Feb. 23, 2016

Black History in Idaho Expressed Through Basketball & Art

The words you are about to read somewhat fell into my lap and I'm glad it did, because I think that we can all learn something from the situation playing out in Boise, Idaho this month. Specifically centered on the Idaho Stampede, the NBA's d-league team, and an artist by the name of Patrick Hunter.

For some context, I lived and worked in Boise for three years as a news reporter with one of the affiliates. It was customary for me to immerse myself in the community and that's when I met Patrick. I can't even begin to tell you how many Stampede games I went to while I lived there. Nonetheless, what they have been doing for some time now is helping the Boise community, largely Caucasian learn from others who bring diversity to the area. It was in Boise when I realized just how diverse families could be. It was in Boise, that I learned that there are people in the world that no matter your skin color families could be black or white, African or American.

This year during a special February game, The Idaho Stampede and Patrick Hunter will be paying tribute to influential African-American or Blacks whichever you prefer. The tribute will include the faces of people like, President Barack Obama, Civil Rights leaders Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr & Coretta Scott King, author & poet Maya Angelou, scientist George Washington Carver, author Frederick Douglass, and NBA great Earl Lloyd to name a few and their faces will be painted by Hunter on the teams jersey's.

Jul. 28, 2016

The City of Trees: A Growing History

Trees are synonymous with Boise. The French word bois (or "wood") entered the local lexicon when traveling trappers referred to our downtown waterway a la riviere boisee, "the forested river." It was natural that we should we grow into the City of Trees or, to borrow from the French, la ville boisee, "the forested city."

Boise's history sprouts from the roots of its urban forest, with some of its oldest and most historically significant citizens still quietly thriving in plain sight.

Jul. 14, 2016

Boise, Idaho - Travel Thru History

404 Boise, Idaho - Travel Thru History Full Episode

Travel History takes you on your own private tour of Boise Idaho. You'll tour one of the most stunning buildings in the frontier west at the Idaho State Capitol, dance all night with the Basques at the Basque museum and cultural center, soar to new heights at the Warhawk Air Museum in Nampa, and get a shiver down our spines at the Idaho state penitentiary.

Jul. 27, 2015

Idaho festival celebrates Basque culture, history

With more than 300 pounds of chorizo sitting in her freezer and 5,000 portions of Basque-style paella prepared in advance, Tara McElhose-Eiguren says she's finally running out of space in her kitchen in anticipation of helping feed those attending the traditional Jaialdi festival in southwestern Idaho. "We've been cooking since last week," said the co-owner of the Basque Market, which sits next to the small brick building that sheltered some of the first Basque sheepherders in Idaho during the early 1900s. 

An estimated 35,000 to 50,000 people are expected to attend the five-day party as a showcase of the culture beginning Tuesday in Boise. Many of those celebrating will hit Boise's so-called "Basque Block," full of bars and restaurants where Basque descendants congregate for weddings and the annual San Inazio Basque Festival.

Feb. 19, 2015

Agri Beef Co. Creates History, Expands Global Footprint With Myanmar Shipment

by ​Jess Flynn

Agri Beef Co., a Boise-based company, announced they are the first U.S. producer to sell beef and pork products in Myanmar. The Southeast Asian nation joins a list of over 30 countries where Agri Beef exports its domestically and internationally recognized brands: Snake River Farms American Wagyu (American-style Kobe) beef, Kurobuta (Berkshire) pork, Double R Ranch Northwest beef and St. Helens Beef.

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Nov. 12, 2014

100 Year Old Photographs Depict Idaho’s Rich History

A homesteader who made his living near the Frank Church Wilderness documented his life in more than 500 photographs, which have been recently released by the University of Idaho.

Oct. 16, 2014

Idaho Inventor Paves Highway History With Solar Panels

Idaho inventor Scott Brusaw is changing where and how to use solar powered energy. Brusaw’s invention takes solar panels off roofs and puts them on roads, driveways, parking lots, and highways.

Aug. 10, 2016

Boise’s Kristin Armstrong Makes History, Wins Third Olympic Gold

Kristin Armstrong, twice retired with three hip surgeries, returned to the Summer Olympics for a fourth time with one goal in mind:

Win an unprecedented third straight gold medal in the women’s time trial.

Mission accomplished.

The Boise cyclist and University of Idaho graduate produced a golden effort Wednesday through wind and rain over a brutal 18.5-mile course that left her in an exhausted heap at the finish.

Armstrong dismounted the moment she crossed the line, too tired even to celebrate the latest triumph of her decorated career. She covered the Rio Games route in 44 minutes, 26.42 seconds to top reigning bronze medalist Olga Zabelinskaya of Russia by the slimmest of margins: 5.55 seconds.

Aug. 5, 2015

Former Idaho Shakespeare Festival Actor Lands Iconic Broadway Role In ‘Les Miz’ And Makes History

Kyle Jean-Baptiste, 21, is the youngest and the first black actor to step into the iconic role of Jean Valjean in the Broadway production of "Les Misberables." The musical adaptation of the Victor Hugo novel premiered on Broadway 30 years ago, and it is the longest running musical in the world. Jean-Baptiste played the role of Enjolras in Idaho Shakespeare Festival's "Les Misberables"  in the 2014 season. 

Sep. 28, 2014

Losing a Language: Euskanara and Basque Language History

A Boise Basque explores the Basque native language, Euskanara, and how it diminished through generations, politics and immigration. From the beaches of Bilboa, Spain to the streets of Boise, Idaho, the language is woven into the tapestry of the heritage of the Basque people, but is becoming rarer and rarer.
Jul. 16, 2015

Late Idaho Artist James Castle’s Home to Become Cultural Hub

The City of Boise took ownership of the late Idaho artist James Castle's home this week. The purchase preserves and protects the historic space from any future development. Castle's home will be restored into a facility dedicated to his life and work, hosting a live-in artist residency program and rotating exhibition space for local and national artists. The restoration is planned to be completed and open to the public in 2017.   

Oct. 27, 2014

Boise’s Public Art Collection

Public Art in Downtown Boise, Idaho

Public Art contributes to Boise's unique sense of place. The City's public art collection consists of over 80 works, and is valued at nearly $3,000,000 and growing.