Oct. 12, 2015

Founders of BoiseCodeWorks Say Graduates Will Help Fill Valley’s Need for Tech Talent

It was about 6:10 on a Wednesday night when brothers and instructors Jake and Matt Overall opened class at BoiseCodeWorks. The 21 students who make up the code school’s first cohort sat in rows, tapping away at laptops.

The Overalls and their students are the Treasure Valley’s answer to a chronic shortage of software developer talent in the Valley and elsewhere. BoiseCodeWorks, which opened in August on 50th Street north of Chinden Boulevard in Garden City, is one of dozens of coding schools to sprout around the country over the past four years.

These businesses offer coding boot camps, short but intensive alternatives to higher education. For $3,200, the Overalls promise graduates that they will be competent in coding skills that employers demand.

BoiseCodeWorks is the first such camp locally.

Jul. 14, 2015

BoiseCodeWorks Announces Plans to Open Code School

BoiseCodeWorks announced plans to open a new coding school in Boise. The new school will offer intensive, 12-week courses teaching code skills that school founders say are tailored to make graduates instantly qualified for many of the positions tech companies struggle to fill.

BoiseCodeWorks curriculum includes Javascript and 11 other coding applications that provide a foundation of coding skills companies want, co-founder Jake Overall said.


May. 11, 2016

Code School Takes Shape at Trailhead

by Lisa Holland

Getting a degree in computer science may sound daunting, though today it’s getting easier to learn technical skills through up-skilling programs that are taking shape in the Boise Valley.

Starting on June 13th, a cohort of students will be embarking on a 12-week intensive software programming education at Trailhead. A partnership between Boise Code Works (BCW) and Trailhead Boise, the goal is to launch a permanent code school in the basement of the Trailhead building.

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