Jul. 22, 2015

Office Envy: CTA

by Marissa Lovell

High above downtown Boise lives a stimulating space conceptualized by CTA Architects Engineers, an integrated team of architects, designers, engineers and project managers. With live plants, 360-degree views and 100 percent employee input, CTA's space on the eighth floor of the Eighth & Main building has something for every style to envy.

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Jun. 27, 2015

A Trip to the Top of Boise

A trip to the top of Boise

Idaho Statesman reporter Sven Berg and ESI project engineer Adam Johnson take us up the 310-foot crane at City Center Plaza, a 22,000 square foot, 9-story office building under construction in the heart of Downtown Boise. 

Jul. 31, 2015

Freak Alley

Freak Alley

Founder and director Colby Akers shares his history in kickstarting Freak Alley Gallery in downtown Boise. 
(Video by Grace Gibney)

May. 14, 2015

Beautifying the Rooftops

Photo by Sector Seventeen

The Valley's prolific and talented artist collective Sector Seventeen brought their stylings to the rooftop of Downtown Boise's Hotel 43 to improve the view for guests!

Dec. 10, 2014

JUMP in Progress

Photo by JUMP photographer Michael McCullough

A wintry look at the progress of Jack's Urban Meeting Place - or JUMP as it's quickly becoming known. Once complete, this downtown Boise location plans to be a celebration of creativity and inspiration, a place for the community to participate in a kaleidoscope of ever-changing activities, events, and programs.

May. 18, 2015

A Look Back at Hackfort2

Hackfort 2

A snapshot of Hackfort 2, which convened Boise’s developers, creatives and tech talent to learn, share and be inspired to play a transformative role in Boise’s future. A key theme was the Intersection of Technology and Civic Life, and the City of Boise was proud to have been a part of it, March 26-28 in Downtown Boise.

Sponsored by: Boise State University, Metageek, Knight Foundation, Perkins Coie, Kindness, City of Boise, Balihoo, Idaho Dept. of Commerce, Kount, C.K. Haun & Karen Meyer, WhiteCloud Analytics, IdahoPTech Network, Choose Idaho, HP, and Boise Code Camp.

Sep. 22, 2017

Phoenix Magazine: Boy, Oh, Boise

"Funky, outdoorsy, culturally diverse and way more crafty in the kitchen than its baked potato reputation would have you believe, Boise is a lot of fun."

Lauren Loftus came to find out what Bosie is all about. A short trip from Phoenix, Lauren explored the Farmer's Market, took an Indulge Boise Tour, caught a performance at Idaho Shakespeare Festival, rode a Bosie GreenBike and even took a day trip to McCall. She found the City of Trees to be "a little city with a big heart; it’s affordable and accessible; its people are outdoorsy and laid-back; its downtown is experiencing tremendous urban renewal." 

Aug. 27, 2015

5 in-town adventures in Boise

Let’s face it, Boise is a mainstay on those chic lists that call out the best urban areas to live if you’re into outdoor pursuits. But there’s truth in the hype. You don’t have to leave town to enjoy an adventure.


Jan. 27, 2016

First Look at Central Addition Living

Don't blink.  Big changes are coming to Boise's Central Addition, the long-neglected neighborhood that, once upon a time, was a thriving area. Portland, Ore.-based Holst Architecture will stand before the city of Boise Design Review Committee in mid-May to unveil details of its planned seven-story, 204,000-square-foot apartment building at 401 South Fifth Street, which would see retail and live-work units on the ground floor and structured parking on the first and second levels.

The project is being called "Roost." According to architects, the development will include:
-"Farm-to-table" experience for residents, with garden plots and cooking/dining areas
-Five housing levels "to humanize the building with an organic, sinuous and lyrical volume, expressed as a rippling wave in plan"
- Second floor community spaces, as well as ground floor retail spaces
- A community open space along Broad Street

Aug. 20, 2015

A JUMP Boise Sunset

Photo by Michael McCullough

A beautiful Boise sunset over one of downtown Boise's newest additions, JUMP Boise. JUMP (Jack's Urban Meeting Place) is an interactive creative center and community gathering place. 

