Jun. 8, 2015

A River Runs Through It

In the 1960s, city councilman Bill Onweiler brainstormed with associates about how to keep people from building within the Boise River’s flood plain during an everyday backroom conversation, when director of city parks Gordon Bowen chimed in, “We could make it parks.”

The tenacious Onweiler was the perfect go-to guy with which to implant an idea. Scouting prospective areas, he climbed fences, was threatened by shotgun-toting landowners, and nosed around behind businesses. There would be a lot of convincing supporters, land-gathering, cleanup, lawmaking, and fundraising ahead.

Dec. 4, 2014

Winter River Surfing

Winter River Surfing

Freezing temps, snow draped trees and ice chunks forming in the river. Perfect time to surf, right? For the dedicated and passionate urban surfers in the Valley, winter weather doesn't halt their desire to pull out the boards and hit the Boise River Park. Thanks to Sky Tower Films for this look at some hardcore surfers!

Aug. 13, 2015

Pro Surfer Takes On Boise’s Whitewater Park

Pro Surfer Alex Gray took on the Boise River this week while visiting family during a 9-month big wave tour. Gray explored a new kind of surfing at Boise's Whitewater Park; luckily, KTVB was there to capture his experience. 

Apr. 6, 2016

Albertson Family Foundation awards $3.5M to whitewater park

by J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation

The J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation announced today a $3.5 million grant to finish the second phase of the Boise River Park, a gift that will further revitalize the whitewater recreation park area in downtown Boise’s West End.

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Jun. 6, 2015

New Greenbelt Bridge Opens in Garden City

Footbridge 5-29-15

Thanks to Jeremy Erickson for this aerial view of the newest addition to the Boise Greenbelt, the West Bridge in Garden City.  The 175-foot, 60-ton bridge is a critical link in creating a safe corridor for cyclists and pedestrians traveling between Boise and Eagle. 

Nov. 4, 2014

Fishermen Delight: Boise River to be Stocked with Steelhead

by Admin

Get out your rods and reels because more than 300 Idaho Steelhead Trout will be swimming in the Boise River soon. The Idaho Game and Fish announced plans to to stock the river with the super-rainbows (Rainbow Trout longer than 20 inches, with a clipped fin) in November.

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Feb. 5, 2016

New Digs for Telaya, Coiled Pair Nicely With The Treasure Valley’s Wine Future

Something a bit magical happens when two wineries in Idaho spin off an existing location and move into some splendid new digs on the Boise River in Garden City. The result is a new address for an already successful urban wine district that suddenly is greater than the sum of its parts.

A growing and maturing sipping zone is emerging here, folks. Telaya and Coiled wineries have a new location, 240 E. 32nd St., right at the Boise River. When you add that to the existing winery locations of Cinder, Syringa and Split Rail between 43rd and 44th streets off Chinden Boulevard, you’ve got the makings of a mini-wine-tasting tour in Garden City, accessible by foot, bicycle or vehicle — maybe even watercraft.