May. 4, 2016

Gianfranco - Big Ideas Grow Here

Gianfranco - Big Ideas Grow Here

A native of Sicily, Italy, Gianfranco moved to Boise to work in the information systems division of Micron Technology. Friendly people, a vibrant workplace, and a shorter commute are just a few of the positives Gianfranco experiences in Idaho’s capital city.

“There’s no traffic – I love it,” he says. “I don’t have to drive two hours to go to work. Here it’s 10 minutes. Every day it’s 10 minutes.”

Whether he’s riding his motorcycle on a summer evening or enjoying a movie, Gianfranco is happy to have made the move from Sicily to Boise.

“I feel the quality of life and that makes me feel happy. This means that the choice that I did two years ago was the right one.”

May. 9, 2017

Grow Here: Luis Caloca Turning Ideas Into Action

by Marissa Lovell

Luis Caloca, Director of Enrollment Management and One Stop at College of Western Idaho, has paved his way by turning ideas into action. Starting out in Wilder within a predominantly Hispanic community, Luis’s life was transformed when his family moved to Canyon County and enrolled him in West Canyon Elementary – at the time, a school with very few Hispanic students. 

Experiences like that led him and two others to create the Future Hispanic Leaders of America in their senior year – an organization committed to helping Hispanic students advance in education by assisting with college admission, finding scholarships and grants and serving as a support group for those sharing similar experiences.

These pivotal experiences early on in Luis’s education paved the way to a career in higher education – specifically a career where he could work with students and the community to address the same adversity he felt as a student.

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Jul. 21, 2016

Turning Bright Ideas Into Businesses at New Ventures Labs, Unbound

Turning ideas, into businesses; two facilities in Meridian have been doing just that for about a year now. 

The New Ventures Lab, in the old city hall building, opened May 2015. With only a year under their belt, the New Ventures Lab now has 13 early-stage companies, and eight other members. 

"(We have) a LED control system, to software, to services - it's a very diverse group," Ritter said. 

And, the space isn't just for those with bright, new ideas. It's also for existing companies that want to establish a base in Meridian, or do something new.

Apr. 30, 2015

Ignite Returns to Boise

Photo by Ignite Boise

The popular Ignite Boise made a big return to the Egyptian Theater, with a raucous crowd of 600+ cheering on the 16 speakers as they tackled wide ranging topics under the Ignite format (5 minutes, 20 powerpoint slides that advance every 15 seconds)

Feb. 9, 2015

Discovery Center of Idaho Receives Grant from Micron Foundation

Micron Technology Foundation will be awarding the Discovery Center of Idaho with a $330,000 gift to fund capital upgrades and add to hand-on exhibits. The Discovery Center workshop will undergo a complete renovation in 2015, with the final product to be renamed the Micron Innovation Exhibit Lab.