Mar. 21, 2016

RedBuilt’s CEO, From Harvard to Boise

Kurt Liebich is the president and CEO of RedBuilt, a Boise company that engineers and builds engineered wood products for commercial and industrial customers in the western United States. Among its products are open-web roof trusses, I-joists, and laminated veneer lumber.

Liebich joined the company in 1994, straight from the Harvard University MBA program. In those days, the company was called Trus Joist, which then held 60-70 percent of the national market share in the engineered wood products category. The publicly traded Trus Joist was sold to the Federal Way, Wash. forest products giant Weyerhaeuser in 2000.

Liebich, former CEO Tom Denig, and the investment company Atlas Holdings of Greenwich, Conn., purchased the commercial division of Trus Joist in 2009 and renamed it Redbuilt in honor of 1960 co-founder Harold Thomas, whose nickname was Red. Denig is now chairman of the board.

Redbuilt owns mills in Stayton and Hillsboro, Ore., in Chino, Calif., and in Delaware, Ohio. The company has about 280 employees now, at its slowest time of year, with an expected increase to around 350 in the summer. About 50 people work in the Boise headquarters.