May. 19, 2016

18 Summers: Southwest Idaho

18 Summers Southwest Idaho

An amazing thing happens when you bring your extended family on summer vacation—you extend the fun. See how trying new things like paddle-boarding, jet-skiing, and playing in the great Idaho outdoors can make your family’s summer count.

Nov. 16, 2016

Five Great Hiking Spots to Find Picture-Perfect Sunsets

The Treasure Valley sky slowly turned from blue and yellow to a deep red-orange as the sun dipped below the dark outline of Boise’s skyline. 

Nick O’Bryant, a Boise runner, made his way up the trail on the southwest-facing slope of Military Reserve as nature’s ever-changing evening artwork exploded in rich colors. 

“The sunset up here is pretty amazing,” said O’Bryant, rounding a bend on the trail and turning back to take in the evening colors.

He regularly runs trails in the Boise Foothills because they are only five minutes from town. One of his favorite times is at the end of the day, when he has seen incredible sunsets on several trails across the Foothills.