Sep. 15, 2017

What Could You Do? Time.

What Could You Do? Time.

Take away the barriers of a long commute, and in Boise you'll find you have more time to enjoy the simple things. No more inching along. 

Dec. 7, 2017

What Could You Be Saving?

What Could You Be Saving?

In the Boise Metro, you can actually afford to live here. Put simply, the Boise Metro is a great place to live and work. It has everything you need to build a business, a career or a family—without the big commute, the huge house payment and punishing taxes.

Jul. 22, 2015

Office Envy: CTA

by Marissa Lovell

High above downtown Boise lives a stimulating space conceptualized by CTA Architects Engineers, an integrated team of architects, designers, engineers and project managers. With live plants, 360-degree views and 100 percent employee input, CTA's space on the eighth floor of the Eighth & Main building has something for every style to envy.

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May. 12, 2015

A State of Kindness

by Marissa Lovell

The third annual Idaho Gives, a single day of statewide charitable giving, was incredibly successful this year totaling at $1,083,365. A total of 15,387 donations came from every corner of the state to support over 650 local and state-wide non-profit organizations. Idaho Gives is a 24-hour celebration of organizations and volunteers throughout the Gem State, a day of learning about the meaningful work being done in communities and a time for Idahoans to come together and make it possible for non-profits to thrive. 

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Sep. 24, 2015

Canyon County Co-op Comes to Life

by Marissa Lovell

Big ideas grow in the Boise Valley everyday. Sometimes, those ideas must be uprooted and replanted in a greener meadow. That is the course taken by the Canyon County Co-op, who has gone from seeding a dream to cultivating a reality.

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Nov. 11, 2015

10 Fun Things To Do in Boise

Boise, Idaho probably isn’t the first place on most people’s radar when it comes to things to do. The relatively quiet western city actually packs more of a punch than most people would imagine, and no matter what you like to do – you can probably find it in Boise. After seeing this list, Boise might even find its way on your list of future vacation spots. 

Jan. 13, 2016

Canyon County Co-op Set to Open Jan.19

The Canyon County Co-op is set to open its doors to the public next Tuesday, January 19. To say Canyon County is excited for their new co-op is an understatement. Organizers initially anticipated selling 600-700 memberships at $65 apiece by opening day, but approximately 1,500 people had signed up by the end of the first week of January—with more memberships being sold every day. 

Jun. 27, 2016

Idaho’s Got Talent

Internships play an important role in the national discussion about job training.

They’re a useful way for companies to help the newly graduated gain job skills and soft skills, and they’re helpful for job-seekers who want to try out a position or a place of employment.

A Boise organization has created an internship program that focuses not only on the newly graduated, but on the newly arrived. It’s called Global Talent Idaho and it helps skilled immigrants, be they refugees or other newcomers, find a place in a local workplace where they can experience the culture, language, and expectations of a U.S. workplace. There are already programs in Idaho to help unskilled workers find positions in the local labor market. Global Talent focuses on foreign-trained workers who worked in professional jobs in their home countries, but don’t have the language skills or credentials to do those jobs in the U.S.

Jan. 4, 2018

Where is America Moving?

In 2017, 11 U.S. states registered a change in migration status over 2016 results. The study also found that 23 states registered as balanced—meaning that moves in and out of the states were roughly equal—17 as outbound, and 10 as inbound, including Washington, D.C. The data showed an overall decrease in moves in 2017. Atlas has conducted the Migration Patterns study since 1993 to track the nation’s interstate (between states) and cross-border (U.S. to Canada) moving patterns annually as reflected in moves handled by Atlas.

The 10 U.S. states with the highest percentage of inbound moves and outbound moves are included in order below, and Idaho is the study’s inbound leader for a second year in a row. While Illinois has classified as outbound since 2009, the state has the highest percentage of outbound moves in the country in 2017.

Jun. 16, 2016

Nothing Funky Happens in Idaho - Or Does It?

Nothing happens in Idaho—or does it? Actually, this is where the new rural-urban arts-centric landscape is happening!

Several artists live and work in downtown Nampa. I have developed a strong relationship with Betty and Lawrence of Hill Street Studios. They do photos shoots for our school of anything and everything, just as a goodwill gesture. They have a beautiful and unique gallery/home in downtown Nampa in a converted old bar. They have converted the entire upstairs into the living quarters and have outdoor space on the top of the building for a patio and garden.

Oct. 13, 2017

Asana - Everything Bouldering

Asana Climbing - A Boise Valley Company

A Boise Valley company at heart, Asana creates and tests all their gear in Idaho. Summed up in a couple of words, Asana Climbing is

Feb. 1, 2016

Robots Take Over the Statehouse

Bright minds and robots took over the Idaho Statehouse as award winning STEM projects were showcased to lawmakers and visitors. One robot on display was from a group of students out of Caldwell that will compete in a state-wide challenge that will be held at the University of Idaho. 

