how easy it is to access the nature around us and how much we use the nature.

We have looked into the best combination of these metrics, so we could calculate exactly which states are the best outdoor states in America.

Feb. 20, 2018

Albertsons Companies and Rite Aid Merge To Create Food, Health and Wellness Leader

by Albertsons Press Release

Albertsons Companies, one of the nation’s largest grocery retailers, and Rite Aid Corporation (NYSE:RAD), one of the nation’s leading drugstore chains, announced a definitive merger agreement under which privately held Albertsons Companies will merge with publicly traded Rite Aid.

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Feb. 15, 2018

Paylocity chose Meridian for its expansion capabilities, workforce

When Paylocity first toured this area a few years ago with the Boise Valley Economic Partnership, Meridian Economic Development administrator Brenda Sherwood had no idea who they were.

“We all signed (non-disclosure agreements), and we showed around people who we had absolutely no clue who they were or why they were visiting,” Sherwood said. “A lot of companies do that just because they like to keep the confidentiality so their competition is not aware of where they’re going.”

Now the company is well known to the area, and it’s building a permanent office space in Meridian that will eventually employ up to 500 people.

Feb. 12, 2018

Attention foodies: Albertsons is gearing two new stores for you

Albertsons is preparing to open two Treasure Valley stores that will take the grocery company’s promotion of fresh and organic foods to a higher plane.

Shoppers will be able to dine in food courts, order salads tossed before their eyes, and order hamburgers grilled for dining in or taking out. They’ll take in-store classes on foods they would like to try cooking but don’t know how. They’ll order from seafood counters twice as large as those in other Albertsons, able to order some fresh fish to be delivered the next day.

Feb. 12, 2018

The Best Neighborhoods in America to Spend a Weekend

Ideally, if you’re taking a weekend getaway to a big city, you want a home base that has a true sense of itself -- and that gets you quietly daydreaming of a big move, even. So we put the question to dozens of writers: What are the neighborhoods in your city that make kickass destinations in their own rights -- and in many cases, epitomize the best of your hometown? We sifted through the best to arrive at this 12-pack of standout 'hoods to streamline your Airbnb search and generally ground you among a minimum of tourists. You may not be from around here, after all, but you still want the goods.

Feb. 2, 2018

North America’s coolest downtowns

There’s a buzz in Boise, and it sounds a lot like Instagram shutters snapping from Freak Alley Gallery. This outdoor venue is all about building a creative community in the heart of Boise, and it’s playing its part in making Idaho’s capital more colorful with murals and events. Boise GreenBike makes it easy to embrace the neighborhood’s open-air way of life with convenient bike sharing. How cool is that?

Jan. 26, 2018

Record Year As Passenger Growth Soars At Boise Airport

by Boise Airport

The Boise Airport set a new passenger record during 2017, as new flights, increased frequencies and low fares deepened its role in connecting Boise to the world.

During 2017, more than 3.5 million passengers flew in and out of the Boise Airport, eclipsing the previous record set in 2007 when 3,365,303 passengers traveled through the airport.

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