Mar. 10, 2016

Idaho’s Economy Experiencing Rapid Growth

by Idaho Department of Labor

Every two years, the Idaho Department of Labor releases 10-year-projections of what Idaho’s economy may look like. After years of sluggish economic growth the department’s most recent projections indicate that Idaho’s economy may finally be heating up. From 2012 to 2022 Idaho payroll jobs are projected to grow 16.3 percent – 1.5 percent annually – and add more than 109,000 jobs to the economy. While 16 percent growth would be excellent news for the state’s economy, Idaho’s economy appears to be well ahead of schedule and on track to significantly outpace the national economy.

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Apr. 2, 2015

Boise Valley’s Artists, Creators and Doer’s Boost Local Economy

by Kathleen Tuck, Boise State University

Boise State University published a new report titled "The Working Artist: Boise's Hidden Economy of Creators, Makers and Doers," examining the role of art in economic planning and urban development in the Boise Valley. According to authors Amanda Ashley and Leslie Durham, artists lure "idea workers" or the creative class to the area. The report survyed 1,342 artists to gather information on their backgrounds, perspectives and earning power. Results showed that Boise Valley artists are fueling the economy from many aspects and are committed to staying in the Boise area. 

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Aug. 23, 2017

Bloomberg Ranks Idaho #1 Top Performing Economy

Idaho has fewer people than Houston, still grows the most potatoes, and outperforms all 49 other states with a 21st-century economy that shows that the U.S. does best when it puts the world first. 

Idaho eclipsed No. 2 Washington by almost four percentage points as its economic health improved 9.7 percent, according to the Bloomberg Economic Evaluation of the States, an index measuring employment, personal income, home prices, mortgage delinquency, tax revenue and the stock market.

Jun. 1, 2015

Idaho Ranks First for Job Growth in 2015

Idaho recorded the largest percentage increase in job growth throughout the nation for the first four months of 2015. Since the end of 2014, employment has increased by 2.2 percent in the Gem State totaling an average of 672,325 jobs. Idaho was followed by Utah at 1.8 percent and Washington at 1.3 percent.