Dec. 14, 2016

Inside Look: Idaho Candy Company

Inside a Candy Factory!

Katie Quinn made a trip to Boise and got an inside tour of the Idaho Candy Company:

All those viewings of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory have inspired my imagination to run wild about what it's like inside a candy factory. I finally got to see for myself, at the Idaho Candy Company!

It was just about as magical as I anticipated. (And, of course, tempting left and right for anyone with a sweet-tooth!) Idaho Spuds are the chocolate candies they're best known for, but they make all kind of delicious treats. 

Watch the video to explore the candy factory with me

Dec. 14, 2016

Basque’ing in Boise - How to Make a Spicy Lamb Grinder

How to Make a Spicy Lamb Grinder Sandwich

Katie Quinn recently made a trip to Boise, and here is her review on visiting Bar Gernika:

This Spicy Lamb Grinder Sandwich is THE sandwich to get if you're visiting Boise, Idaho. So I took my camera with me to find out why.

Bar Gernika is a popular Basque restaurant in Boise. Did you know that the largest concentration of Basque Americans is in the Boise, Idaho, area, where approximately 15,000 Basque Americans live?! No wonder this spicy lamb grinder is so amazing!

Here's how it's made:
Sautée sliced green bell peppers, sliced onions, sliced mushrooms. Then add pickled jalapeño. Slices of roasted leg of lamb are added with slices of pepper jack cheese on top. Cover to help melt the cheese. Slice a baguette horizontally and add all of the other ingredients in the baguette. 

The croquettas and dipping sauce are a little more involved, but if you're so inspired, you should attempt to make those, too! (If you find a good recipe, please post it in the comments, I'd love to give them a try!)

Thanks, as always, for watching. Happy eating and #keepitquirky!