Oct. 27, 2016

Boise One Of Top City For Coffee Lovers

Ever since Starbucks democratized caffeine in 1971, a coffee culture has emerged in America — and throughout the world, for that matter. According to a Gallup poll, nearly two-thirds of U.S. adults today drink coffee, and each averages 2.7 cups of joe per day. Some estimates even place Americans in the lead of global coffee consumption, at 146 billions cups per year, earning us the status as the most caffeinated — and wired — humans on the planet.

So what gave way to coffee culture? Well, science, for one, tells us that caffeine possesses other health benefits besides mental stimulation. In the right dosages, caffeine also contributes to longevity, transforming our carafes and fancy brewing systems into modern-day fountains of youth. Perhaps more important, though, is coffee’s special quality as social lubrication. We no longer drink it alone or just at home. Today, we have stations devoted to coffee at work and tens of thousands of coffee shops that are hubs for the mutual enjoyment of hot caffeinated beverages. Finally, coffee serves as the canvas for latte art, gracing countless Instagram feeds and even inspiring a national competition among the most talented baristas.

In honor of National Coffee Day on Sept. 29, WalletHub’s number crunchers compared the 100 largest cities to determine the best local coffee scenes in America. Our data set of 12 key indicators of a top coffee city ranges from “number of coffee shops, coffee houses and cafés per capita” to “average price of a coffee pack” to “Google search average for the word ‘coffee.’” In addition, we compiled a list of top coffee retailers extending special savings during the holiday. Scroll down for the complete ranking, additional coffee-lover insight and a full description of our methodology.

May. 6, 2015

Specialty Coffee Guide to Boise, the Gem State Capital

It is an electrifying time for artisan gastronomy in the Treasure Valley. Crafty, Northwest-style breweries are proliferating, the Treefort Music Fest is fast becoming an annual pin on the nation’s indie music roadmap, and in just the past few years Boise has cut ribbons on its first Whole Foods and its first Trader Joe’s — all significant milestones for consumer culture here.

In the meantime, the city’s solid showing of old-guard indie drink-builders and handful of inspiringly up-to-date go-getters keep the people abuzz and the local industry heading in the right direction. Here’s a roundup of the Boise coffee scene as it stands today...

Mar. 4, 2016

River City Coffee & Cafe to Open at the Boise Airport

by Boise Airport

The Boise Airport is welcoming another local restaurant. River City Coffee & Cafe to open at the Boise Airport on Monday, March 7. The concession will serve fresh pastries, baked goods, sandwiches, wraps and coffee. River City Coffee has been in business for nearly 10 years at their local storefront located on State Street in Boise.

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Oct. 27, 2014

Boise International Market Brings Global Flavor to the Bench

by Julie Hahn

With room for 28 businesses— international cuisine, fashion, coffee and tea business are staking ground on Boise's Bench.

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