Jul. 18, 2016

Innovation Everywhere: HP Reinvents Campus Landscaping

by Pierce Baker, HP

Around Boise, Idaho, locals have plenty to say these days about HP and the look of its local campus – and they’re not happy about it. The landscaping, they say, looks neglected. The grass is dying, everything is turning brown and HP doesn’t seem to be doing anything about it.

In one sense, they’re right. HP is allowing things to die off. But it’s not due to neglect. Instead, the campus greenery is withering away for the sake of innovation and environmental responsibility. And, soon, things will look much better.

The engineers and forward-thinking landscape architects at HP are taking an innovative approach to the appearance of the campus, one of the company’s largest locations with some 2,500 employees. And a dramatic transformation, which is coming later this year, will  renew the grounds for a more beautiful, healthier and sustainable future.

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