Sep. 10, 2015

C of I honored as top liberal arts college

CALDWELL – The College of Idaho was nationally recognized as one of the nation's top academic institutions for liberal arts colleges by U.S. News & World Report.

C of I ranked No. 169 on the list of “Best Liberal Arts Colleges.” The rankings are based on graduation rate, class sizes, alumni giving percentage and other indicators of academic quality. The school also lead all other Idaho colleges ranked by U.S. News & World Report in graduation rates and freshmen retention rates. C of I is ranked No. 8 among liberal arts colleges in the Northwest.

Oct. 8, 2015

How A New Boise Arts Organization Is Electrifying The Scene

Lauren Edson and Andrew Stensaas are what you might call an artistic power couple. They’re both talented creatives in their own right – Edson is a dancer and choreographer, and Stensaasis a musician. They’ve been collaborating on and off for a few years.

But recently, the married couple landed on their big idea: forming a new arts organization that would push the limits of form and genre. LED was born around the same time as their son. They make their official Boise debut with a full production of "This Side of Paradise" Oct. 10 at the Morrison Center.

When choreographer Trey McIntyre decided to dissolve his dance company almost two years ago, Edson echoed the sadness many in the community felt. But she says that loss also presented an opportunity for LED to push the Boise dance scene to the next level, by blending live music, video and storytelling.

“Boise is the perfect place to do that," she says. "It’s – I think – primed for a company like ours that is wanting to bridge the gap between technology and art.”

Dec. 16, 2015

Idaho Arts Charter School Plans New Expansion

Idaho Arts Charter School has been the green light to pursue a parcel of land for an expansion of the school at the location of the old Broadmore Golf Club. According to the executive director Jackie Collins the plans to expand the school’s size and student body have been in the works for about two years, but the project is picking up speed after the zoning was designated by the Nampa City Council on the parcel of land. 

Dec. 19, 2016

Boise State Takes Key Step Toward New Fine Arts Building

by Kathleen Tuck, Boise State University

The Idaho State Board of Education has approved up to $32 million in bonds to augment the state dollars and private donations paying for the construction of Boise State University’s planned Center for Fine Arts.

The facility will house the university’s acclaimed Department of Art as well as public gallery space and a high-tech, high-touch World Museum. The museum will bring arts and treasures from around the globe to Boise through cutting-edge virtual reality and immersive technology.

“Today’s decision and the generosity of arts and education supporters will ensure that Boise State can provide a new centerpiece for Boise’s thriving arts community — and not just for our students and faculty, but for Boiseans and Idahoans of all ages,” President Bob Kustra said. “We’ll welcome all to the building’s public spaces and to the “World Museum,” where visitors can be a part of something new — an interactive space powered by technology developed right here on campus. Imagine touring the Louvre in Paris, France; the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C.; and the Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain — all in one day.”

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Nov. 11, 2014

Nampa Arts Collective Launches Phantom Gallery

Temporary art installations are about to fill empty office building storefronts in Nampa. The Nampa Arts Collective launched the Phantom Gallery Nampa program in collaboration with the City of Nampa and the business community.
Nov. 11, 2015

10 Fun Things To Do in Boise

Boise, Idaho probably isn’t the first place on most people’s radar when it comes to things to do. The relatively quiet western city actually packs more of a punch than most people would imagine, and no matter what you like to do – you can probably find it in Boise. After seeing this list, Boise might even find its way on your list of future vacation spots. 

Jun. 16, 2016

Nothing Funky Happens in Idaho - Or Does It?

Nothing happens in Idaho—or does it? Actually, this is where the new rural-urban arts-centric landscape is happening!

Several artists live and work in downtown Nampa. I have developed a strong relationship with Betty and Lawrence of Hill Street Studios. They do photos shoots for our school of anything and everything, just as a goodwill gesture. They have a beautiful and unique gallery/home in downtown Nampa in a converted old bar. They have converted the entire upstairs into the living quarters and have outdoor space on the top of the building for a patio and garden.

May. 14, 2015

Beautifying the Rooftops

Photo by Sector Seventeen

The Valley's prolific and talented artist collective Sector Seventeen brought their stylings to the rooftop of Downtown Boise's Hotel 43 to improve the view for guests!

Sep. 22, 2017

Phoenix Magazine: Boy, Oh, Boise

"Funky, outdoorsy, culturally diverse and way more crafty in the kitchen than its baked potato reputation would have you believe, Boise is a lot of fun."

Lauren Loftus came to find out what Bosie is all about. A short trip from Phoenix, Lauren explored the Farmer's Market, took an Indulge Boise Tour, caught a performance at Idaho Shakespeare Festival, rode a Bosie GreenBike and even took a day trip to McCall. She found the City of Trees to be "a little city with a big heart; it’s affordable and accessible; its people are outdoorsy and laid-back; its downtown is experiencing tremendous urban renewal." 

