Oct. 16, 2014

One Word Describes Boise - Art

Out-of-state panelists note Idaho’s high per-capita population of artists and potential during the Idaho Commission on the Arts’ FY 2015 Fellowship Awards.

Dec. 11, 2014

New Public Art at BOI

If you’re one of the thousands traveling through BOI during this busy holiday season, take time to look at the art throughout the building. The work commissioned for this municipal airport relates to our local environment and the travel experience. In the past year, the Department of Arts & History installed two new artworks you can view before heading through security.

Feb. 5, 2015

Celebrating the experience of flying through art

Photo by Boise Arts & History Department

The City of Boise Arts & History Department and the Boise Airport dedicated the newest piece of public art today, Sky Bridge by artist Seth Palmiter, which celebrates the experience of flying and the wonder of air travel. 

Jan. 29, 2016

Idaho’s 10 Best Contemporary Art Galleries

Despite being one of the least densely-populated states in the USA, Idaho has a thriving contemporary arts scene that, if recent investments in the state’s arts are anything to go by, will only grow stronger. From the numerous galleries in the vibrant downtown capital of Boise to the arty town of Ketchum in Sun Valley, named one of America’s Best Small Art Towns in 2013, Idaho’s art scene has a lot to offer.

Aug. 6, 2015

Creators, Makers, Doers: Traffic Box Art

Creators, Makers & Doers: Helena Kruczynska, Tarmo Waita, Erin Cunningham

What started as a graffiti and illegal poster abatement program has grown into the most visible outdoor gallery in Idaho. The creative diversity of Idaho artists’ work is showcased with art wraps on traffic and electric control boxes throughout Boise.

Oct. 16, 2014

Piece of Public Art Series Moves to BoDo

Heliotrope, one of three public art pieces in the Eco Art on Eighth Series, will relocate to Eighth and Front streets during the new Grove Plaza construction. The public art series pairs artists with local architecture firms that ecologically inspired.

Aug. 27, 2015

Nampa Art Lounge

Photo by Michael Worman

A Downtown Nampa business wanted to create a space for local artists to display and sell their art... and the Nampa Art Lounge was born! Valley artists are encouraged to bring their art to Third Hand Antiques in Historic Downtown Nampa to help fill the space with creativity of all kinds.  

May. 23, 2015

Art and Culture Festivals in Boise and Beyond

The Boise Weekly rounds up some of summer 2015's hottest food, art, music, film and culture events

Oct. 27, 2014

Boise’s Public Art Collection

Public Art in Downtown Boise, Idaho

Public Art contributes to Boise's unique sense of place. The City's public art collection consists of over 80 works, and is valued at nearly $3,000,000 and growing.

Jul. 31, 2015

Freak Alley

Freak Alley

Founder and director Colby Akers shares his history in kickstarting Freak Alley Gallery in downtown Boise. 
(Video by Grace Gibney)

Feb. 23, 2016

Black History in Idaho Expressed Through Basketball & Art

The words you are about to read somewhat fell into my lap and I'm glad it did, because I think that we can all learn something from the situation playing out in Boise, Idaho this month. Specifically centered on the Idaho Stampede, the NBA's d-league team, and an artist by the name of Patrick Hunter.

For some context, I lived and worked in Boise for three years as a news reporter with one of the affiliates. It was customary for me to immerse myself in the community and that's when I met Patrick. I can't even begin to tell you how many Stampede games I went to while I lived there. Nonetheless, what they have been doing for some time now is helping the Boise community, largely Caucasian learn from others who bring diversity to the area. It was in Boise when I realized just how diverse families could be. It was in Boise, that I learned that there are people in the world that no matter your skin color families could be black or white, African or American.

This year during a special February game, The Idaho Stampede and Patrick Hunter will be paying tribute to influential African-American or Blacks whichever you prefer. The tribute will include the faces of people like, President Barack Obama, Civil Rights leaders Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr & Coretta Scott King, author & poet Maya Angelou, scientist George Washington Carver, author Frederick Douglass, and NBA great Earl Lloyd to name a few and their faces will be painted by Hunter on the teams jersey's.

Nov. 24, 2014

Two Iconic Idaho Art Organizations Talk the Past, Present and Future

The Boise Philharmonic and Ballet Idaho are two of Boise's most iconic art organizations- hear how they've evolved, grown and kept audiences captivated for years.
May. 14, 2015

Beautifying the Rooftops

Photo by Sector Seventeen

The Valley's prolific and talented artist collective Sector Seventeen brought their stylings to the rooftop of Downtown Boise's Hotel 43 to improve the view for guests!

Nov. 11, 2014

Boise Tech Mall Brings the Gear, Including State-of-the-Art Cooking Equipment for Cafe

The Boise Tech Mall is set to open December, featuring state-of-the-art cooking equipment used in the cafe. The multi-story building will also feature a business center with continued learning opportunities, a high-tech innovation center and device repair center and creative design center.
Feb. 25, 2016

Boise’s Morrison Endowment Foundation Surpasses $1 million in Grants to Local Art Groups

The Morrison Center Endowment Foundation hit a milestone earlier this year with its grants that supports local arts groups seeking access to the Velma V. Morrison Center for the Performing Arts. Foundation president Justin Wilkerson created the program in 2011. He’s the grandson of Velma Morrison, who spearheaded the effort to build the performing arts center on Boise State campus in the early 1980s.

Since then, the Foundation has given more than $1.3 million to subsidize the production costs for local groups. The Endowment Foundation makes 5 percent of its $14.1 million in assets available in grant money toward this program and other needs.

Jun. 12, 2015

Creators, Makers, Doers: Infernum Bestiae

Creators, Makers & Doers: Anna Webb & Reham Aarti

Located near the Boise Train Depot sits 306,000 mosaic tiles, each one set lovingly by hand. Meet Anna Web and Reham Aarti, the artists behind Infernum Bestiae, a public art roundabout completed in 2014.  

Sep. 3, 2015

Garden City’s Live - Work - Create District

Photo by Derek Hurd

The signs are up marking the new Surel Mitchell Live - Work - Create District,  a growing community in Garden City that is home to artists, galleries, musicians, residencies, studios, manufacturers and beer, wine and spirits producers. 

Sep. 25, 2015

Freak Alley in Downtown Boise - Aerial Tour

Freak Alley in Downtown Boise | Aerial Tour.

Love street art?  Freak Alley Gallery is a unique spot in Boise that is dedicated to showcasing local artists in a unique way.  Take a fly-by tour of the gallery in this quick video.

Mar. 23, 2016

Unique Project Captures True Spirit of Collaboration

by College of Western Idaho

College of Western Idaho (CWI) is preparing to celebrate the arrival of a unique work of art. For the past several months, Boise artist Alma Gomez and students taking Art classes at CWI have been working to create a one-of-a-kind painted mural. The artwork will be the College’s first public piece of art, and will be a significant addition to CWI's campus. “The idea (for this project) came from our Visiting Artist program—a program that brings an artist every year to our campus to have a lecture and hold a workshop,” Goran Fazil, CWI art instructor, said. “Knowing that in the past Alma painted murals at different locations, including Boise State University, we decided to ask if she would be interested in painting a mural for our College.” Called Spirit of Collaboration, this project has been a true learning process for students from beginning to end. 

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Jul. 1, 2015

Creators, Makers, Doers: Aero Agoseries

Creators, Makers & Doers: Mark Baltes

At the base of a vast and well-loved trail system, the Foothills Learning Center on North 8th St. in Boise, Idaho hosts a striking 15 foot tall weather vane, in the form of a native dandelion. Meet the artist, Mark Baltes, who created Aero Agoseries.