May. 6, 2016

Buck the Quo: Boise Fry Company

Ditch Your Comfort Zone

A Buck the Quo Feature video: Blake is not the kind of dude that settled when things in life got comfy. He had a really cushy job working for the US government. They paid him the green, he got to travel around the world and do work that he was good at. But, he realized that he wasn’t passionate about it. He wanted to do something that made him happy. So he said “See Ya!” to that gig and jumped into the potato game.

Now he owns Boise Fry Company, where the burgers are on the side. It’s not like he was a restaurant or burger & fry expert when he started either. He had the idea, believed in it and made it a real freaking thing! Turns out, like a lot of us, his comfort zone was actually holding him back. So when he roundhouse kicked that zone in the face, he changed his life for the better.