Jun. 10, 2016

Graduates Get Ready to Grow

by Charity Nelson

“Follow your curiosity…Anchor yourself…Go out and find your story before you take flight.”

These are a few of the words of wisdom imparted by Timothy Egan, an honorary doctoral degree recipient at Boise State University’s 2016 commencement ceremony on May 7. He also encouraged, “May your days be prosperous and creative.”

Colleges and universities across the Boise Valley bestowed more than 5,000 degrees and certificates last month. Fortunately, those students have an extraordinary opportunity to prosper...

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May. 4, 2016

Gianfranco - Big Ideas Grow Here

Gianfranco - Big Ideas Grow Here

A native of Sicily, Italy, Gianfranco moved to Boise to work in the information systems division of Micron Technology. Friendly people, a vibrant workplace, and a shorter commute are just a few of the positives Gianfranco experiences in Idaho’s capital city.

“There’s no traffic – I love it,” he says. “I don’t have to drive two hours to go to work. Here it’s 10 minutes. Every day it’s 10 minutes.”

Whether he’s riding his motorcycle on a summer evening or enjoying a movie, Gianfranco is happy to have made the move from Sicily to Boise.

“I feel the quality of life and that makes me feel happy. This means that the choice that I did two years ago was the right one.”

Mar. 9, 2017

Grow Here: Why Heartland RV Chose the Boise Metro

by Marissa Lovell

When Thor Industries, Inc. began looking for a location to expand their manufacturing facilities on the West Coast, the Boise Metro was on the short list. It wasn’t until the team set foot in their last stop on a site selection trip that they saw the full extent of opportunity available in the area. Within a few hours, their final stop became their first choice.

In September 2015, that choice was finalized when Thor Industries, Inc. announced Heartland Recreational Vehicles’ newest location on Karcher Road in Nampa. For Ken Julian, Vice President of Administration and Human Resources, selecting the right site for expansion was dependent on a mix of training, talent and space – three things that made the Boise Metro an easy decision. 

In mid-April of 2016, the first RV manufactured at the Nampa facility was shipped, marking the first milestone in the company’s inaugural year. Heartland RV’s big plans for the year ahead include expanding into their full 248,000 square-foot facility and growing their current workforce.

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Jun. 15, 2015

First-Ever ‘Hybrid’ Coworking Space Offers Meridian Startups Fuel To Grow

by Sarah Pokorney, New Ventures Lab

More than 100 Meridian business owners, entrepreneurs and community leaders got a peek at the newly renovated hybrid co-working space at the “first-look” open house May 28, 2015.  The 14,000 s.f. Lab in downtown Meridian, Idaho, is the first of its kind with flexible member-based coworking space as well as dedicated offices for more than 15 businesses.

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Dec. 1, 2016

Grow Here: Why Paylocity Chose the Boise Metro

by Marissa Lovell

Before his plane touched down in Boise, Paylocity’s Senior Vice President of Operations Mark Kinsey was captivated by the view of the city nestled below beaming foothills. Pleasant surprises rolled in with friendly interactions, effortless transportation through the city and a distinct vibrancy in the downtown core.

For companies in the midst of a major growth surge, the next phase of progress often includes expansion into new markets. In March of 2015, Paylocity, a Chicago-based payroll and employee management software solutions company, was faced with making this very decision. With 100 cities across the nation on their radar, company leadership began to search for the perfect location to extend their roots. The ideal setting required access to a certain mix of talent, room for growth and a place that had a natural balance of energy and culture that aligned with the company. 

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Sep. 24, 2015

Canyon County Co-op Comes to Life

by Marissa Lovell

Big ideas grow in the Boise Valley everyday. Sometimes, those ideas must be uprooted and replanted in a greener meadow. That is the course taken by the Canyon County Co-op, who has gone from seeding a dream to cultivating a reality.

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Jan. 13, 2016

Canyon County Co-op Set to Open Jan.19

The Canyon County Co-op is set to open its doors to the public next Tuesday, January 19. To say Canyon County is excited for their new co-op is an understatement. Organizers initially anticipated selling 600-700 memberships at $65 apiece by opening day, but approximately 1,500 people had signed up by the end of the first week of January—with more memberships being sold every day. 

Jun. 24, 2015

Office Envy: Scentsy

by Marissa Lovell

What once lived in a 40-foot storage container on a small Idaho sheep farm now sprawls onto 73.7 gorgeous acres right off Eagle Road in Meridian. Home to more than 700 Boise Valley employees and an active part of the community, the Scentsy Commons Tower is a hub of activity, ideas and generosity. At the heart of the campus and the company, the Tower was inspired by the idea of being a greenhouse – a place where employees can thrive and flourish and big ideas can grow. 

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Aug. 5, 2015

From Serendipity to Full Bloom

BUGS’ seed of an idea was planted when Amy Hutchinson, then a teacher at South Junior High, noticed her fidgety students engage differently when she brought them outside to study pollinators. She asked herself, “How can I capitalize on this?” At the same time, she was discussing with her friend Wendy Young, a Master Gardener who worked for non-profits eradicating poverty, “What would you do if you could take education in any direction?”

