Feb. 11, 2016

Video on Payette Brewing

Payette Brewing - A Boise Valley Company

Big Ideas Grow Here, and so does good brew. A local favorite, Payette Brewing describes...Our mission is to continually brew awesome beers while building a culture that connects, educates, makes a difference and champions the craft brew industry to our consumers, community and partners.

Jul. 19, 2017

11 Months Later, Nampa’s Mother Earth Brew Co. Is Expanding Again

by Admin

Since first opening its doors in 2010, Mother Earth Brew Co.’s growth has continued at an extremely strong and steady rate averaging triple-digit increases each year.

In 2016, having nearly maximized production at its original San Diego area brewery, Mother Earth (MEBC) opened a new 40,000sf brewery capable of 100,000bbl production in Nampa ID, very near the Idaho state capital of Boise.

Now, just eleven months later, “Mother Earth – Nampa” has already neared its current production limit and is in the process of Phase 2 development to include infrastructure and fermentation improvements. In addition, MEBC is also beginning a planned expansion of its packaging areas to allow for increased throughput and the future introduction of new packaging formats to market.

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Dec. 1, 2015

Northwest Travel: Boise’s Beer Boom

As Boise’s culinary scene has taken off in recent years, so has its beer and spirits culture. The city now boasts 15 breweries, including the state’s largest craft brewer, Payette Brewing, which in May announced its plans for a $4.5 million production facility and tasting room in downtown Boise.

Add in a dynamic mix of colorful dives, well-stocked taphouses and trendy bars created to cater to the city’s growing number of young professionals, and a trip to Boise makes for a perfect drinks vacation.

Dec. 18, 2015

New Brewery Brings “Progress Through Beer” to Boise

Longtime Boise restaurateur Dave Krick is launching a new craft beer brewery named "Works Progress Administration," with an opening planned for late 2016.

Krick, who along with partner Jami Adams owns and operates the Bittercreek Alehouse and Red Feather Lounge restaurants in downtown Boise, has not selected a location for the new brewery, but is reviewing sites of 10,000+ square feet in and around downtown Boise and hopes to make an announcement soon.

"We have a growing craft beer industry in Boise with great breweries around the Treasure Valley," said Krick.  "We intend to complement this thriving scene through different styles of beers we will brew and a unique business model that embraces public benefit and 'Progress Through Beer.'"