Nov. 30, 2015

The Record Exchange: As Long as There’s Music

For going on 40 years, The Record Exchange has provided the soundtrack to Boise and Treasure Valley residents’ lives. If you haven’t been in for a while or (gasp) at all, carve out some time and head to the corner of 11th and Idaho streets in downtown Boise.

CDs, vinyl, cassettes, books, DVDs, toys, high-end headphones – you want it, they’ve got it. Can’t find it? They’ll get it. I’m in the store a few times a week and I still find a surprise from time to time. The latest? A little nook tucked way up high filled with 8-track tapes. Whoa, who knew?

“My vision for The Record Exchange, from the beginning, was for the best music store I could build and also one that was a fun experience,” says owner Michael Bunnell. “We weren’t afraid to bring in gifts, books, apparel, posters, coffee…really anything our customers might get a kick out of and provide revenue to keep us alive and entertaining.”

Mar. 16, 2018

Discover Music, Creativity at Treefort Music Fest in Boise

Treefort Music Fest (March 21-25, 2018), an annual arts and culture festival in Boise, Idaho, is bringing over 450 rising and renowned musicians to more than 20 venues in downtown Boise. Treefort will also host a diverse lineup of creators, chefs, artists and innovators at nine forts that reflect growing communities in Boise, like yoga, food, beer, tech, film, literary arts, comedy and skateboarding.

Mar. 25, 2016

Treefort Music Fest

Dec. 3, 2014

Treefort Music Fest Named Boise’s Cultural Ambassador for 2015

by ​Jess Flynn

Mayor David Bieter named the Treefort Music Fest as the City of Boise’s cultural ambassador for 2015. As part of the recognition, Treefort receives a $25,000 grant recognizing the festival’s positive impact on the city’s visibility, economy and cultural scene.

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@MayorBieter announces @treefortfest as the next Cultural Ambassador of Boise!
Apr. 3, 2017

Treefort Music Fest’s Best Year So Far

Treefort Music Fest kicks off the annual festival season in the Northwest and now in its sixth year, Treefort has become one of the must attend events in the country. Where else can you catch over 400 bands, sample a wide variety of micro-brews and ciders, learn a whole lot about technology and see new and emerging films?

Treefort Music Fest has become a seasonal celebration to explore new music and bands from around the country. With a heavy dose of the Boise music scene, bands from Seattle, Portland, Denver, Los Angeles, London, New York and points in-between come to Boise to hang-out for the long weekend.

Jan. 14, 2016

Treefort Music Fest Announces Second Wave of Artists

by Treefort Music Fest

Boise, Idaho's Treefort Music Fest (March 23-27) is thrilled to announce its second wave of artists, which includes Built to Spill, Nosaj Thing, Thundercat, Pictureplane, Christopher Willits, and more. The full list of acts to perform at this year's festival can be found at, and be on the lookout for the third and final artist announcement next month!

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Mar. 31, 2017

Treefort Music Fest Is the Festival We Need, But Don’t Deserve: A 2017 Recap

With music festivals being at their peak of popularity – and their peak of homogenization – the search for a festival that truly offers something others don’t becomes that much more prevalent. In the saturated market that is the modern festival scene, if you see a really stacked festival that happens to be taking place far away from you, you can generally take comfort in knowing that at least three-fourths of those artists will be booked for festivals near you.

It’s for this reason that many including myself have been intrigued by the growing popularity of Boise, ID’s Treefort Music Fest, a festival that has for all intents and purposes achieved universal god-tier status as the best festival currently running regardless of location, with a community and feel unlike any other festival you’ll find. It’s easy to be skeptical – especially since Boise’s second most-popular music festival’s 2017 lineup boasts such mouth-watering headliners as Flo Rida and Austin Mahone – but to any Treefort newcomers whom were in the audience in 2017, it’s hard to shake the sensational feeling that Treefort is the most at-home you’ll feel with a modern festival.

At its foundation, Treefort is the city of Boise’s attempt at “North By Northwest,” a name and concept you’ll hear thrown around when discussing any Northwest festival that goes for the SXSW formula of having several venues all in one space, with different showcases happening at once, across a longer stretch of days than the usual two- or three-day festival. However, Treefort’s most unique selling point, besides its communal feel, is the emphasis it puts on spotlighting the unknowns of the Northwest. Out of Treefort’s five days, the main stage was only open for three, and while there were some bigger artists that played on these first two days, spreading out the popular names among these smaller venues and giving them the same showcases as Boise locals and national unknowns alike led to a more even playing field and some of these smaller bands walking away with new fans.