Ideas percolated, and one afternoon over cups of tea, the two friends hatched a plan, a summer children’s gardening school. Children—as people at their most curious, tactile and kinesthetic—could learn by immersing themselves in the natural world through gardening. Both women loved the idea, and were eager to start. All they needed was land, money and students. 

Aug. 20, 2015

A JUMP Boise Sunset

Photo by Michael McCullough

A beautiful Boise sunset over one of downtown Boise's newest additions, JUMP Boise. JUMP (Jack's Urban Meeting Place) is an interactive creative center and community gathering place. 

Nov. 12, 2015

Welcome to the New Boise Co-op in the Village at Meridian

The Boise Co-op opened it's doors at their newest Meridian location this week. While the North End location is the flagship store, the new 25,000-square-foot location is equivalent to the original market, the Co-op Wine Shop and the Pet Shop combined. The look and feel of the Village at Meridian store is also different from what longtime Co-op customers have come to know. The new shop also includes a cooking classroom complete with a kitchen slated to begin on Wednesday, Nov. 18. 

Aug. 10, 2016

5 Meridian Developments To Keep An Eye On

Sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the growth in Meridian — new homes, new apartments, new restaurants and new businesses. Here's a one-stop shop for information about five interesting developments.

1) Digitization at the Library
2) The Vault Patio
3) Flatbread Expands
4) Black Rock Coffee Bar
5) Growth at the Village

Aug. 24, 2016

Destination: Downtown Meridian

by Marissa Lovell

Idaho’s fastest city growing city since 1994, Meridian is no stranger to progress and growth. Recently named America’s best city to live in by USA Today, the Boise Valley’s central city has proven to hold a little something for everyone. With the Village at Meridian’s ever-growing radius and suburban development happening throughout the area at lightning speed, downtown Meridian brings an unexpected experience – a cultural cohesion of strong historical roots and emerging potential. For downtown business owners, the move to the city’s center has been encouraging and positive – part of the reason why more businesses across different industries are setting up shop in downtown Meridian.

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Jun. 12, 2015

Downtown Boise to See 395 New Residential Units

Six projects are on the way to downtown Boise this year that will create nearly 400 new living spaces. Many of the plans include ground-level office and retail space with capacity for residential and parking above. The new additions will kick start the City of Boise's goal of bringing 1,000 new urban living spaces into the city's core by 2020.

Nov. 12, 2015

Athlos Academies Has a Vision for the Future in Boise

by Boise Valley Economic Partnership

Idaho-based education service provider Athlos Academies has announced that it will be opening a new national training facility and corporate headquarters office in Boise. Athlos purchased the former Macy’s building at the corner of 10th and Main in downtown Boise, which will see a full remodel in the coming months. The company will be creating 50 new jobs in Idaho with an average wage of $50,000, for a total of 70 employees. Athlos Academies will receive a Tax Reimbursement Incentive (TRI) award of 17% for eight years.

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May. 18, 2015

Albertsons Library Makes Room for New Student MakerLab

by Kathleen Tuck, Boise State University

Construction will soon begin on the first floor of Boise State's Albertsons Library to make room for the brand new MakerLab. The lab is a student center for creation, innovation and experimentation, featuring 3D printers, vinyl cutters, numerous tools for creating and designing computers, circuits and more. The space will also facet the new Gaming Interactive Media and Mobile (GIMM) technology degree program, part of the new College of Innovation and Design (COID). 

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Apr. 18, 2016

Built in Boise: Outdoors & Innovations

by Built in Boise

The passionate writers, photographers, designers, builders and business-owners over at Built in Boise have been cranking out more inspiring stories of Boise companies and the people behind them. From outdoors to innovations, here is a roundup of profiles from February, March and April... 

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Dec. 5, 2014

Glanbia Announces $82M Expansion

Cheesemaker Glanbia Foods announced this week their plans to expand their current cheese making operations with a new addition to help meet the demand for whey. Glanbia was issued a building permit in September for the 7,415-square-foot building slated to be constructed by Big-D Construction Corp, according to the permit. Glanbia plans to add up to 50 jobs with the expansion. Plans for the expansion were announced after the economic advisory council of the Idaho Department of Commerce approved their incentive plans in accordance with the Tax Reimbursement Incentive, passed earlier this year. 

Apr. 7, 2015

Idaho’s Biggest Cities Thrive, Develop, Flourish

Idaho has seen noticeable growth in the past decade and the prosperity continues today. Throughout the state cities are booming, but the Boise Valley tumphs all with expanision, success and development happening from seemingly every angle. Newsmax's list of '10 Biggest Cities in Idaho' overviews much more than the size of our beloved cities; almost half of the list falls within the Boise Valley, highlighting everything from endless recreation and opportunity to populations rising and afforable living. 

Sep. 16, 2015

J.R. Simplot Company: Cultivating a World of Possibilities

J.R. Simplot Company: Cultivating a World of Possibilities

An interesting look at how Simplot Company came from simple roots and went on to becoming on of the largest food producers in the world.