Jul. 13, 2015

3 Perfect Days in Boise, the Best Place You’ve Never Been

There's no better guide to a city than an enthusiastic transplant. Longtime locals, while knowledgeable, tend to stick with what they know, but an eager newbie is who I want showing me the ropes. They are the ones trying out all the old attractions along with the newest businesses to hit the block. The spirit of a tourist with the know-how of a local.

That person for me in Boise, Idaho, is my sister Stacey. She and her husband moved there a few years ago and have become unpaid representatives of the Chamber of Commerce. When my husband and I visited, we half expected our weekend to be filled with house showings (my sister is also on a mission to bring everyone she loves to Boise for good). She was right: By the end of our long weekend, I was seriously considering giving her realtor a call. It turns out Boise is full of surprises.  

Mar. 30, 2016

The Long & Short of Treefort

by ​Jess Flynn

"Expect to be victimized by love at Treefort." That one line got to the essence of the coverage of Boise's fifth annual festival of discovery... aka Treefort Music Fest. While natives and born-again Boiseans can tout the attributes of this place frequently and with fervor, it's always insightful to see how visitors experience our home - especially during Treefort week. Here's a roundup of takeaways from visiting reporters and bloggers.

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Aug. 27, 2015

Nampa Art Lounge

Photo by Michael Worman

A Downtown Nampa business wanted to create a space for local artists to display and sell their art... and the Nampa Art Lounge was born! Valley artists are encouraged to bring their art to Third Hand Antiques in Historic Downtown Nampa to help fill the space with creativity of all kinds.  

May. 22, 2015

Taking Ballet to the Streets

Photo by Ballet Idaho

The Boise Creative Centre helped bring ballet to the streets of Boise with a dynamic new addition to the Ballet Idaho headquarters on Myrtle Street. 

May. 30, 2017

Grow Here: Gretchen Caserotti on Storytelling and Service

by Marissa Lovell

Gretchen Caserotti’s career calling became crystal clear to her during children’s story time at New York Public Library.

Born and raised in Minnesota, Gretchen grew up in a home entrenched in the arts. After graduating high school, Gretchen bounced around the country uncovering pieces of herself in communities from Portland to New York City. In 2006, while working as an actress and waiting tables in the Big Apple, she realized that as much as she loved storytelling and performance art, acting wasn’t the outlet for her passions.  

She decided to make a change and hit the books twofold – as a graduate student at Pratt Institute and as a Children’s Librarian at New York Public Library. Amongst rows of books, Gretchen discovered her love of storytelling and passion for service colliding. As she worked toward earning her Master’s in Library Science, she learned about the human thought process. Matching this understanding with creativity, she discovered ways the library could be even more useful to the local community.

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Mar. 21, 2016

How Treefort Showcases Boise’s Soul

by ​Jess Flynn

A convening. A tipping point. A series of catalytic experiences. The moments between the programmed moments. 

Beyond the overwhelm of hundreds of music acts, the impending fifth Treefort Music Fest means so much more than merely music. In a flurry of five-days of activity, it encapsulates the soul of Boise.

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May. 5, 2015

Cinco de Mayo at The Village

Photo by The Village at Meridian

Ballet Folklorico Mexico Lindo performing at The Village at Meridian for Cinco de Mayo

May. 23, 2015

Art and Culture Festivals in Boise and Beyond

The Boise Weekly rounds up some of summer 2015's hottest food, art, music, film and culture events

Apr. 30, 2015

Ignite Returns to Boise

Photo by Ignite Boise

The popular Ignite Boise made a big return to the Egyptian Theater, with a raucous crowd of 600+ cheering on the 16 speakers as they tackled wide ranging topics under the Ignite format (5 minutes, 20 powerpoint slides that advance every 15 seconds)

Apr. 29, 2016

Urban, hip Boise defies potato jokes and other Idaho stereotypes

When I visited Boise recently, I found the capital of this state with a reputation for root vegetables to be a hip and happening place, easily dashing many people’s notions about Idaho. Its progressive, Basque-heritage mayor set out 12 years ago to make this America’s most livable city, and it shows, in the prospering downtown, beautiful parks, and a lively arts and cultural environment. How many cities this size (pop. 216,000) have their own arts office?

There’s plenty to attract a young and energetic populace: miles of bike trails, a hometown ski hill (Bogus Basin), a burgeoning craft-brewery scene, even — yes — a surf park, where a diversion structure on the Boise River can be adjusted to make white water for surfers, kayakers and so on. Go ahead and say it: Surf Boise.

Jul. 16, 2015

Late Idaho Artist James Castle’s Home to Become Cultural Hub

The City of Boise took ownership of the late Idaho artist James Castle's home this week. The purchase preserves and protects the historic space from any future development. Castle's home will be restored into a facility dedicated to his life and work, hosting a live-in artist residency program and rotating exhibition space for local and national artists. The restoration is planned to be completed and open to the public in 2017.