Mar. 21, 2016

Treefort Music Festival Set To Host More Than 400 Bands

Beginning Wednesday, downtown Boise venues will host over 400 musicians and artists from around the Treasure Valley and the world. In its fifth year, Treefort Music Fest is a five-day festival that provides an opportunity to discover new musicians, art and the latest technology trends. Besides headliners like Boise-based Built to Spill, YACHT and Chairlift, this year, a handful of bands from Canyon County are on the music lineup, including singer-songwriter Ana Lete of Nampa.

Jan. 7, 2016

Treefort Music Fest Announces Latest Hackfort 365 Event: Get Your App In Gear

by Treefort Music Fest

Treefort Music Fest is excited to announce the next installment of Hackfort 365: Get Your App In Gear, hosted at Trailhead Boise (500 S 8th Street, Boise) on Tuesday, January 19th at 5:30pm. 

Get Your App In Gear is a two-part event focused on apps created for and by Boise area residents and will kick off with a presentation by the Treefort App Team. Comprised of a group of volunteers from Whitecloud Analytics, the team will showcase the all new Treefort App, reveal how they organize and how they find time and locations to work together, which major technologies they’re using to stay productive and agile and how they plan what is next and handle our feature list.

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Dec. 4, 2015

Treefort Music Fest Announces First 63 Artists for 2016

Treefort Music Fest has released its first artist announcement. Accompanying the big reveal of 63 bands is an increase in ticket prices to $159 for five-day general admission passes. Ticket prices will increase again Tuesday, March 1. 

The festival runs March 23-27 and will feature more than 400 bands, as well as "forts" for film, literature, yoga, tech and more.

Mar. 19, 2015

How Volunteers Built Boise’s Treefort Music Fest

Over the last four years, more than 1,500 people have volunteered for the annual Treefort Music Fest. Beginning in 2012 as a three day music festival with 130 bands, the event has grown to five days with over 400 bands and added features including yoga, technology, writing and film. The Treefort staff attributes the growth and success of the festival to it's enthusiastic, hard-working volunteers. This year's festival will be ran by a group of 600 volunteers, donating a combined 5,400 hours of labor. 

Jun. 19, 2017

Treefort Music Fest Teaches Us How To ‘Festival Better’

What if your festival experience asked you to grow as a human, to learn as an artist, as an individual? What if we stopped worrying about what everyone is wearing and who is who and we all just hung out for a weekend? I truly mean it when I say Treefort is for everyone, there is no scene, no pretense, no cool kids, or exclusionary vibe. It’s just nothing but goodness.

So, let this be a call to change festival culture and learn from these Idahoans. Let’s be a little more inclusive, and a little more loving, a little more inclined toward discovery and trying something new. Because there are podcast chats to hear, midnight Magic Sword to attend, and tacos to eat, and lambs roasting in honor of the Basque heritage, and late night breakfasts, and a million other delightfully strange things to try and see and listen to. And who knows, you just might love it.

Oct. 5, 2015

Treefort Becomes First Benefit Corporation Music Festival

Boise's Treefort Music Fest is stepping out under a new business model. According to a press release Friday, the music festival received Benefit Corporation (B Corp) certification this summer, becoming the first and only music festival with that status. B Corporations are for-profits where shareholders adhere to missions that include transparency, positive social impact on local communities and environmental consciousness.

As the B Corp website puts it, the designation is like what "Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk."

Jan. 21, 2016

The Examiner: Treefort Music Fest Looks to the Future as a Certified B Corporation

The first time I ever attended Boise’s Treefort Music Fest (for it’s inaugural event back in 2012), I set a simple goal for myself: Come back next year and play some songs, no matter what. Although my band Confluence had just formed and didn’t even have those songs written I was determined to rock Treefort 2013.

After plenty of emails to Festival Director Eric Gilbert and some help from our well-connected manager we were able to land a last-minute, unofficial spot at Alefort, the festival’s outdoor beer garden. Yeah it wasn’t the main stage, but a lot of people ended up watching us, making it worth the trip from Denver. More importantly, I achieved my rather ambitious goal of playing Treefort despite having such a young band.

