Dec. 14, 2016

A Dazzling Gem From Idaho Arrives On Capitol Hill

You know Christmas is right around the corner when images of the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree being hoisted from a very long tractor trailer show up on your social media apps and on TV. An ongoing American tradition since 1964, this year, the great tree called fondly by its fans “An Idaho Mountain Gem,” comes from the Payette National Forest near McCall, Idaho.

Entering the grounds of the Capitol Building to be given by the Forest Service to the Architect of the Capitol and with a full security escort no less, the 80-foot Engelmann spruce rode on a big-rig truck adorned in festive red and labeled “From tree to shining tree.” Keith Lannom, the Payette Forest’s supervisor, reminded the press gathered for the arrival ceremony that “thousands of LED lights and over 6,000 ornaments made by children in Idaho who used 20 pounds of glitter, will hang on the tree…” among other intriguing facts about the tree. Harvested on November 2, the Idaho gem has made quite a journey. It has stopped in 30 cities to much excitement...