Sep. 28, 2014

Losing a Language: Euskanara and Basque Language History

A Boise Basque explores the Basque native language, Euskanara, and how it diminished through generations, politics and immigration. From the beaches of Bilboa, Spain to the streets of Boise, Idaho, the language is woven into the tapestry of the heritage of the Basque people, but is becoming rarer and rarer.
Mar. 24, 2015

‘Ni Boisekoa naiz’: Keeping Basque alive in Idaho

With fewer than 1 million speakers worldwide, the Basque language has found life in Idaho. Boise is home to one of the most vibrant Basque-American communities in the U.S. where many members are actively dedicated to keeping the language alive. Ryan Schuessler explores Idaho's devotion to education and preservation of Basque language and culture.