Now in its fifth year, Treefort is closer to reaching its goal of becoming a self-sustaining, for-profit festival as a certified B Corporation. At the same time, it is still providing opportunities for emerging artists to take part in the festivities. On Jan. 14, Treefort announced its second wave of artists, adding 100 more acts to its March 23-27 lineup, including lesser known groups like Fresno, California’s Light Thieves, Denver’s The Still Tide and Boise’s own Western Daughter.

Jun. 15, 2016

Music Center Students Raise $1.5K for Instruments for Children in Foster Care

Over 150 students from Music Center Studios spent the month of May Practicing for Pledges to raise money to purchase instruments for children in foster care. Students' practice hours were spent learning songs they will perform at their “Music is Our Super Power” concert in the bandshell at Kleiner Memorial Park on Saturday from noon to 1 p.m.

Students raised over $1,500 through their practicing efforts, which will be used to purchase a combination of keyboards and guitars that will be donated to children in foster care. Music Center Studios will then provide tuition-free lessons to those children (approximately $4,800 in value). The concert will serve as the culminating event of the fundraiser, where the total number of instruments purchased will be revealed.

Mar. 24, 2015

Storyfort Brings Music Fans to Boise’s Literary Scene

The annual music festival has evolved to much more than live music. Boise's Treefort Music Fest has incorportated 'forts' for everyone, including beer-lovers, techies, yogis and story buffs. This year marks Storyfort's second apperance during the five day festival. Treefort's primary vision is to showcase local talent and expose local audiences to artists of varying mediums. This year's Storyfort will highlight artists in five literary mediums including history, fiction, performance storytelling, poetry and a well-known blogger. 

Mar. 27, 2018

Boise’s Treefort Shows The Possibilities Of Diversity And Representation At Music Festivals

Maybe the best part of the music bill that Treefort put together this year is that it didn’t feel like an attempt at inclusiveness. And that’s the thing, festivals can easily have broad representation with the sense that they compromised any aspect of their festival’s identity. The top-billed artists — George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, Andrew W.K., Princess Nokia, Pussy Riot, Rapsody, Cults, Zola Jesus, Oddisee & Good Company, and Lido Pimienta — offered up just a single white male in their midst. It’s actually a rare occurrence that a festival features more women than men at the top of their poster, but there wasn’t just diversity in genders and race, there was also a fascinating diversity of sound. Rap, funk, punk, rock, and other artists who are less easy to classify were all featured prominently. In all, it is a lower-key representation of what is possible with festivals show some imagination, legwork, and a commitment to being the change that needs to occur.

Mar. 28, 2016

Treefort Music Fest: Boise Street Party

As with every other day of this year’s Treefort Music Fest, dozens of bands showcased at nightclubs and other indoor venues scattered throughout downtown Boise, Idaho, on Sat. March 26, the fourth day of the five-day festival. But many festival-goers spent the day outdoors, having fun on a section of the city’s West Grove Street that had been closed to traffic so that Treefort attendees could party in the street.

Other than entry to the Main Stage which required the purchase of a wristband, this whole part of the festival was free for anyone to attend, and it included this year’s edition of what has become a Treefort tradition, Seth Olinsky’s “Band Dialogue.” Olinsky, of Akron/Family and Cy Dune fame, composed “Band Dialogue” to be performed by 20 Treefort bands, and at 4:30 PM the musicians, lining both sides of the street, launched into the piece under Olinsky’s direction. Dashing around from area to area, Olinsky waved his hands constantly giving direction to the myriad musicians who ended up pulling off the piece nicely. A non-vocal piece, “Band Dialogue” was a long, droning piece that had occasional exclamation points put on it by bursts of percussion or flourishes of guitar, keyboards and even saxophone.

Nov. 11, 2014

Mountain Home Gears Up for Massive Country Music Festival

Country music is coming to Idaho. In a BIG way. Mountain Home is gearing up for the Summer 2015 Mountain Home Country Fest, which will feature major headliners like Blake Shelton, Florida Georgia Line and others. The festival is expected to draw more than 25,000 attendees from all over the Idaho, Oregon and beyond. Yee-haw!