Sep. 2, 2015

Bogus Basin unveils ‘road map’ for year-round plans

Community leaders in Boise revealed exciting plans Tuesday for Boise’s hometown winter recreation area - Bogus Basin. “I can tell you that what you are seeing happening up at Bogus this summer is a preview and kind of an anchor of what’s to come.” It’s the kinds of summer recreation the public wants to see.

Apr. 4, 2016

Eagle Adapting To A Unique Kind Of Mountain Biking

The City of Eagle has been investing in mountain biking for decades. Now they're expanding their trail system over at the Ada-Eagle Bike Park- this time to bring in more adaptive athletes. "We really need to provide trails for everyone out there and the adaptive cyclists are a big demographic of riders and so they deserve a place as well," International Mountain Bicycling Association trail care crew coordinator, Lani Bruntz, said.

Not everyone has the ability to hop on a two-wheel bike. But with recent technology, the disabled community is now able to enjoy one of the most popular forms of recreation, and they can do that right here in the Treasure Valley. Adaptive mountain biking has gained more and more momentum over the last several years. The City of Eagle realized they needed to build something that would include that community and allow them full access to everything the bike park has to offer. They broke ground on a special new project to serve adaptive cyclists at the park Saturday afternoon.