Mar. 8, 2016

I Am The City - Milka, Boise Airport

LIV Boise City, Milka

Boise's people can tell the story of the region better than anyone. Milka moved to Boise from Bosnia 16 years ago.  She is a face for our community and the 3 million passengers that travel through the Boise Airport each year. Listen to her inspiring story.

Feb. 17, 2016

Liv Boise, Carl

LIV Boise City, Carl

The greenbelt is a treasured amenity of the Boise Valley.  Take a few minutes to hear to story of Carl, a man who works hard to keep the park beautiful for our citizens to enjoy.

Aug. 16, 2017

Boise Among America’s Most Sustainable Cities

The Sustainable Development Goals Index measures how successfully cities are dealing with issues related to poverty, health, and equitable income distribution in addition to climate change objectives like cutting large carbon emissions. Jeff Sachs, Director of the SDSN, said the report—the first of many—creates “an accurate starting line” for cities in their “race to 2030 and a smart, fair, and sustainable future.”

Boise ranks #7 most sustainable...

Mar. 28, 2015

Alefort Beerposium and Hackfort2 Open Hack

by Trailhead Boise

Treefort Music Festival has evolved over the years into Boise’s most well attended eclectic event mix of all things creative. This year Trailhead was proud to be part of the kaleidoscope of energy by playing host to Alefort’s “Beerposium” and Hackfort’s “Open Hack” social.

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Mar. 10, 2016

LIV Boise City, Library Superheroes

LIV Boise City, Library

In Boise, the Library is the driving force behind Comic Con.  This is an annual comic book convention, and what really makes it special are the people who bring ideas to life.

Jul. 23, 2015

Crews Begin Ambitious Boise Project to Upgrade Vista Neighborhood House

Remodeling crews were out early Thursday morning, beginning the task of ripping out floor boards and counter tops from a rather nondescript home on the 2100 block of Boise's Atlantic Avenue. At first (and second and third) look at the single-level, three bedroom, one bath house, it is only one of scores of homes lining Atlantic Street in Boise's Vista neighborhood. But in fact, it will soon become a centerpiece of the city's ambitious Energize Our Neighborhoods initiative.

Soon enough, the Boise City-owned home, which was built in 1961, will be stripped and gutted and upgraded into what city officials say will be a "low cost/no cost" project that will introduce energy efficiency and sustainability to the neighborhood.