Oct. 1, 2014

Idaho’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

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A visual overview of the events, meetups, networking groups, financing, service providers, universities, programs and places that make up the Idaho Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Mar. 9, 2015

Harvard i-Lab founder on building an ‘entrepreneurial ecosystem’ at BSU

by Andrew Crisp

In February, Boise State University announced Harvard University’s Gordon Jones would lead a new initiative designed to promote cross-disciplinary collaboration while providing a 21st century education: the newly created College of Innovation and Design. While Jones won’t officially take his post until May, he already has extensive plans and new ideas for his College. He described the College of Innovation and Design as a place for students to come together from across the University’s existing degree programs and Colleges. 

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Sep. 24, 2015

Canyon County Co-op Comes to Life

by Marissa Lovell

Big ideas grow in the Boise Valley everyday. Sometimes, those ideas must be uprooted and replanted in a greener meadow. That is the course taken by the Canyon County Co-op, who has gone from seeding a dream to cultivating a reality.

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Jan. 13, 2016

Canyon County Co-op Set to Open Jan.19

The Canyon County Co-op is set to open its doors to the public next Tuesday, January 19. To say Canyon County is excited for their new co-op is an understatement. Organizers initially anticipated selling 600-700 memberships at $65 apiece by opening day, but approximately 1,500 people had signed up by the end of the first week of January—with more memberships being sold every day. 

May. 13, 2015

New Ventures Lab Taking Shape

Photo by New Ventures Lab

Signs have gone up at the New Ventures Lab, a community-based entrepreneurial hub in the heart of downtown Meridian, Idaho. 

Aug. 24, 2016

Destination: Downtown Meridian

by Marissa Lovell

Idaho’s fastest city growing city since 1994, Meridian is no stranger to progress and growth. Recently named America’s best city to live in by USA Today, the Boise Valley’s central city has proven to hold a little something for everyone. With the Village at Meridian’s ever-growing radius and suburban development happening throughout the area at lightning speed, downtown Meridian brings an unexpected experience – a cultural cohesion of strong historical roots and emerging potential. For downtown business owners, the move to the city’s center has been encouraging and positive – part of the reason why more businesses across different industries are setting up shop in downtown Meridian.

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May. 25, 2015

Develop.idaho brings IT, education, R&D together

by Martin Hambalek, Idaho Technology Council

The develop.idaho conference showcases the depth of Idaho’s desire to strengthen the state’s economy through knowledge and education in the software and technology sectors. This year, the annual event drew over 500 attendees from throughout the state representing backgrounds in IT, education, policymaking, research and development and much more. 

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Dec. 18, 2015

Bogus Basin: Boise’s Year-Round Playground

by Marissa Lovell

Resting 16 miles above Boise’s core, Bogus Basin is an outdoor enthusiast's dream come true. Mountain bikers, trail runners, skiers and snowshoers flock to the easily accessible, all-season outdoor hub for their daily dose of Idaho mountain air.

Ever wondered what the history was behind Bogus Basin?

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Jun. 30, 2015

Boise Valley Mayors @ Trailhead

Photo by Trailhead Boise

Boise Valley Mayors gather at The Trailhead to learn about the new collaborative professional space that encourages gathering, connecting and learning. Founded by local entrepreneurs, The Trailhead is a non-profit, community effort focused on helping develop the next generation of business successes in the Metro. 

Mar. 28, 2015

Alefort Beerposium and Hackfort2 Open Hack

by Trailhead Boise

Treefort Music Festival has evolved over the years into Boise’s most well attended eclectic event mix of all things creative. This year Trailhead was proud to be part of the kaleidoscope of energy by playing host to Alefort’s “Beerposium” and Hackfort’s “Open Hack” social.

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Jan. 6, 2015

EO Accelerator Program Headed to the Boise Valley

by ​Jess Flynn

The TECenter and Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), are partnering to bring the EO Accelerator Program to the Boise Valley. This joint venture will complement the TECenter’s goal of growing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Idaho.

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Feb. 18, 2015

Hackfort 2 to Spotlight, Support Growing Boise Tech Community

by ​Jess Flynn

On the heels of a successful inaugural event, Hackfort returns with an expanded program to highlight Boise’s burgeoning technology industry and attract talent to the region. Hackfort 2 is a hybrid technology conference that not only features speakers and panels covering progressive tech issues, but showcases Boise’s tech community with several networking events and even a collaborative hackathon. As the technology limb of the 2015 Treefort Music Fest, Hackfort 2 will occur March 26 to 28 at The Owyhee in downtown Boise.

