Dec. 27, 2014

Creative MakeSpace Comes to Life

Photo by Brett Perry

'Inspired by the creative club, Soho House, we want to make the lobby of The Owyhee an unaffiliated place to work, ask questions, take meetings, drink and eat, network, collaborate, be quiet, and smash our brains together. A place to continue to figure out how to make this city one of the coolest places to live. The Soho House continues to be a platform for creatives in cities all around the world. The Owyhee Plaza can be Boise's version of the Soho House. Join us, if you want. We want you.' 

- Artist and social entrepreneur John Michael Schert , artist and dancer Brett Perry. 

For more info, visit the Creative MakeSpace Facebook Group

Oct. 19, 2015

Technology and Innovation Center unBound Opens in Meridian

by ​Jess Flynn

A library branch with more screens than books? That's the look and feel of the new technology and innovation center unBound - the latest location for Meridian Library District in the heart of Downtown. It's about changing how ideas are brought to life. 

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