Oct. 28, 2015

Harrison Boulevard Still Haunting Boise

by Erin McClure

Harrison Boulevard is one of Boise’s most ennobled streets, steeped in history and traditions that even its more recent inhabitants appreciate and honor. Despite all the effort that goes into one night, Harrison residents like Scott Petersen find themselves looking forward to the event every year.  “My favorite part of the night is seeing all the families in their theme costumes. One year there were these parents who carried their young daughter around and she was a cupcake and they were the bakers. There’s one boy who visits us every year and he always dresses as a pirate. You recognize faces over the years and watch kids grow up. And they are always so appreciative, telling us they love what we did with the house.”

The earliest reported tales of trick-or-treating on Harrison Boulevard originate in the 1930s. Former residents recall a scene that sounds all too familiar- costumed children being dropped off in large groups to descend upon homeowners in search of treats. Doris Cruzen, who lived on the boulevard in 1929, said “Halloween was always very big. We would see truckloads; I mean trucks larger than pickups, drive up and stop. Out would come maybe 25 children from one truck.” Jane Connor, another former resident, agreed, “There are times when I think I must have given out 500 pieces of candy. This is a great street for the little kids to be turned loose on. Their parents would let them out of the car, and they would go all the way around the street.” 

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