Jan. 28, 2016

Downtown Groundbreakings

Photo by City of Boise Mayor's Office

Mayor Bieter and other local business leaders took part in two groundbreaking ceremonies yesterday.  The first was for a new Hyatt Place hotel with PEG Development and Rafanelli & Nehas -- a great new downtown hotel at the corner of Bannock and 10th streets.

The second was Local Construct's groundbreaking for the Fowler, a beautiful mixed use development at 401 S 5th Street, in the City of Boise's LIV District. Its 159 environmentally-friendly, walkable residences (along with a number of other downtown residential projects underway).

These two new projects are the latest in more than $1 billion in projects recently completed or underway in downtown Boise.

Jan. 13, 2016

The Many Faces of Idaho

The exhibition will be called Stronger Shines the Light Inside and will showcase stunning images of refugees who have resettled in Idaho. Photographer Angie Smith secured a $10,000 grant from the Boise City Department of Arts and History to help fund the project. She says that she got the idea when she returned to Idaho and began noticing the changing demographics and how we are beginning to see people from every corner of the world making Idaho their home. 

Jan. 28, 2016

Boise - “It’s My Place”

by Admin

Forget six degrees of separation. In the Boise Valley, it’s rarely more than two. Challenge or opportunity, knowing who to call and connect with to get the job done is a mutual friend away. Strip away the boundaries and formalities and collaborate forward.  In a new video feature about the Boise Valley, Ivan and Kyra walk you through a day in the life.

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Sep. 4, 2015

A Place I Call Home

by Clark Krause

Yesterday, I celebrated five years with the Boise Valley Economic Partnership. I cannot thank this community and local business leadership enough for the opportunity to serve such a wonderful place. If you dare read on, please indulge me with a few reflections:

On my first visit to Boise, I arrived on a beautiful Fall Sunday night. I will never forget driving in from the airport and seeing the robotic Maytag Vista washing lady atop the building, passing the unexpected sign that pointed me to the Anne Frank Memorial, crossing over the pristine Boise River and looking down to see people, rafts and tubes afloat, only to look up and see the magnificent State Capitol building anchoring the downtown. 

On my own for dinner that evening, I was amazed how many folks were walking, riding bikes and dining on 8th Street. What was most unique/different/special was that it was not just downtown adults, but “downtown families”, many of them on bikes with dogs in tow. I sat outside on 8th Street with my pizza and soda that night and thought, ‘This is the best downtown experience I ever have had in a midsize city.’ I also looked admiringly toward the mountains, knowing that 16 miles from my downtown dining table there were chairlifts on top of the mountaintop with radio towers.

I thought that night, ‘If I ever had the opportunity, this is a place I would never regret making home to the Krause House.’ 

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Jun. 24, 2015

Office Envy: Scentsy

by Marissa Lovell

What once lived in a 40-foot storage container on a small Idaho sheep farm now sprawls onto 73.7 gorgeous acres right off Eagle Road in Meridian. Home to more than 700 Boise Valley employees and an active part of the community, the Scentsy Commons Tower is a hub of activity, ideas and generosity. At the heart of the campus and the company, the Tower was inspired by the idea of being a greenhouse – a place where employees can thrive and flourish and big ideas can grow. 

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Aug. 5, 2015

From Serendipity to Full Bloom

BUGS’ seed of an idea was planted when Amy Hutchinson, then a teacher at South Junior High, noticed her fidgety students engage differently when she brought them outside to study pollinators. She asked herself, “How can I capitalize on this?” At the same time, she was discussing with her friend Wendy Young, a Master Gardener who worked for non-profits eradicating poverty, “What would you do if you could take education in any direction?”

Ideas percolated, and one afternoon over cups of tea, the two friends hatched a plan, a summer children’s gardening school. Children—as people at their most curious, tactile and kinesthetic—could learn by immersing themselves in the natural world through gardening. Both women loved the idea, and were eager to start. All they needed was land, money and students. 

Sep. 22, 2017

Phoenix Magazine: Boy, Oh, Boise

"Funky, outdoorsy, culturally diverse and way more crafty in the kitchen than its baked potato reputation would have you believe, Boise is a lot of fun."

Lauren Loftus came to find out what Bosie is all about. A short trip from Phoenix, Lauren explored the Farmer's Market, took an Indulge Boise Tour, caught a performance at Idaho Shakespeare Festival, rode a Bosie GreenBike and even took a day trip to McCall. She found the City of Trees to be "a little city with a big heart; it’s affordable and accessible; its people are outdoorsy and laid-back; its downtown is experiencing tremendous urban renewal." 

Aug. 27, 2015

5 in-town adventures in Boise

Let’s face it, Boise is a mainstay on those chic lists that call out the best urban areas to live if you’re into outdoor pursuits. But there’s truth in the hype. You don’t have to leave town to enjoy an adventure.