Jan. 27, 2015

10 Best Brunch Spots in America

Photo by Fork & Men's Journal

Men's Journal named Boise's Fork as one of the 10 Best Brunch Spots in America, noting, 'The menu at Fork, located in downtown Boise, has an emphasis on food from the area around Boise (and the Northwest in general). The brunch menu includes a number of savory-looking egg dishes, doughnuts with a dipping sauce, and the delicious-sounding Zeppole Toast.'...(and we must note, the expansive Bloody Mary Bar featured above!)

via michaeldeeds

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Dec. 14, 2015

JUMP Opens its Doors for the First Time

JUMP, otherwise known as Jacks Urban Meeting Place opened its doors for the first time this week to allow an inside view of just what JUMP is all about. Cathy O’Neill, Community Engagement Director, admits that JUMP is very difficult to describe, so instead of trying to explain JUMP's mission, she described what's inside. JUMP includes five interactive studios where the public can participate in classes, performances, roundtable discussions or celebrations; the kitchen studio; an inspiration studio or "think-tank space"; a maker's studio for builders and inventors; a movement studio for dance, yoga and performing arts; and a multimedia studio for filmmakers. She says that JUMP's mission is to encourage people to try something new. And that is exactly why you will see the quote "When was the last time you did something for the first time" right when you walk through the front doors. 

Jul. 13, 2015

3 Perfect Days in Boise, the Best Place You’ve Never Been

There's no better guide to a city than an enthusiastic transplant. Longtime locals, while knowledgeable, tend to stick with what they know, but an eager newbie is who I want showing me the ropes. They are the ones trying out all the old attractions along with the newest businesses to hit the block. The spirit of a tourist with the know-how of a local.

That person for me in Boise, Idaho, is my sister Stacey. She and her husband moved there a few years ago and have become unpaid representatives of the Chamber of Commerce. When my husband and I visited, we half expected our weekend to be filled with house showings (my sister is also on a mission to bring everyone she loves to Boise for good). She was right: By the end of our long weekend, I was seriously considering giving her realtor a call. It turns out Boise is full of surprises.  

Mar. 30, 2016

The Long & Short of Treefort

by ​Jess Flynn

"Expect to be victimized by love at Treefort." That one line got to the essence of the coverage of Boise's fifth annual festival of discovery... aka Treefort Music Fest. While natives and born-again Boiseans can tout the attributes of this place frequently and with fervor, it's always insightful to see how visitors experience our home - especially during Treefort week. Here's a roundup of takeaways from visiting reporters and bloggers.

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Oct. 1, 2015

Boise Will Soon Have A Space Observatory Again

A local astronomer has made his crowdfunding goal and Boise will soon have an observatory again.

Brian Jackson used to work at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and now teaches in the Boise State Physics Department. He launched a PonyUp campaign earlier this month to raise $8,000 to refurbish the old observatory dome on top of the Education Building at BSU.

Aug. 27, 2015

Why I Could Live in Boise

While we were planning our six week road trip around the U.S. we knew we needed to make a stop to recover from several nights of camping at Grand Tetons and Yellowstone before driving on to Bend, Oregon and Crater Lake National Park.

Boise was the perfect distance. But we’d never been to Boise or knew much about it at all. We definitely weren’t expecting to absolutely love it.

After five weeks on the road, my husband asked me where I would like if I could live any of the places we’d been so far. St. Paul, MN was gorgeous, but I know I couldn’t survive the winters there. “Honestly…..I think Boise is the only place we’ve visited that I can really see myself living.” To my surprise, he agreed. Boise is cool, y’all.

Jul. 11, 2015

2015 Twilight Criterium

2015 Twilight Criterium Bike Race through downtown Boise

Thousands of spectators watched professional and amateur cyclists compete on the streets of downtown Boise on July 11 at the annual Twilight Criterium. 

Aug. 2, 2016

Why Companies Are Moving Back Downtown

Tax incentives aren't always the best way to lure businesses. Many are simply going where the talent is.

Ryan Woodings owns a 15-person tech startup in Boise, Idaho.

His company, MetaGeek, specializes in helping businesses fix and maintain their Wi-Fi systems. Or, as the website puts it, “making Wi-Fi more awesome for more people.”

MetaGeek did what a lot of companies are doing these days. It moved downtown. The student interns are now able to bike over to the office between classes. In the afternoons, MetaGeek employees can take walks on the nearby greenbelt that runs through town along the Boise River. If they want to bike home, the city runs a bicycle rental program and has an expanding network of dedicated bike lanes. “Downtown Boise is where everything is,” Woodings says. “When you have a lunch meeting, or get coffee with a client, it’s always downtown.”

MetaGeek is one of several tech companies that have put down roots recently in the center of Boise. Last summer, Boise State moved its computer science department downtown so that it could be closer to students’ potential employers. And Boise isn’t unusual. In cities across the country, businesses are trying to capitalize on the increasing density of tech talent clustered in the heart of cities.

Jun. 12, 2015

Downtown Boise to See 395 New Residential Units

Six projects are on the way to downtown Boise this year that will create nearly 400 new living spaces. Many of the plans include ground-level office and retail space with capacity for residential and parking above. The new additions will kick start the City of Boise's goal of bringing 1,000 new urban living spaces into the city's core by 2020.