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Nov. 11, 2015

Finding a Mountain Biker’s Haven at Boise Foothills

The outdoors is a huge part in the life of every resident of Idaho. The Boise Foothills offers among the most breathtaking views there is in the whole state of Idaho and gives you a good glimpse of the city’s nature and wildlife. Boise can also be considered as a haven to many mountain biking enthusiasts considering that it has among the best biking trails in Treasure Valley.

Anyone who wants to have the perfect mix of the living the life in the city while being to spend as much time in the great outdoors will find great value in Boise, Idaho. If mountain biking is something you live and breathe in, Boise is the most ideal city for you.

Mar. 10, 2015

Andreessen Horowitz’s Scott Kupor Speaks @ Startup Grind Boise

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Andreessen Horowitz COO Scott Kupor wrapped up a whirlwind day meeting with entrepreneurs and investors in Boise by packing the new Trailhead space for a conversation with Startup Grind Boise and Director Jess Whiting

May. 27, 2015

Startup-helping Trailhead takes shape in Boise

Last week, Bob Burtch was one of a dozen entrepreneurs working on business plans at Trailhead, a new Downtown nonprofit at the corner of 8th and Myrtle streets that promises to grease wheels for startups. Burtch, 60, sipped coffee from a paper cup between taps on his laptop keyboard. He munched an apple. Burtch said he believes his company can prevent commercial airplane disasters, such as Malaysia Air Flight 370, which disappeared with 239 aboard, or the Germanwings plane carrying 150 souls that investigators believe a suicidal co-pilot deliberately crashed into the Alps.... 

But first, Burtch must do something never asked of him in 31 years at Boeing: ask for money. That means pitching to investors. That means knowing how to get into a room with investors in the first place.

That is what brought him to Trailhead. There, he received tips on how to craft his presentation from John Hale, a Trailhead board member, a serial angel investor, a former managing partner of accounting firm KPMG’s Boise office and the chairman of the Capitol City Development Corp., Boise’s urban renewal agency. With Hale’s help, Burtch pitched Thompson Aerospace to a potential investor in Meridian and has lined up meetings with other Treasure Valley investors looking for promising startups to fund. “That would have never happened on my own,” Burtch said.

Oct. 22, 2015

Free Tree Programs Aim To Make Boise Greener

The City of Trees wants more people to have – well – trees.

Ryan Rodgers is with the city's community forestry department, and says there are many benefits to growing more trees in Boise. Rodgers says that's why the city is providing two free programs for people who want more shade by their homes.

Jun. 15, 2015

First-Ever ‘Hybrid’ Coworking Space Offers Meridian Startups Fuel To Grow

by Sarah Pokorney, New Ventures Lab

More than 100 Meridian business owners, entrepreneurs and community leaders got a peek at the newly renovated hybrid co-working space at the “first-look” open house May 28, 2015.  The 14,000 s.f. Lab in downtown Meridian, Idaho, is the first of its kind with flexible member-based coworking space as well as dedicated offices for more than 15 businesses.

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Apr. 14, 2015

Boise State University TECenter Launches Entrepreneur in Residence Program

by TECenter

The TECenter is now offering an Entrepreneur-In-Residence mentoring program.  This program capitalizes on our clients who are experienced business leaders and have successfully managed a startup.  The mentors will meet regularly with fellow TECenter clients to offer perspective and insights on building a business from scratch.

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Sep. 29, 2014

Idaho Small Business Development Center Receives National Tech Accreditation

The Idaho Small Business Development Center (Idaho SBDC) has received technology accreditation from its national association. The organization is one of 12 SBDC programs nationwide to achieve this designation. It recognizes the organization’s competencies in coaching and consulting with entrepreneurs and small business owners throughout the state who have technology or innovation as a core competitive advantage. The competencies include assistance with commercialization, intellectual property, alternative financing, research and development funding, and referral resources.
Apr. 16, 2015

MedTech Economic Development and Entrepreneur Non-Profits Develop Strategic Partnership in Idaho

by The CORE Idaho

The CORE, a non-profit focused on catalyzing the MedTech ecosystem in Idaho, and the Wayne Brown Institute (WBI) have developed a strategic partnership. The WBI is a Utah-based non-profit which educates companies through Cooperative Venturing, a mentor based training in the art and science of becoming attractive and viable investments-the essence of commercialization.

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